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As some of you may know I am a law student. With some fellow students  we made almost a law student pilgrimage to the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne, in french-speaking part of Switzerland. I am happy to share my impressions and my outfit with you.


BGer Outfit 2-min


However, for once not my outfit stays in the foreground, it’s this building here:


BGer Gebäude vorne-min


Federal Supreme Court

The Federal Supreme Court is the highest court in Switzerland and thus last national instance in judicial disputes. His seat is in Lausanne, the two social security departments are located in Lucerne. Lausanne is located in french part of Switzerland and has got 1.2 million inhabitants. Even the Olympic Committee has its headquarters in Lausanne too.

Because we arrived a little earlier than planned to the Federal Court, we visited the beautiful park there, here are a few impressions :

BGEr Park-min


BGer Park Haus-min






BGer Magnolienbaum-min

The last image have you maybe seen before, it have yet been published on my Instagram account .

I am happy to show you now the impressions of the Federal Court itself .

BGer Gebäude-min

A  large building has been waiting for u , while the Swiss flag was blowing in the wind.



The lobby trumps with exquisite marble and imposing columns.



Here it is the courtroom of the Federal Court. The negotiations take place with more or less judges depending on the case .

Gerichtssaal 2-min

The Swiss cross may not be missing in here 😉

BGer Saal-min

In this meeting room the judges will be meet with foreign guests.

Bundesrichter 1925-min

Long time ago there have been only male judges no female.

BGer Aussicht-min

Before federal court you can enjoy the view of Lake Geneva.

70-ies look

Outfit 1-min

The trip to the federal court offered to me to carry out my sweet faux suede mini.

What I’m wearing:

  • sunglasses from beach
  • white shirt with net by H&M
  • faux suede mini by onlinestore
  • Cowboyboots by Bugatt

BGer Outfit 2-min

I hope you enjoyed my special post between fashion and law.

Do you like suede mini skirts?




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