The most beautiful nail polishes of essie, alessandro, guerlain and wet’n’wild

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I’m a nail polish addict, so by now I own a large collection of varnishes in many different colors. In recent weeks, my collection has received further growth, among other things, have added a few new colors of essie, alessandro and Guerlain. As well as topcoats and care products from essie and my new favorite topcoat from wet’n’wild.


Nagellacke Review essie alessandro guerlain Nailpolish


For you I have tried the nailpolishes and swatched them. I was able to discover a few favorite colors again. By the way, for the first time I’ve tried nail polishes from Guerlain.


Nagellack essie nagellackentferner


From essie, I received a great package a while ago with various nail polishes, nail polish remover and care products. Finally I had time to test them. First of all, I am very satisfied with the good as gone nail polish remover from essie. Even dark nail polish can be removed quickly and easily without discoloring the nails.


NAgellack essie


I tried the Speedsetter Topcoat from essie (1) for the first time and I have to say that it dries really fast compared to other topcoats – but I still think the durability of my new favorite topcoat is a bit better. But if it has to go fast, it’s my first choice. Orange is the color of the apricot cuticle oil of essie (2). It nourishes the cuticle and smells pleasantly fruity. Apply the nail oil either before painting and leave to work, but before painting the nails clean them from the oil – or just in between. I like to use it in moments like now, where I am writing. The first base of essie (3) I can also recommend you, it makes the nail polish adhere better and protects the nails from discoloration. As already mentioned, I was also able to remove dark paint well with the good as gone nail polish remover, I also used the first base.


Nagellacke Guerlain


For the first time ever, I was allowed to try Guerlain’s nail polish. As you know Guerlain is one of my absolute favorite brands – accordingly, I was very curious. First of all, I like the bottles of nail polishes incredibly well, they are always an eye-catcher for the beauty shelf. Currently, I particularly like the color 025 West Wood – a dark red – perfect for the winter wardrobe. You can also see the paint in some pictures on Instagram. Nail polish number two is a slightly gaudier the color 044 East Poppy and will certainly quickly become the favorite nail polish in spring.


Nagellacke Guerlain


Both nail polishes are very easy to apply thanks to their creamy-liquid texture. Also, the brush has the optimal size to apply without smudging the nail polish. I apply two layers for even more color depth. On the artificial nails at the end of the article you can see the result of only one layer.




Particularly great when it comes to the alessandro nail polishes is the 5ml size, so you can buy many different colors and they don’t dry out before you use up. Especially if you like variety on the nails, this is essential. Incidentally, I’m currently wearing the color Elephantastic – a shade of gray with shimmer. I like it.


Nagellack alessandro


Also, I like this color very well and the name Fashion Flamingo is promising. The other alessandro nail polishes names are Velvet Spring – a delicate purple, Lucky Light – gray with shimmer and Flower Crown – a delicate pink. The nail polishes of alessandro keep very well and give full color.


Nagellacke essie Festtagskollektion


The essie winter collection 2018 has fascinated me with a lot of glitter. The finish of the paints is not smooth but you can feel the individual glitter particles. The paints are wonderful as topper, but can also be easily and effectively worn individually. The durability of glitter paints is very good. They are also easy to remove for glitter paints. The paints are called Can not stop here in copper, stay up slate, venture to the venue and beat of the moment.


Nagellack essie sunny daze


The essie nail polish in the color sunny daze I have received a long time ago, but you have not shown yet. I also like a great everyday go color with shimmer that I love to wear. The durability is very good as with essie, just like the color brilliance.



Here you see all the varnish one layer applied to transparent artificial nails, one after the other:

  • essie can’t stop her in copper
  • essie venture to the venue
  • essie beat of the moment
  • essie stay up slate
  • essie sunny daze
  • Guerlain 044 East Poppy
  • Guerlain 025 West Wood
  • alessandro Lucky Light
  • alessandro Fashion Flamingo
  • alessandro Velvet Spring
  • alessandro Flower Crown
  • alessandro Elephantastic



Nagellack wetnwild mega last hard as ice


Now to my new favorite topcoat he is called megalast hard as ice and is from wet’n’wild. The topcoat does not soften the color coat underneath and is easy to apply. It dries quickly and makes the nail polish noticeably longer lasting. Especially with regard to the price-performance ratio a top product, that I can highly recommend.


Do you actually have a favorite nail polish brand?




  1. Thursday January 24th, 2019 / 11:28 AM

    Deine Farben finde ich super schön.
    Liebe Grüße!

    • Saturday February 2nd, 2019 / 03:46 PM

      Ja mega – die beste Entdeckung ist jedoch der Topcoat. Super für den Preis.

  2. Thursday January 24th, 2019 / 10:56 PM

    Toller Post, die Farben sind wirklich sehr schön! Übrigens sieht die Pflazen Ecke super aus 🙂

    Liebe Grüße, Esra

    • Saturday February 2nd, 2019 / 03:46 PM

      Danke dir 🙂 Ja ich liebe die Pflanzen. Sie stehen auch tatsächlich immer dort – gibt ein mega Raumklima.

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