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83   718
73   555
67   544
71   683
74   693
95   674
100   553
77   658
58   577
71   690
90   678
66   594
49   730
80   608
55   649
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65   662
56   617
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307   673
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68   551
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73   562

Contains PR-Samples


Suitable for winter, I present you my nourishing monthly favorites for skin care. This month I tested the care products of Dr. med. Pierre Ricaud, the SOS masks by Clarins and as a beauty tool tweezers by Rubis Switzerland.


monthly favorites beautyprodukte review


Dr. Pierre Ricaud


Gesichtscreme Dr. Pierre Ricaud eclat hiver


Éclat d’Hiver – Rich Winter Care Magnesium C +


Gesichtscreme Dr. Pierre Ricaud eclat hiver


This cream is very rich and perfect for dry skin in the winter time. The consistency itself is also very rich. I like the scent very much. Most likely it reminds me of the Niveacreme, but I find it a lot gentler and finer.


Éclat d’Hiver – Nourishing mask for more skin comfort


maske pierre ricaud eclat dhiver mask


The mask is slightly lighter in texture and can be applied well. She also smells very pleasant and not intrusive. After application, the skin feels nourished.


Éclat d’Hiver – Highly effective repair balm for the lips


lipbalm Pierre Ricaud Repair Balm


The Repair Lipbalm feels pleasant on dry lips and nourishes them well. The jar is handy to take away.




Gesichtsmasken clarins sos masks


SOS Hydra Mask


Gesichtsmaske clarins sos hydra maske


The SOS Hydra mask by Clarins is very light and gently perfumed. I can also recommend it for oily skin, as it does not grease much but only moisturizes.


SOS Comfort Mask


Gesichtsmaske clarins sos comfort


The SOS comfort mask by Clarins is designed for dry skin, yet it has the consistency of a rich balsam. I like to apply it in dry places like the cheeks. Because multimasking works wonderfully with the SOS masks.


SOS Pure Mask


Gesichtsmaske Clarins SOS Pure


The SOS Pure Mask is a very gentle cleansing mask that does not irritate the skin. It is my favorite mask from this series and makes the rather greasy blemished skin shine much more.


Rubis Switzerland


pinzette rubis switzerland


The tweezers from Rubis Switzerland are very high quality. It is also super important to use a good pair of tweezers, otherwise eyebrows pluck and Co. to torture. This is a gold plated stainless steel tweezers. With her, the hairs can be taken well and removed.


Do you already know one of the products?




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Makeup Eyeshadow Lipstick Highlighter Bronzer Clutch


Yesterday was already the 2nd Sunday of Advent if you have not been able to familiarize yourself with the pretty Limited Editions from the make-up shelf, I will introduce you to some must-haves today.


MAC – Snowflake


Makeup Lipstick Eyeshadow MAC Snowball


This year I like the Holiday Collection by MAC Cosmetics incredibly well. The metallic look presents, for example, the lipsticks and not just from the outside. The gift sets are so beautiful and not only Christmas. Here you can see the Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in the color Delicate Drift from the MAC Snowball Collection.


 Makeup Lipstick MAC Snowball


This lipstick is called ‘I’M GLISTENING and is a light pink with purple shimmer. Somehow I also feel the absolute 90ies love. The lipstick is as usual from MAC pleasant to wear and super pigmented.
Here you see both products applied, the lipstick and the eyeshadow, which you can also use super as a highlighter.

KIKO Milano – Arctic Holiday



The Holiday Collection by KIKO Milano is also super cute and very stylish. The glittering palette but also the great character of the highlighter and the sweet snowman convinced me.


Makeup Kiko Holiday Arctic


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY SNOWMAN MAKE UP BLENDER: He makes a wonderful present as a gift from the sweet snowman Blender by KIKO, although he may be a bit tall. Besides the snowman, there is also a fir tree.


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY SNOWMAN MAKE UP BLENDER: He makes a wonderful present as a gift from the sweet snowman Blender by KIKO, although he may be a bit tall. Besides the snowman, there is also a fir tree.


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY MATTE LIPSTICK: I really like the lipstick because of the design. The silver packaging looks classy and unobtrusive. The finish is matt, the lipstick is very well pigmented.


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY BAKED POWDER: The Baked Powder has a great consistency, in the Nuance Sienna it is suitable for lighter skin than Bronzer.


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY HOLOGRAPHIC HIGHLIGHTER: A great embossing and a great effect makes this highlighter a must-have. I think he’s very successful.


makeup swatches


Here you can see the lipstick, the highlighter and the highlighterstick.




The palette contains:

– 2 powders for modeling the face;

– 1 rouge;

– 1 highlighter;

– 9 eyeshadows.

The individual components are well pigmented and I also really like the design of the palette. And the great shades of brown.



For a festive eye make-up, there are also these products:


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY EYE KIT: Contains the volume mascara Standout Volume Mascara and the eye contour pen for the inner and outer eyelid Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner & Khol. For me, yes, almost a must-have I love black eyeliner and in combination with Kajal all the better.


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY GLACIAL EYESHADOW: Stick Eyeshadows are super easy when you need to go fast. They are also well pigmented and best of all, they have a slight cooling effect, so perfect for tired, swollen eyes. I tested the color Reflective Bronze.


  • ARCTIC HOLIDAY EYELINER: The Duoeyeliner has two colors and they work well together to create a make-up look. The durability is good.



Here you can see the swatches of eyeliner and eyeshadow.





The SEPHORA COLLECTION Winter Queen Palette is a Face Palette with 2 Rouge, 1 Bronzer and 1 Highlighter in one. A sweet palette that offers everything at once.




