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Krakau kutschen


Last month I was in Poland for the first time, in the special city of Krakow. I have already shown some pictures in my report about the event with Bonprix in Krakow. Now I would like to introduce you to the city and its sights a little closer.



My tip # 1 take one of the many small tourist taxis to get an overview of the city. Krakow isn’t as small as you may think. It’s a very spacious city despite its size. Since I had only half an afternoon to explore the city – I grabbed a tourist taxi and let me show it around. However, if this is too overkill for you, I would like to remind you of my day 1 transportation.


Trabant in Krakau


The ride in the Trabi is the iconic alternative to the tourist taxi – even if these cars are not likely to drive around at least in Switzerland – it is simply a great experience. They called it communism tour. Also Trabi driver was very entertaining and knew a lot about the story. So if you have more time, you should try this.



Krakow is home to many church buildings and other elaborate buildings from bygone eras. Krakow may also be called a UNESCO World Heritage City. The historic center is decorated with 5000 buildings from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Krakow lies on the Vistula and was the capital of Poland until the 16th century.


«Rynek Główny», der mit 40 000 Quadratmetern grösste mittelalterliche Marktplatz Europas


The “Rynek Główny” is the largest medieval market square in Europe with 40,000 square meters. Anyone who would like to feel like a princess will find the right means of transport here.


Krakau kutschen


In abundance, beautiful white carriages wait for customers, a trip by coach should not be missed in this medieval city. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time left this time, but for my next visit to Krakow, carriage rides are at the top of the to-do list.



During my journey a tape recorder ran with information about the places and buildings that my tourist taxi passed. Most impressive, I found this beautiful old castle. The Barbican or Basztowa was a core of the Cracow fortification and has been built in the last years of the 15th century.



The famous St. Mary’s Church is also located on the square “Rynek Główny” and towers above it with its height. On the marketplace itself are many sales tents for floral wreaths, caricaturists and other traders.



Away from the sights, it is worthwhile to visit  historical places in and around the city. Or just stroll through the streets and explore the mix between new and old.



Now some practical hints, For 100 CHF I got almost 350 Polish Zloty. The cost of living is correspondingly low for swiss people. Lunch menu’s are very cheap available even in the steakhouse. For my bagel I paid about 2 CHF in the restaurant. This also makes Poland attractive for shopping. To explore Krakow and the surrounding area, you should stay for a few days if possible. With a tight program, the city can (at least partially) be discovered during a weekend trip.


Have you ever been to Krakow?



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      Friday May 25th, 2018 / 11:50 PM

      Oh how interesting, that your great parents are from Poland. My boyfriend is half polish.


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