The new WASO collection from Shiseido

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As you know, Shiseido with their WASO line belongs to my favorite brands in terms of skincare. A few years ago I was allowed to bring you closer to the launch of the Shiseido WASO line. Today I may now present the novelties to you.


Shiseido – WASO Satocane Pore Purifying Scrub Mask



Let’s start with a must-have of the new WASO Satocane Pore Purifying Scrub Mask. Unfortunately, I still suffer from skin blemishes, so I use this mask regularly to improve my complexion for good. This is a deep pore cleansing clay mask with Satokibi sugar cane that gently removes dirt and blackheads. When applied, the mask absorbs excess sebum and prevents clogged pores. The contained plant exfoliating granules remove dead skin cells. A great combination.  The active ingredient is Japanese Satokibi extract from Japanese Satokibi sugar cane, which reduces sebum production. I like to use the mask 1x a week on my skincare night.


Shiseido – WASO Shikulime Mega Hydrating Moisturizer



The new moisturizer is called WASO Shikulime Mega Hydrating Moisturizer. This is an intensely nourishing, moisturizing cream with balancing Shikuwasa Lime, so it’s perfect for the upcoming fall season. Because it retains moisture in the skin for up to 48 hours, feels creamy-soft and is absorbed particularly quickly. The cream is suitable for normal and dry skin. The included hydro-balancing complex of trehalose & glycerin additionally strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier.


Shiseido – WASO KOSHIRICE Calming Spot Treatment


We all know it – an important appointment is coming up and a little pimple appears in the middle of the face. No longer a problem with WASO KOSHIRICE Calming Spot Treatment, because it treats break-outs specifically and helps them heal quickly. The gentle, alcohol-free and transparent SOS care with antioxidant Koshihikari rice and salicylic acid, acts specifically against skin blemishes and prevents their formation. In doing so, the extract obtained from high-quality Japanese rice helps to reduce oxidation.


About Shiseido WASO


The Japanese ingredients Yuzu, Shikuwasa Lime, Satokibi (sugar cane) and Koshihikari (rice) meet food standards. The formulas in the WASO line are vegan and completely eliminate ingredients of animal origin or animal derivatives. For the products, Shiseido works with local farmers to promote the regional, sustainable cultivation of Shikuwasa Lime. Next, Shiseido tracks 100% of the entire production process of the key ingredients (Yuzu, Shikuwasa Lime, Satokibi, Koshihikari). The caps of the sustainable packaging are made of 30% rice husks.