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58   617
37   564
47   510
48   484
56   608
50   620
56   573
66   517
59   671
67   540
38   555
47   511
64   660
574   702
65   572
63   673
37   652
64   580
63   621
61   560
45   575
47   551
65   590
71   535
51   554
36   534
412   669
34   541
93   566
42   545
47   565
68   628
46   571
87   829
70   602
97   753
80   548
50   574
66   601

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Dior Backstage


A few weeks ago I was at the amazing event from Dior Backstage, where we were introduced to the latest product news. In addition, make-up artists gave us tips and tricks for use of the products. Since then, of course, I’ve continued to test diligently and would like to introduce you to the products today.


Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer


Let’s start with my absolute must-have product from Dior Backstage, you’ve already noticed on several occasions on Instagram my enthusiasm. Personally, the Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer is the primer of the year. The primer immediately makes the skin look radiant and smoother, pores are minimized and the complexion is dulled. In addition, it provides the skin with moisture, while the Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer is not comedogenic. It is suitable for all skin types. I like to use it for shootings together with the Face & Body Foundation of Dior Backstage. Because he makes the make-up durable like no other and feels great on the skin.


Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation


The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is also one of my new favorites, as it does not reflect the light, it is also perfect for photo shoots and Co. The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is available in 40 shades, it is water and sweat resistant. I love the natural finish and the ultramodulable, customizable foundation coverage. The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation’s waterproof formula covers the skin with an invisible weave and can withstand extreme conditions: fitness, water, high temperatures and moisture can not harm it, as can the glare, the backstage area and the skin Catwalk enlightened. Depending on the desired opacity, you can layer the foundation. With darker or brighter nuances, contours or highlights can be set.


Diorshow Pump 'N 'Volume HD Mascara


You want a dramatic look? Then try the Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD Mascara. It’s Dior’s first squeezable mascara with nourishing ingredients for instant XXL volume and individually defined and starched eyelashes. The mascara contains the vitamin B5, which is known for its invigorating properties, and a protective cotton extract, which means that the eyelashes are coated with care agents and strengthened in their natural volume with each application. The Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD Mascara can be easily removed with lukewarm water. Since I’m not a huge fan of fake lashes (I have no patience ^^) I love the mascara.



The Dior Backstage Glow Face palette in the new color 002 Glitz was not just so quickly sold out partly. The palette is not only a visual eye-catcher, it also makes every make-up an eye-catcher. Whether as a highlighter on the cheekbones, as eyeshadow replacement or over the lipstick. The Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette in 002 Glitz suits all skin tones: a peach-colored rouge with a fine pearl shimmer, a holographic sparkling bronze tone, a gold-colored highlighter and a pearl white with maxi-sequin luster. – I love it!





Also new to Dior Backstage is the Dior Backstage Eye Palette in the color 003 Amber Neutrals. It contains a primer and eight powders that can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner: three shimmering shades, three high-pigmented, matte colors, a highlighter and a powder for shaping. The nuances are suitable for both an everyday look and a more dramatic look. The eyeshadows are super pigmented and last a long time.



AuchEven the brushes by Dior Backstage are an absolute must-have. Not only the beautiful design, but also the quality is excellent. With the foundation brush, the Face & Body Foundation can be precisely applied and wonderfully blended.


Dior Backstage


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Azzaro Wanted Girl

As you know, I am a huge fragrance lover and I am happy about every new scent I can add to my collection. Today I would like to introduce you to a very special fragrance: Wanted Girl by Azzaro.


It’s also my very first women’s fragrance from Azzaro. First of all, I love the message of Azzaro Wanted Girl, because it’s about “Be the most wanted”. Matching to the message, the bottle is inspired by a pistol trigger, thoughtful and original strong personality guarantee to dare to live according to its own rules and to challenge fate in all freedom. The symbol of power and feminine freedom. A real unique bottle that causes a stir.



The fragrance smells floral with an oriental touch. This incomparable scent is determined by the fragrance notes of:


  • Ginger Flower: Explosive fusion of freshness between the sour pomegranate and the finely cut ginger flower.


