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84   1032
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79   1032
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72   992
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51   899
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Summer is inevitably closer and many get down to training the winter pounds or simply get rid of inertia. Since I am also become a bit lazy, and of course I also take part in it and will test for you some sports courses. Today I want to tell you about my experience with body toning.



What is Bodytoning?

Body toning concerns bodyforming, so it will help to get a beautiful silhouette. It is an endurance training with simple aerobic basic steps, followed by a power supply, in which different parts of the body with various aids e.g. to be selectively formed with dumbbells, resistance band, Tubes and strengthened.

Unlike aerobics, omitted here the coordination training.




My experience

The instructor enters the gym and I can see, this woman is super trained. With slight self-doubt I equip myself with mat and dumbbells.

It begins with an intense warm-up, that brings all participants to sweat, with Jumping Jacks, run on the spot, etc. Actually, I would now already finished ^^ But let us go on with the power supply, some parts of the body are trained here with intense strength exercises. Abdomen, legs, buttocks, torso, so really every game. The individual exercises are each available in three variants: pre-shows and run Beginner, Normal and Advanced. The instructor is a true-Drillinstruktorin and pushes, pushes, pushes.

After the power part it goes to other conditioning exercises and then to stretch. At the end of the hour is then relax hip.


Those who prefer to train in a group and this with a minimum of tools and yet very intense is with body toning properly. I personally is the artificially created pressure to perform a bit too much, because just as a beginner you can tend your own limits to ignore and then paid with serious soreness. In this course, I have found that I prefer to train on my own and this. In my own pace and non-competitive

However, I like bodytoning se super good, just not in the group.


Were you already in the body toning? Do you like Gym groups?







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