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Hello dear ones, between all the fashion and beauty Posts perished lately the area Food & Health anything . This I want to change my new spring series " Spring Awakening " . I will in the next few weeks visiting various sports courses for you and test new also in terms of nutrition and report on it. Because in the winter time , I often catch myself something rotten and the neglect of exercise and healthy eating , this current " trend " in my life I would like to again offer tidy forehead .

In that spirit, I wish you much fun with my new " item number " on the subject of Health & Food . But fear beauty and fashion are characterized not be neglected , on the contrary , there is now more of me to read :)

Excerpt from Wikipedia (yoga vidya):
Hatha Yoga (Sanskrit:. हठयोग haṭhayoga m) is the body-oriented part of yoga. Ha (ha) means "sun", Tha (Tha) is called "moon". "Yoga" means "unity / harmony". Hatha Yoga is therefore to harmonize the two basic energies in our system, the activating, and warming of the constituent, cooling energy. "Hatha" as a whole word also means "effort".
Hatha Yoga says that the body is the temple of the soul and should be maintained as such, without, however, consider him the most important thing. Hatha Yoga sees the people so as a whole. Hatha Yoga is not only to the physical body, but also to the power envelope (Pranamaya Kosha) and the intellectual-emotional envelope (Manomaya Kosha).

Yoga can much - the show now more than 2000 studies and there are always more. Whoever takes the Yoga way has a good chance to improve his personal well-being:
- Improvement of neck pain,
- Reduction or discontinuation of painkillers for back pain,
- Reduce stress symptoms such as aggression, depression and tension,
Improve sleep,
- Reduction of medication for high blood pressure,
- Calming the heartbeat in arrhythmia,
- Less inflammation in the body,
- Increasing the calming gamma-aminobutyric acid in the body to treat d epression and anxiety disorders,
- Stronger mental health in stressful situations,
- Better physical and mental condition and less fatigue in cancer-related chemotherapy,
- Reduction of nightmares, insomnia, social withdrawal and "flashbacks" in post-traumatic stress disorder,
- Gray cells in the brain regions responsible for memory, learning and emotion control are increasing and age-related decrease in the frontal cortex fails.
(Link: http://wiki.yoga-vidya.de/Hatha_Yoga)

Since yoga has so many positive effects , or to have at least , it was now time , that I expand my horizons . At our university , there are a wide range of sports , which students can use for free for the most part . This offer , I have used only sporadically so far , this would now but do a lot more , so I came to Hatha Yoga .
Each of us can certainly use a little or a bit much additional relaxation. In addition, many suffer from kinks that somehow never quite disappear . To strengthen the body and mind , I will now attend Hatha Yoga during this spring semester .

There are the so-called 5 pillars of Hatha Yoga : Yoga postures (asanas ) , breathing exercises ( pranayama ) , deep relaxation ( Savasana ) Proper diet and positive thinking and mediation.
But enough about the theory and to my review .
When I enter the room to sit for many women on their yoga mats , besides a blanket , a booster seat and a belt . I as absolute Yogabeginnerin take my same utensils times and place me in the front row , because everything else is already taken. Now it starts , the course director ( all in white dressed ) welcomes us all to the first hour and asked to talk to Beginners ( ie for me ^^ ) , which of course I 'll get . After a brief introduction to the process of the course starts . Everyone sits in a ( half ) the lotus position on the booster seat to the common greeting .
We begin with various breathing exercises , it is important to breathe deeply through the nose into the stomach inside , this is also the alternate nostril breathing . For me it is the beginning of something difficult , always goes deep in- and exhale , too fast I lose myself . In addition, it is important to let the thoughts of everyday life during the entire hour behind and to concentrate on their own body and mind . Again, it is not always easy not to digress with the idea . The pranayama part takes about 10 minutes ( at least in my perception ) . Now that we are all come through the breathing exercises little rest , we move on to the more active part of the hour .

There follow the Asanas : We start with prior positions and practice followed in the Sun Salutations . The Sun Salutations was really exhausting for me to keep up with the other experienced students to over time . Yes, I know it comes in yoga is not about rivalry or the like , but somewhere I had me so orient and make sure not to miss the boat . Then we positioned ourselves in the position of the trolley in the quadruped to stretch from this position the back and to re-form a "hump" while we made this in accordance with our breathing . It continued with the down -looking dog with a flowing transition to Plank and Cobra .


It continued with the arch that looked at many really been great with me , I still have to practice well something ^^ For this I am still immobile. We lay down on the floor around the fish to make it her lying on the ground and grabs your hands under your butt while her upper body but raises his elbows supportive turns off .
Then we went to the Warrior positions 1 and 2 before we switched to the position of the Asana triangle . With the help of the belt then the forward bending was practiced . After a few more exercises , we went on to the last part , the deep relaxation .
All participants lay down on his back on her yoga mat and covered themselves with blankets, while the instructor turns relaxing music and switched off the light . This sequence was very welcome after the efforts of the exercises . After some time , it was because already over .
Satisfied, I left my first Hatha yoga class . Therefore, I will continue to attend this course to increase their capacity to find the stresses of the day to rest again , also I would like to especially improve my mobility .
Conclusion: The Hatha Yoga includes a wide range of different exercises and relaxation sequences . Even though I am a bloody beginner , I do not have this bothersome because each person focuses on himself , which certainly looks more like a rivalry in many other courses . However, it is to let during the whole course of great importance to everyday life outside before and indulge wholeheartedly to yoga , because who thinks while at the next meeting , will be able to never relax . My recommendation , try it out if you're interested , if it suits you , you know until you have tested it yourself . Personally, I am very excited about the longer-term effects on the body and mind .

Please forgive me any errors in flow or description , I have given not confuse effort 's .

How about you  do you have experience with yoga or even Hatha Yoga ?




  1. beautynature_ flowery
    Sunday February 28th, 2016 / 11:52 AM

    Wieso meinst du nie weitergemacht? Ich habe den Kurs zum ersten Mal besucht und gehe diese Woche wieder 🙂 Das Ding ist eben, dass der Yoga Grundkurs nicht kostenlos ist und ich zu diesen Zeiten auch nicht könnte, deshalb mach ich gleich mit Hatha Yoga weiter. Tönt auch interessant, aber wäre wohl nichts für mich, da ich einen etwas instabilen Kreislauf und sehr niedrigen Blutdruck habe^^ Mal schauen ich werde morgen zum ersten Mal ins Pilates gehen und dann bald darüber berichten. Liebe Grüsse

  2. Sunday February 28th, 2016 / 11:50 AM

    Ich beschäftige mich gerade auch wieder mehr mit Yoga, kam über eine Atemübung wieder auf das Thema und dachte. War doch eigentlich total gut und entspannend, warum hast du das nie weiter gemacht. Jetzt will ich auch mal zum Bikram Yoga gehen, wo es so heiß im Raum ist. Bin gespannt 😀
    Liebe Grüße Ela

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