  • Dulce de Leche: Pure delicacy and addictive pleasure between the sensual Datura flower and the delicious Dulce de Leche.


  • Vetiver: Woody power of the Vetiver and sensuality of Tonka bean powder at the service of a disarming ultra-intense femininity.

I love the floral note and the slight sweetness of the fragrance very much, also the durability of the fragrance is great. In addition, I was already addressed several times on the scent. So it’s best you try it out yourself in the perfumery of your trust.


Azzaro Wanted Girl



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Do you already know the new premium hair care line from Basler? No? Then it will be high time for me to introduce you to you today. Because I was allowed to test the Intense Repair line with keratin from Basler Premium.


Basler premium intense repair


The built-up substances with special active complex help to restore the hair structure. The contained fiber protein keratin can attach to the hair and form a natural protective film. An innovative heat protection ingredient shortens the drying time and thus reduces hair damage caused by blow-drying.



I tested the entire hair care range of the Basler Premium Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner were in daily use. By the way, I also like the scent of the products and the textures. The shampoo with keratin cleanses the hair gently. I massage it gently into the damp hair. It does not complain the hair and leaves a great smell. The conditioner contains keratin and heat protection. I let it work for 5 minutes.


Basler premium intense repair


Once a week my hair gets some extra care with the Basler Premium Intense Repair Hair Mask. For my damaged hair the mask is a blessing, afterwards it shines wonderful again. I recommend you to leave the mask work for about 15 minutes. While that I wear a shower cap, so that the mask can perform even better.


Now for the great fragrance mentioned above, this is very high quality: “With real perfume from Grasse in a premium quality. The fine fragrance of jasmine, tangerine, apricot, vanilla and a touch of musk transforms any room into a feel-good Oasis. The high-quality wick made of cotton ensures a perfect use. “ – Basler Beauty

So, if you are looking for a great care line for your hair, then visit basler-beauty.ch.



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PIXI Beauty by Petra Makeup


As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of Pixi Beauty, both in the field of skin care and in the field of make-up, there are always many great new things to discover at Pixi. Today I’d like to introduce you to the Eye Reflections Shadow Palettes and the Pixi Brush Set.



On the one hand, I was allowed to test the Pixi Eye Reflections Shadow Palette in Natural Beauty. The colors are again very well pigmented. They are a bit creamy and can be applied in a single layer to cover. The colors are absolutely my favorite ones – I love browns and beiges for my everyday look.



Here you can see the swatches of the 12 easy to be blinded shades of the Eye Reflections Shadow Palette. It contains different finishes from matt to ultra metallic.



Overall, you will find the Eye Reflections Shadow Palette by Pixi Beauty in three color options. I was also allowed to test this gem next to the Natural Beauty Palette. This one is called the Reflex Light Palette.


These warm shades literally shine on the skin and are wonderful for a warm summer look, especially the orange shades in combination with the yellowish shades. These colors are also super-pigmented, can be easily applied and blended and convince with metallic finish.
At Pixi you will not only get great skincare and makeup, but also make-up accessories like Make-up brushes. Together with the two pallets, I received a set of three brushes for testing.


Included in the set were these three brushes to apply the eyeshadow. All brushes feel very pleasant and soft on the skin. There are no brush hairs and the hair is tight enough to apply the eyeshadow reliably. I also like the design very well, perfect for traveling.



How do you like the products?


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A few weeks ago I was at the launch event of the Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Make-up Collection. Of course I tested the products afterwards for you with great pleasure. The special thing about the products is that they contain real gems. A really successful collaboration between Smashbox and The Hoodwitch. Crystalized and this not only because it’s unique in design, but also in terms of ingredients.



The Cover Shot Crystalized Eyeshadow palette from Smashbox x The Hoodwitch is an absolute must-have. Rarely have I welcomed such a beautiful make-up palette on my beauty shelf. The 8 nuances can be wonderfully combined. As usual with Smashbox, the colors are super-pigmented, have no fallout and can thus be applied nicely opaque. Incidentally, the colors are inspired by crystals – from smoky quartz to rose quartz you will find everything.




