Parisian Style: Fashion Must-Haves für den Herbst

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Autumn is just around the corner and it’s time to prepare your wardrobe for the cooler season. Parisian style in particular is en vogue and easy to integrate into your wardrobe with the right style pieces. The right selection of high-quality and classic statement pieces as well as basics form the basis for a stylish capsule wardrobe. A foulard by Hermès, a timeless bag by Louis Vuitton, a trench coat by Burberry, a suit by Chanel and a classic leather belt – you can find basics like these for the typical Parisian style at Totême. In this article, I’ll show you some must-have pieces so that you too can put together a stylish wardrobe and always look your best in the office, at a cocktail party or for Sunday coffee.


The matching coat



Especially in autumn, the coat is of great relevance for a Parisian style. Trench coats, leather jackets and wool coats are particularly beautiful in autumn. The perfect fit is important when choosing coats, the length is also crucial and makes for a great appearance later on.


Here are some of my favourites for the coming autumn. The trench coat by Totême, a beautiful black leather coat as a statement piece by Totême, a classic wool coat in camel by Totême and the iconic trench coat by Louis Vuitton with the famous logo canvas.


How to choose the right accessories


High-quality accessories turn every basic outfit into an absolute eye-catcher. It is especially important to pay attention to quality when it comes to accessories. Because high-quality bags, belts, foulards, sunglasses and the like last a long time in our wardrobes and ensure a successful appearance.


Bags for every occasion



When it comes to bags for autumn, I go for autumnal colours like black, brown, beige or khaki. When it comes to models, the Parisian also opts for classic designs in advance. Some must-haves are, for example, the Louis Vuitton Milla MM, the Chloé mini bag Tess Day or the iconic Dior Lady Dior bag or the Double Flap by Chanel. The Lady Dior bag, by the way, was named after one of the greatest style icons ever, as it was Princess Diana’s favourite bag.


Belts for the perfect fit and look



Statement belts belong in every well-stocked autumn wardrobe. Whether worn classically or as a waist belt, the right combination adds glamour to any basic outfit. Straight waist belts also create a feminine silhouette. In autumn, I go for classic logo belts in brown and black, e.g. by Valentino, Céline or Dior.


Caps and hats



For me, the béret is one of the absolute must-haves when it comes to headwear in autumn. Every look gets a wonderful French touch with a béret. Besides the classic béret, I also like beautiful fedora hats in colours like beige or black, especially in autumn. Sailor hats are also absolute must-haves for autumn, as are soft woolly hats on cold days.



z.B. Béret von BORSALINO, Wollmütze von Céline, Matrosenmütze von BORSALINO


Foulards and scarf



Even my grandmother had an incredible collection of silk foulards and cashmere scarves, they are an absolute must-have for autumn. To continue the Parisian style, I go for subtle colours here as well. You can find beautiful foulards and scarves at Totême, Burberry or Hérmes, for example  at Totême, Burberry or Hérmes.

Suit, blazer and costume



Nothing suits you like a suit – and that also applies to us ladies, because a suit simply fits always and for every occasion. For me, a suit also makes me feel incomparable at work. After all, we all know the saying “Dress for success”. In keeping with this motto, suits and costumes should definitely not be missing from your Parisian style autumn wardrobe. The easiest combinations to combine are plain or patterned. If you don’t want to wear a full suit, statement blazers are a great alternative that also look stylish with jeans and the like.



A suit or blazer should either fit perfectly or have a loose oversized cut. A classic black blazer is a must-have for your wardrobe, but an exciting cut like this black blazer by Totême creates a more sophisticated look. A beige suit is one of my personal favourites, and I particularly like this tailored model by Totême. I like my blazer jackets to be particularly elegant, like this hunter jacket in braided bouclé by Céline.


I hope you enjoyed my input and inspiration for the coming autumn. You can find even more inspiration for autumn looks in this article on the topic. Now I wish you a lot of fun putting together your autumn wardrobe in Parisian style.


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