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First of all, I have to admit to you that I have neglected my sporting activities for the last few weeks, but this is about to change again. The right clothes are very important during the training, because sport is no fun in the wet sweat shirt or with a sports bra which does not support at all. That is why I would like to introduce you today the sportswear collection of lululemon.





about lululemon


I’m sure you haven’t all heard of lululemon before, so I’d like to give you some basic data before I show you the pieces I’ve tested.


Lululemon is a Canadian company, which has been known with yoga-inspired sportswear for women and men. They are the founders of functional yoga clothing. The focus is on carrying comfort, fitting, functionality, material and technical performance. But this is not all, lululemon has set itself the goal of building a community of its own. So you can also participate in a Yogaclass for example in their store in Zurich, as well as use other offers directly above the sales floor in the gallery. An overall concept and not just a sales shop.


the Energy Bra


lululemon energy bra


Not only functional, with an also very nice design is the Energy Bra. Made for yoga and light activities, but the support is enough for me to run with The beautiful pattern is called “mini dottie tribe white black”. The Bra consists of the following fabrics:




Cool-to-the-touch Luxtreme® fabric is four-way stretch and sweat-wicking—we added LYCRA® fibre for shape retention


  • sweat-wicking
  • four-way stretch
  • cool
  • smooth handfeel
  • shape retention

Added LYCRA® fibre for great shape retention


  • stretch
  • great shape retention
  • long-lasting comfort


lululemon energy bra


lululemon energy bra


my opinion


A very beautiful and high-quality sports or yoga bra. Comfortable to wear and it provides adequate hold.


Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback


lululemon swifty racer back


This tank top is designed for running, thanks to various fabrics, silver threads and ventilation systems, it is also comfortable to wear during strenuous physical exertion. It does not “stick”, like normal shirts, to your skin. It can also be combined with the Energy Bra. Available in 21 different colors and patterns. Made of light fabric and seamless for the absolute freedom for your movement.


lululemon swiftly racer back


my opinion


This tank top is really super comfortable to wear and actually prevents the typical sweat smell. The fabric is comfortable on the skin and helps to keep cool.


Do you know lululemon? Maybe someone was already at the store in Zurich or anywhere else? How do you like the chosen items?




* In friendly cooperation with lululemon




*in freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit lululemon



  1. Wednesday November 2nd, 2016 / 10:58 PM

    what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    such a nice and sporty outfit
    simply love it!

    with love your AMELY ROSE

    • Thursday November 3rd, 2016 / 12:30 AM

      Danke Liebes <3

  2. Wednesday November 2nd, 2016 / 11:52 PM

    Ich kenne die Marke; im Sommer habe ich sie mir in den USA auch mal näher anschauen können. Ich finde die Preise allerdings etwas überzogen; auch wenn die Sachen echt schick sind. Dafür investiere ich dann liebe in grüne Mode.

    • Thursday November 3rd, 2016 / 11:10 PM

      Es kommt meiner Meinung nach auch immer auf die Verwendung an, insbesondere für Sportler die täglich trainieren macht es schon Sinn in innovative Kleider zu investieren, die auch lange halten. Je nachdem hält ein SportBra von üblichen Geschäften nicht halb solange, wenn man ihn oft wäscht und trägt. Grüne Mode ist natürlich ebenfalls eine gute Sache, gibt’s da auch Sportswear?

  3. Thursday November 3rd, 2016 / 07:02 AM

    Guten Morgen Priscilla, ich bin ja zugegebenermaßen gar kein sportlicher Typ. Ich kann mich einfach nicht aufraffen. Das Tanktop sieht aber auf jeden Fall super aus. Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag. Liebe Grüße Jana von Magische Farbwelt

    • Thursday November 3rd, 2016 / 09:51 AM

      Liebe Jana, bei mir gibt es Phasen, da mache ich wirklich überhaupt nichts, aber dann packt es mich wieder ^^ Dir auch meine Liebe.

  4. Thursday November 17th, 2016 / 03:48 AM

    Wow, die Sportkleidung sieht echt klasse aus. Danke dir fürs Vorstellen! Leider bin ich etwas sportfaul, haha. Liebe Grüße, Anna <3

    • Thursday November 17th, 2016 / 12:10 PM

      Danke Liebe Anna 🙂

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