Are you looking for the perfect summerglow? Then the Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Cristalized Primerizer is just right for you. A light primer that makes your skin glowy. At the same time it moisturizes, I just like to use just the Primerizer with some powder makeup on it. Since it is not greasy, it is also suitable for oily skin, moreover, it does not settle in the pores.


Smashbox crystal clarity


The Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Crystal Clarity Primer Water I use every day as a setting spray or in between on warmer days. The fragrances of the Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water are inspired by Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Black Tourmaline. It also moisturizes. I love the scent.




You love nice packaging? Then you should take a closer look at the Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Always on Liquid Eyeshadow. I was allowed to test it and I am thrilled. The pigmentation and the finish are amazing. The durability is also unbeatable. The Always on Liquid Eyeshadow lasts up to 12 hours without settling or smearing.




My first Smashbox product ever was a matte liquid lipstick, since then, the brand has cast me under its spell. The Smashbox x The Hoodwitch always on Liquid Lipstick in the color Femimystic is no exception. You can expect a dull, long-lasting liquid lipstick with sparkling crystals. Inspired by tourmaline, amethyst and titanium quartz, it provides radiant lips and positive energies.


Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Gloss Angeles Lipgloss


Since I received a package with lip glosses from Smashbox a few months ago, they are in constant use. Now my collection welcomed the Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss in the color Practical Magic.


Smashbox x The Hoodwitch Gloss Angeles Lipgloss


Here you can see the swatches of the two lip products – I love it. And the best thing about all the products presented is that they are cruelty-free and vegan.






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MAC Lipstick Maccosmetics


Mac Cosmetics lipsticks have been some of my absolute favorites for years now. Of course I was especially happy about some new colors joining my collection. Every year a huge highlight to me is the Vivaglam lipstick by Mac Cosmetics – this year he even celebrates an anniversary.


MAC Vivaglam Lipstick


The Mac Cosmetics Vivaglam lipstick is something very special. Because all the sales proceeds are getting donated by Mac Cosmetics for good causes to support the health and rights of people of all ages, races and gender – and this already since 25 years! Wow, a really great thing that I look forward to every year. There are always celebrities who promote the Vivaglam lipstick too. This year, too, there is a beautiful color, as you can see on the cover picture, I love her already. There is still the good conscience for the beautiful lipstick. The edition is limited.



At Mac Cosmetics there are even more beautiful matte lipsticks to discover. Under the motto “Meet my matte” it is the goal to find yours – even the Vivaglam I lipstick is a matte one btw. There are of course other beautiful finishes as always. The four pretty lipsticks here are: Smoked Almond, Bosom Friend, Kinkster and Kinda Sexy.


MAC Lipstick Maccosmetics


In addition to the incomparable fragrance and the color intensity, I love the feel on my lips with Mac Cosmetics lipsticks. Whether matte or not, the lipsticks feel comfortable and do not dry out the lips.


Retro Matte Mac Cosmetics


Retro Matte is called the liquid matte lipstick from Mac Cosmetics – so much in advance it holds long and does not dry out your lips. Everything a matte lipstick needs in liquid form, he offers. I also like this light coral shade for the upcoming summer months – a fresh color. The name is Rich & Restless.


Have you already found your perfect matte lipstick?


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The Draycott Hotel London


Last week we stayed for a long weekend in the British capital London. For me, this city is always worth a visit, whether for shopping, for cultural or culinary experiences. If you ask me, there is always something new to discover in London. And I had the chance to stay at the beautiful boutique hotel The Draycott in London.


The Draycott Hotel London


The unique 5 star hotel is located in Chelsea London. Surrounded by a well-kept London-style neighborhood. The location is truly unique – as well as the house itself in the typical Brick look, the houses were built around 1890, the conversion to The Draycott Hotel began in 1995. Today the Draycott Hotel has 35 individually decorated rooms. Each is decorated with Edwardian antiques as a tribute to the theater. In each room there is something reminiscent of bygone times, be it a photo or a biography.


