Mother’s day freebie “greeting card” and gift ideas

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, many of you have perhaps already worried or made itself a great attention for your mom. Those who don’t already know what to bring as a gift, will hopefully find in this article a great idea. In any case, you can download your freebie great greeting card and simply print at home.


Muttertagskarte Mothersday greeting card Freebie

The card is double-sided to kink.

The link can be found here …


Gift ideas

1. Chocolate

Chocolate as a gift is usually nothing wrong. Here I show you a simple recipe for homemade chocolates:

Maikäfer Muttertag 3-min

2. Flowers

Personally, I am totally in love with pretty fresh flowers. For me it is a small piece of luxury and not an every day thing, that’s why it will be a great gift on Mother’s Day.


3. Perfumes and cosmetic gift sets

Anyways gladly seen gift is perfume, but here is to be making sure that the perfume remains to the taste of your mom. The same goes for cosmetics gift sets , if you are not sure , it gives better otherwise.

4. Gift card

Gift cards fit somehow always, but evil tongues say they are often a bit impersonal. I can not find why as a voucher from the favorite restaurant or the beautician should be impersonal.

I hope you like my mothers day card and my gift ideas .

What gives her your mother ? Or what you desire from your children?


Wish you a wonderful mother’s day <3




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