Fitness: Get fit and healthy by jogging

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Many do it , others want to also begin talking about the jogging . Today I want to bring the benefits of jogging and disadvantages closer and also to share my opinion.



why jogging

Jogging claimed  large muscle groups, and consumed more calories  than other forms of exercise such as to go biking. Jogging is cheaper compared to other sports, but really important are good running shoes. You can train on your personal fitness, adjust your schedule, etc., as opposed to fitness classes you are not bound to a place or a fixed time. You can do jogging anywhere, even as on holiday. Personally, I loved it in the morning to run in along the beach St. Tropez (F), very nice it was in Brighton (UK) too. Not that I am the great sportswoman on holiday, it is rather for personal recovery.

Thus, I’m coming to the next point, while jogging you can be for your self and clear your mind. Even while thinking as for a seemingly impossible task, jogging can help me to find a solution. This at least is my subjective perception. Generally by the movement hormones are released, which make us happy.

No thank’s

Many still believe that jogging is more harm than good, it was , at least according not proven in studies, more on that you can read on their websit . Since I am not a medic I don’t mute to me to philosophize about health effects of jogging in that way. Finally, everyone must decide for or against jogging and coordinate in doubt with your own doctor.

In winter jogging is for certain not an issue , because there is needed already functional clothes so as not to catch cold, etc. I am personally one of these, who prefer jogging in warmer seasons. But I think that is perfectly fine, everyone should decide for themselves.




For me it is clear, jogging has a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being, but it is maybe not for everyone. It is important to yourself not to overburden your fitness level to minimize the risk of injury. In addition, it is advisable not to go the same from zero to 100 , because then you will hardly work also fun. It is better to gently grope at this sport and not equal to demand feats of yourself.

It is also important not to run to fast at the beginnin , because evil breathlessness and other complications are neither useful nor pleasant. Therefore better increase speed and intensity slowly. In my opinion, you can feel within a relatively short time an increase in own stamina and endurance.

Do you jog to keep yourself fit or are you more an indoor athlete?




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