The Draycott Hotel London

Drawing Room


Already in the entrance, The Draycott Hotel shines with traditional English and luxurious chic. The staff is extremely courteous and welcomed us immediately and welcomed. Since we arrived a bit early in the hotel, we stayed in the so-called drawing room next to the fireplace.


The Draycott Hotel London


Then I was allowed to make myself comfortable in the Ashcroft Suite. At The Draycott Hotel, there are no room numbers, but room names, and each room has its own story as mentioned before. The Ashcroft Suite offers a wonderful view of the idyllic and private garden. One of my personal highlights, however, was the four-poster bed – it even reminded me of my visit to Versailles two years ago. And believe me, it does not just look royal, to sleep in it is royal too.



My absolute highlight, however, was the fireplace, it gives the room an incomparable coziness. Anyway, we ended the evening after a strenuous shopping day in the city center there.



Of course, I did not mind taking my daily beauty rituals – even on my weekend trip. The bathroom is modern and well equipped. Quickly refreshed the lipstick in the foyer and voilà – ready for the toast champagne at 18 o’clock in the drawing room. Cheers! Every day, guests are served a glass of champagne with snacks.



Am nächsten Morgen gab es noch ein ausgiebiges Frühstück für einen guten Start in den Tag. Dabei durfte frisch gepresster Orangensaft und ein typisch englischer Breakfast Tea natürlich nicht fehlen.



Before we left, we relaxed a bit in the library – which is just beautifully designed and not just for reading and chatting very inviting. So if you are looking for a beautiful, oldfashioned and unique hotel, I highly recommend The Draycott London.



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As you know, Sisley is one of my favorite brands. The products are of high quality like no other and convince me time and again with their effectiveness. In the past weeks, I was again able to test some novelties for you, which I would like to introduce to you today.




Let’s start with the – for me personally – most important novelty to the SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION. As you may know, our modern lifestyle has brought with it some pitfalls that do not spare the skin. Every day we are exposed to environmental pollution and blue light. Our favorite gadgets like smartphones, laptops and Co. irradiate us with this blue light. Why is that so bad? The blue and unnatural light accelerates skin aging – so it is like in the sunlight – a protection against it necessary.



A powerful antioxidant active cocktail consisting of buckwheat seeds, ginkgo biloba, peas and vitamin E acetate combats free radicals and protects the skin from the damaging effects of all environmental pollution. Highly nutritious, highly hydrating active ingredients from plant sugar compounds, buckwheat seeds and shea butter promote the ability of the epidermis to store water and thus contribute to the optimum supply of water to the skin. The SISLEYOUTH ANTI-POLLUTION is therefore an all-rounder, which also helps reduce signs of tiredness and protects and cares for the skin as a whole. The wonderful scent of essential oils ensures a wellness moment par excellence already in the morning when applied.




Now to these two great novelties SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS and SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS. Two anti-aging products for body and hands.




The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÂGE CONCENTRÉ ANTI-ÂGE MAINS is not just any hand cream. Rather, it is a comprehensive high-tech care that combats all visible signs of age of the hands such. Wrinkles, pigment spots, loss of density and tone or dry skin. It is not for nothing that people say that the true age of a woman can be recognized by her hands. Because often hands are wrongly neglected in the care and while the face is spoiled with creams and serums, the hands have the disadvantage. The contained Lindera extract supports the cell renewal process, extracts of the silk acacia supply the cells with energy and a protein complex of yeast and soy increases the life of the cells. The hand care is very pleasant to apply and absorbs quickly, one immediately senses an improvement and hydration of the skin. Perfect even for a nursing quickening in the office – without blurring the keyboard.

We all wish to have well-groomed, delicate skin. However, so that the skin does not lose its elasticity over time, anti-aging care is also appropriate for the body. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS contains exactly the right active ingredients and also smells wonderful. It is particularly useful in places affected by loss of strength such as the abdomen, inside of the arms and thighs and the buttocks. The extract of the silk acacia, the Lindera extract and a protein complex from yeast and soy help here as well. They specifically support the cell renewal process (energy, biorhythms and longevity) and thus ensure an optimal anti-aging effect. Because with age, the functions of the essential components of the dermis subsidence: In youth, they are resistant and elastic, but with time their production decreases and thus the elasticity of the skin. This process is counteracted by the extracts of soy fiber, dill and padina pavonica. The SISLEŸA L’INTÉGRAL ANTI-ÈGE CRÈME CONCENTRÉE FERMETÉ CORPS has a wonderfully light and at the same time rich, so rich in active ingredients, held texture, which can be incorporated well into the skin. I use them each evening after showering – also to support the regeneration process of the skin during the night.

