New York City Travelguide


New York, New York … a city that has fascinated me since my childhood. Until now I only knew the city from films and my favourite TV series, but finally I experienced this vibrant place in real life. Of course, I don’t want to withhold my highlights of this trip from you any longer. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your own New York City trip.


Top of the Rock – breathtaking views



New York offers numerous options to get to a rooftop and enjoy a breathtaking view over the city. After doing some research, however, it was clear to me that we would go to the Top of the Rock. There you have three floors of viewing platforms at your disposal – the best value for money I could find. There is also the possibility of saving money with buying various tourist passes, but only if you really want to take advantage of the offers they contain. That’s why we decided against it.



If one viewing platform is enough for you too, then definitely choose Top of the Rock. It’s best to buy tickets for about 1.5 hours before sunset and then stay until it gets dark. You will be rewarded with a unique view of the Empire State Building and all of New York during sunset.


Central Park



Of course, we didn’t miss a walk through the legendary Central Park. Located in the centre of Manhattan, it is the perfect retreat to find peace and quiet and yet very busy. The park stretches 4.07 km from 59th to 110th Street and 860 m wide between 5th and 8th Avenue. When we were there, the ice skating rink has been open, which is always in operation in winter. But be aware the demand is accordingly high.


Brooklyn Bridge



The Brooklyn Bridge is also absolutely iconic to me. It connects the two boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River. It is also very popular as a photo motif because of its unique architecture, and it shows. After all, we were already there at 8 a.m. in winter and not alone – although the sun had just risen.


The Oculus



The Oculus is not only a popular photo spot for architecture lovers, but also a stop of 12 subways. Inside is then a shopping centre.


Dumbo Brooklyn



Dumbo is a neighbourhood in Brooklyn and the abbreviation means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Originally dominated by factories, it is now a lively neighbourhood where you can find the Time Out Market – a place full of food and shops – perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or a laid back dinner.



We opted for breakfast. There are plenty of food options to suit all tastes. This is especially great as not everyone always fancies the same cuisine, right?


Chinatown New York



China Town is always worth a visit for me. This time in New York, too, of course. The neighbourhood is also part of the borough of Manhattan, but of course it is a world of its own with a special vibe.



When you visit, don’t miss out on some delicious noodle soup. And don’t let them sell you any fake handbags, because they sold them to me on every corner.


Central Station



Rarely has a train station exuded such fascination to me. If you know the opening scene from Gossip Girl, you will quickly find yourself here. Because this first scene has always been impressive to me. The station is truly unique and worth a visit.


The Statue of Liberty



Another iconic landmark of New York is the Statue of Liberty. It is possible to take a tour to Liberty Island and experience the statue from the inside. However, we opted to take the free Staten Island Ferry and view the statue that way.


Pebble Beach



Pebble Beach is located in DUMBO and offers a wonderful view of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Manhattan skyline can also be enjoyed here.


These were my highlights, now some more impressions from my trip.