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As you know, Sisley is one of my favorite brands. The products are of high quality like no other and convince me time and again with their effectiveness. In the past weeks, I was again able to test some novelties for you, which I would like to introduce to you today.




Let’s start with the – for me personally – most important novelty to the SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION. As you may know, our modern lifestyle has brought with it some pitfalls that do not spare the skin. Every day we are exposed to environmental pollution and blue light. Our favorite gadgets like smartphones, laptops and Co. irradiate us with this blue light. Why is that so bad? The blue and unnatural light accelerates skin aging – so it is like in the sunlight – a protection against it necessary.



A powerful antioxidant active cocktail consisting of buckwheat seeds, ginkgo biloba, peas and vitamin E acetate combats free radicals and protects the skin from the damaging effects of all environmental pollution. Highly nutritious, highly hydrating active ingredients from plant sugar compounds, buckwheat seeds and shea butter promote the ability of the epidermis to store water and thus contribute to the optimum supply of water to the skin. The SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION is therefore an all-rounder, which also helps reduce signs of tiredness and protects and cares for the skin as a whole. The wonderful scent of essential oils ensures a wellness moment par excellence already in the morning when applied.




Now to these two great novelties SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS and SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS. Two anti-aging products for body and hands.




The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS is not just any hand cream. Rather, it is a comprehensive high-tech care that combats all visible signs of age of the hands such. Wrinkles, pigment spots, loss of density and tone or dry skin. It is not for nothing that people say that the true age of a woman can be recognized by her hands. Because often hands are wrongly neglected in the care and while the face is spoiled with creams and serums, the hands have the disadvantage. The contained Lindera extract supports the cell renewal process, extracts of the silk acacia supply the cells with energy and a protein complex of yeast and soy increases the life of the cells. The hand care is very pleasant to apply and absorbs quickly, one immediately senses an improvement and hydration of the skin. Perfect even for a nursing quickening in the office – without blurring the keyboard.

We all wish to have well-groomed, delicate skin. However, so that the skin does not lose its elasticity over time, anti-aging care is also appropriate for the body. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS contains exactly the right active ingredients and also smells wonderful. It is particularly useful in places affected by loss of strength such as the abdomen, inside of the arms and thighs and the buttocks. The extract of the silk acacia, the Lindera extract and a protein complex from yeast and soy help here as well. They specifically support the cell renewal process (energy, biorhythms and longevity) and thus ensure an optimal anti-aging effect. Because with age, the functions of the essential components of the dermis subsidence: In youth, they are resistant and elastic, but with time their production decreases and thus the elasticity of the skin. This process is counteracted by the extracts of soy fiber, dill and padina pavonica. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS has a wonderfully light and at the same time rich, so rich in active ingredients, held texture, which can be incorporated well into the skin. I use them each evening after showering – also to support the regeneration process of the skin during the night.


    • Tuesday May 28th, 2019 / 06:42 PM

      Indeed it’s a great brand with amazing products.

  1. Tuesday May 21st, 2019 / 01:59 PM

    Das klingt doch sehr gut!
    Liebe Grüße!

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