Mascara test with Clinique and L’Oréal

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For me, mascara is one of the most important makeup products besides powder and my eyebrow pencil. I was very excited about the Mascaras of Clinique and L’Oréal, which I received for testing. I have now tested all of them and I would like to withhold my impressions no longer.


Clinique Mascara


Clinique tested the Lash Building Primer, the new High Impact Lash Mascara and the classics the High Impact Mascara. What should be noted at Clinique that you can use with any products that prevent the skin from allergens, irritants, and ingredients that can cause aging or damage to the skin. Therefore, the products are always well tolerated. Mascara and Lash Primer free of parabens, phthalates and perfume.


Clinique – Lash Building Primer


Clinique Lash Building Primer


The Lash Primer by Clinique offers care for the eyelashes. Just apply it underneath the mascara. A special polymer mix strengthens the eyelashes and makes them look silky. I wait for a moment until I apply the mascara over it. With regular use, I have the feeling that the eyelashes look well-groomed.


Clinique – High Lash Impact Elevating Mascara


Clinique high impact lash elevating Mascara


I really like the new Clinique High Impact Lash Mascara brush, which looks at my blog for a longer time, so I generally prefer the classic brushes to the silicone brushes. The mascara can be easily applied over the primer and gives the eyelashes momentum and support. The High Impact Lash Mascara is a super light, creamy mousse mascara. The mascara easily lasts all day and eyelashes in a beautiful black.


Clinique – High Lash Impact Mascara


Clinique high impact Mascara


The bestseller and classic by Clinique is called High Impact Mascara. It gives a wonderful volume and compacts the eyelashes. It contains a flexible polymer that lengthens and cares for the eyelashes. Again, I find the brush very handy, the eyelashes can easily exchange without sticking.


Loreal Eye Pouch


The beautiful eyelet of L’Oréal contains millions of Lashes mascara in star design and the LeKòhl kohl. Get Volume Lashes Féline Mascara, Volume Lashes Extra Black Mascara and Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner for testing.


L’Oréal – Volume Million Lashes Mascara



The L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes mascara has been around for a long time and there is certainly a reason for that. In advance, the price-performance ratio is very good. The mascara can be applied without getting clumpy. There is never too much mascara on the brush, so you can aplly it on to the lashes well.


L’Oréal – Volume Million Lashes Féline Mascara



The L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes, in contrast to the Volume Million Lashes Mascara, has a curved bristle brush. This achieves the shorter eyelashes. In addition, the curved brush gives more momentum.


L’Oréal – Volume Million Lashes Extra Black Mascara



The L’Oréal Volume Million Lashes Extra Black Mascara is structurally like the Volume Million Lashes mascara, but it dips the eyelashes into an even more intense black. Nevertheless, it is easy to remove.


L’Oréal – Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner


L'Oréal - Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner


The L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner has a felt tip tip that makes it easy to draw a beautiful eyeliner line, even a narrow and a wide. The durability is good.


L’Oréal – Super Liner LE KHÔL


L'Oréal - Super Liner LE KHÔL


The L’Oréal Super Liner LE KHÔL is a kohl that is very easy to apply and well pigmented. But I personally prefer waterproof kohl Liner.





  1. Tuesday January 29th, 2019 / 10:56 AM

    Ich bin ja ein totaler Mascara Freak :).
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Saturday February 2nd, 2019 / 03:44 PM

      I really love the primer from Clinique

  2. Sunday February 3rd, 2019 / 02:26 PM

    Ich finde beide gut. Natürlich hat jeder seine Stärken und Schwächen aber das habe wir alle 🙂
    Als Altnerative könnte man eine Wimpernverlängeung machen dann würde sich die Frage nach der Mascara gar nicht erst stellen.

    Liebe Grüße

    • Sunday February 3rd, 2019 / 06:54 PM

      Ja, ich persönlich bevorzuge es natürlich. Wimpernverlängerung hatte ich auch schon. Ist mir allerdings unangenehm im Alltag und too much in meinem Job.

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