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Guerlain Makeup


Today it’s time for some great make-up news from one of my favorite brands: Guerlain. Because at Guerlain there are many new things to discover and, as always, they come in high quality and stylish packaging.


Guerlain – L’essentiel Foundation Éclat Naturel 16h Wear


Guerlain - L'essentiel Foundation Éclat Naturel 16h Wear


The new Guerlain L’essentiel Foundation Éclat Naturel 16h Wear contains 97% natural ingredients. The formula lets the skin breathe, moisturizes, balances and protects it from environmental influences. The Foundation is easy to apply and the skin immediately looks more even. I like to wear it with a make-up brush, so the finish looks very natural and holds. It is possible to apply for light to medium coverage. In Guerlain, the foundation also has a great fragrance – a woody fragrance with a hint of musk, a top note of white almond, a hint of white tea in the middle note, sandalwood and notes of white musk and tonka bean. The Foundation is available in 12 nuances.


Guerlain – L’essentiel Pinceau Fond de Teint


Guerlain - L'essentiel Pinceau Fond de Teint


Matching the Foundation, there is the super stylish L’essentiel Pinceau Fond de Teint by Guerlain. Thanks to a lid that you can take off and a protective shield that you can press down the brush is always well protected, perfect to transport it and protect it from dust and Co.


Rouge G de Guerlain


Rouge G de Guerlain


I introduced you to Rouge G de Guerlain once before about a year ago I was allowed to pick and put together my first personalized lipstick. Already there I was blown away by the idea. Now even more great shades and shades have come to it.



The snake skin look was also my choice 1 year ago. Now two more nice covers have come to my collection. On the one hand it is the color hype purple and on the other hand power chis. Incidentally, I find the lipstick also great as a gift, soon is yes, for example. Mother’s Day. Of course, I also like the integrated double mirror. And every time I refresh that lipstick on the road, people ask me their name.



The new lipstick nuances in my collection are Rouge G N ° 05 Mat and Rouge G N ° 75 two wonderful shades. In addition, the lipsticks and the covers can of course always be combined with each other again – just as you like. Incidentally, the Rouge G lipsticks contain herbal polymers and silvery microcrystals with reflective properties for long-lasting, intense and vibrant colors. Added to this are jojoba and mango butter for better supply of the lips with nutrients as well as hyaluronic acid and guggul resin for smoothed and padded lips. A floriental vanilla fragrance completes the overall concept.


Guerlain – Météorites Highlighter Duo




If you ask me about my current favorite highlighter, then the answer is easy for me, because the Guerlain Météorites Highlighter Duo is not only visually gorgeous. But of course it is not difficult to notice with the beautiful embossing and the stylish case.



Not only the design is successful – on the one hand, of course I love the fragrance as always with Guerlain and on the other hand gives the highlighter so wonderful reflexes. He also exudes the desire for spring and summer.

How do you like the products?



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Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


Today I’d like to introduce you to the Zadig & Voltaire “Capsule Collection” This is Her and This is Him No Rules. Of course, Him should not be missing in this blogpost too. The collection is called No Rules this message fits perfectly with the rocking & rebellious image of Zadig & Voltaire. No Rules was already the motto of Romeo and Juliet – love knows no rules.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


The headstrong rock-chic attitude has been at Zadig & Voltaire since its founding in 1997. Camouflage patterns and skulls – two iconic designs of the label – adorn the rocking bottle. Of course, the bottles fit together to form a united unit that will fight together. The design is absolutely unique and just fits perfectly with Zadig & Voltaire and especially with us. Chic and elegant meets wild and rocking.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


