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As you know, traveling is one of my favorite things, for example this summer, I visited four countries and many more cities in just 11 days. Soon I will be on the next trip, to Bali. On the one hand, I like to share the many memories and experiences with my loved ones at home, on the other hand I also want to find a home for my pictures outside of Instagram and Co.


Oslo Cityguide


Every year, however, it comes to the same scenario in terms of postcards, so I – diligent as I am – already bought in the first big city, some pretty postcards and stamps. I bought twelve greeting cards in Stockholm on the second day of our trip. But not without the ulterior motive that we will be back in Sweden after another stop in Oslo (Norway). Somehow I already guessed that it will not work in time to write all the cards before we leave and then also find a mailbox. It came as it had to come, the postcards were written in Oslo and when we arrived two days later in Malmö (Sweden), the stress was not over yet, because far and wide we found no mailbox. In addition, the cards are not only expensive, but super impersonal except for the handwritten text. Nevertheless, all recipients have been very happy about the postcards. Do you also know this problem? If so, then I have now found the solution for me and you, the MyPostcard App.


Send postcards via MyPostcard app – worldwide


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Because sending postcards from vacation is a lot easier with the App of MyPostcard – I would be great if I have discovered the app before my summer vacation. Because MyPostcard makes it possible to send real postcards with selfmade holiday photos and Co. by smartphone quickly and easily. In addition to pictures from your own smartphone library, you can also directly use pictures from your Instagram account. In addition, a personal greeting text can be written on the back. In the end, just enter the recipient’s address and MyPostcard takes care of printing, franking and worldwide shipping. Thus, the time pressure and the search for a mailbox has come to an end.


Photo Prints with your pictures from Instagram




Since I was not on vacation at the time, I took a closer look at the MyPostcard offer and found a great gift idea for myself or the travel companion. As Instagrammer and Blogger, I and my friend realize countless photo ideas that adorn my feed. But you know something? So far, the many beautiful pictures remained digital and simply slipped down the Instagram feed day after day. Due to everyday life and many to-do’s I had not been able to pick out my favorite photos from my photo database and get them printed out. With the MyPostcard app, however, I managed it in less than 10 minutes to pick my 30 favorite pictures of the last year and let print them out. How cool is that? My favorite memories were sent to me in a pretty little box and I can now look at them again and again. However, I will probably be able to decorate a blank wall in the office with it in a timely manner and have other pictures printed as well.





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