This is Her No Rules is a woody-floral fragrance that is great for the upcoming season. A feminine fragrance with the certain twist, which Zadig & Voltaire is known for. As a top note, the scent contains bergamot, Arabian jasmine and pear. The heart notes consist of chestnut cream, vanilla in combination with a warm sand chord. The woody base notes are sandalwood and ambrette.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


This is Him No Rules is the perfect scent for the gentleman rocker. The modern scent with a rocking flair could certainly convince the gentlemen of the house. I particularly like the fresh top notes of grapefruit, pink pepper and lemon – perfect for the summer. The heart notes are frankincense, geranium and lavender. And the base note completes the fragrance with cedar wood, vetiver, ambrox and patchouli.


Zadig & Voltaire This is Her / This is Him Capsule Collection designed by No Rules


The flacons and their contents are not mere perfumes, they are art and have their own character. This is what I love about Zadig & Voltaire fragrances.







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Clarins Makeup


Today I’d like to introduce you to great make-up, this time from Clarins – and the best – you can also win something and the new Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D by Clarins.


Clarins – Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D


Clarins - Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D


The new 4D Mascara by Clarins stands for: Incredible volume. Extreme length. Dreamlike momentum. Maximum definition. It is available in two color options: 01 Perfect Black and 02 Perfect Brown. I was allowed to test the Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D in the color 01 perfect black. The mascara has a nourishing effect through the Lash Boosting Complex and rose wax.



I particularly like the brush – I’m a fan of classic mascara brushes and with the brushes of 4 D mascara. For an intense effect, the mascara can be applied in two layers. The durability is good. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram channel tonight, because there you can also win a Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D by Clarins.


Clarins – Ombre Velvet, Ombre Satin, Ombre Sparkle


Ombre Velvet, Ombre Satin, Ombre Sparkle


For a charming look, of course, the matching eyeshadows shouldn’t be missing. For this we have the new Ombre Velvet, Ombre Satin and Ombre Sparkle Eyeshadow by Clarins. The design of the mono eyeshadows is already super nice. Both Ombre Satin and Ombre Velvet are cream eye shadows and can be applied super easy and opaque. The consistency is wonderfully creamy and makes application easier. The colors are also super intense pigmented.


Ombre Velvet, Ombre Satin, Ombre Sparkle


And how beautiful is the Ombre Sparkle Mono Eyeshadow by Clarins? This was clearly love at first sight. The Ombre Sparkle Eyeshadow is a powder eyeshadow and is great for setting radiant highlights.



Here I have swatched for you the three nuances I tried:

  • Clarins Ombre Velvet 01 White Shadow – Matte Finish
  • Clarins Ombre Satin 03 Purple Rain – Satin Finish
  • Clarins Ombre Sparkle 102 peach girl – Glitter Finish


Clarins – Makeup-Palette Ready in a Flash


Makeup-Palette Ready in a Flash


You are looking for the cutest eye palette? Then you should not miss the makeup palette in a flash of Clarins. The palette contains four eyeshadows and two eyebrow powders. There are two eyelighters and two matte eyeshadows. The colors are all beautifully pigmented and the eyebrow powder gives the eyebrows a natural finish.


Makeup-Palette Ready in a Flash


The palette does not only looks cute, it is also super handy and perfect as a companion while traveling and on the go. In particular, I think it’s great that it contains eyebrow powder.


Makeup-Palette Ready in a Flash


Of course she can also wink;)


Clarins – Glow 2 Go Blush & Highlighter


Glow 2 Go Blush & Highlighter


The new Glow 2 Go Blush & Highlighter by Clarins is also a super handy make-up helper. It comes in two color finishes: 01 Glowy Pink and 02 Gold Peach – Glowy Pink for a fresh look with holographic effect or Gold Peach with a warm glow for a healthy glow. The application is super easy and both sides are easy to blend. In addition, the Glow 2 Go Blush & Highlighter can be taken anywhere in your handbag.



My Full-Face Clarins Look – of course I still have Foundation and Co. from Clarins.

How do you like the novelties of Clarins?





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