As you can see, the colors are beautifully pigmented here as well.



Which products do you like best?


Contains PR-Samples


It’s freezing cold outside. One more reason to stay at home. This is also the best opportunity for an extra beauty treatment. Especially in winter our skin needs the additional care urgently. My December favorites include hand creams, care masks for hands and feet and bath products.


Super cute is the Christmas collection of Sephora, her name is Winterwonderland and the products are also great as Christmas gifts. Like this cute set of hand cream, hand mask and hand warmer. For those who want to decorate a beauty christmas tree there are ornaments, which can then be used for bathing;) The hand mask is so super easy to use, just unpack and put the nurturing gloves for 15min. After that, the hands are wonderfully cared for. To keep your hands clean, use the Sephora Wonderland Hand Cream. It is super light, absorbs immediately and leaves a great scent.



Also from I am there are new hand creams available for the winter season. The creams smelling very good. I tested the three variants Lemongrass & Ginger Scent, Lavender & Rosemary Scent and Intensive. The variants Lemongrass & Ginger Scent and Lavender & Rosemary contain essential oils. The intensive version is richer in care and contains shea butter.






From Tal there are now also care masks and this same for hands and feet. The Tal Care hand mask contains anti-aging ingredients. As we all know, it often means that the true age of a woman can be recognized by your hands. Anyway, it wonderfully moisturizes and cushions the skin. In the Foot Mask of Tal, a typical Swiss ingredient has the Edelweiss essence. The effect is similar here, the skin is intensively moisturized and then feels the same way much tender.




Now I wish you a good start into the winter. By the way, the sweet gingerbread men’s socks are from Burlington and an absolute Christmas must-have.


Advertising: Contains PR-Samples



Today is the first of December and we have all been able to open our Advent calendar doors. The winter collection Rituals of Anahata offers once again a wonderful fragrance composition. Inspired by the ancient Chakra philosophy from India. The heart chakra is called Anahata, it houses compassion and friendliness. We should also be guided by these attributes.





As an avowed fan of the Rituals scrubs, I am also excited about this one of the Rituals of Anahata collection. It exfoliates the skin and nourishes it at the same time for a radiant skin even in winter.








Before exfoliation, you should always clean the skin well. The shower foam Ritual of Anahata smells intensively and is creamy on the skin.








After the exfoliation, the skin can be cared with the Body Cream Ritual of Anahata. The body cream is very rich and absorbs well. It leaves a wonderful scent behind.










My personal highlight are the scent sticks of Rituals of Anahata. I putted them in my living room and the living room smells wonderful. In particular, one notices the high quality of the fragrance, it does not smell artificially.







Do you know the Rituals of Anahata line already?


* Advertising: contains press samples



Today I want to introduce you to my favorite hair care products and hair tools of this month. Included are a conditioner, a styling lotion and a styling tool.


Goldwell – Just Smooth


Goldwell - Just Smooth


Goldwell’s Just Smooth Taming Lotion shortens hair drying time for extra hold. The hair will remain supple due to the application, but still well-groomed. It can also be used to reduce flying hair. I also really like the scent. I will consider testing even more products from this series.


Babyliss – Curl Secret 2


Babyliss - Curl Secret 2


Mostly I wear my hair open and straight. Because on the one hand I am super lazy concerning hairstyles, secondly I have no time for it anyway in everyday life and thirdly I am terribly in doing it. Some time ago, I was already able to test the Curl Secret of Babyliss, there you will also find a detailed introduction to use. The Curl Secret 2 now offers new possibilities.


Babyliss Curl Secret 2


The new Babyliss Curl Secret 2 now also has interchangeable attachments, so you can conjure bigger and smaller curls quite simply. So you can give the curls even more dimension. The Curl Secret 2 is also coated with ceramic and has an ionic function. The heating time can be set between 8, 10 and 12 seconds. Also left is the direction function, you can set whether the curls should be turned left or right or alternately. I recommend you choose the alternate modes, so it gives you even more volume.


Balea – Oil Repair Weightless Conditioner


Balea oil repair schwerelos spülung


When I discovered this conditioner during my visit to the DM, she had to come along. Because it is not easy to find a conditioner that does not complain the hair. Especially who has very fine hair like me, certainly knows the problem. Again, it is important to rinse the rinse well. The conditioner nourishes my hair well and leaves no “greasy” looking hair. That’s why I give it a thumbs up.


Do you know the products? Are you talented hairdressers?



* PR Sample: Babyliss Curl Secret 2


Once again a month has passed and I would like to give you my conclusion on the test products in november, of course, not withheld. That’s why I chose my favorites again.



This time with two face care products and two eye care products as well as a great product for white teeth.


SISLEŸA –  L’intégral  ANTI-ÂGE Crème Contour des Yeux


SISLEŸA -  L'intégral  ANTI-ÂGE Crème Contour des Yeux


The SISLEŸA L’intégral ANTI-ÉGE Crème Contour des Yeux by Sisley is suitable for both the eyes and the lips. The cream is wonderfully rich, exactly what I need right now in the cold season. Because the skin around the eyes is well known to be very thin and sensitive. In addition, the cream also counteracts swelling and dark circles. After meanwhile 5 weeks application I could notice an improvement in contrast to before. In addition, I had no allergic reactions such as swelling, burning, red eyes or similar problems. This is not always the case for me, so I’m super happy. If you’re wondering what the fun tool is, it’s a massage applicator. The massage applicator is wonderfully cool especially at the beginning and feels great with it, the massage, which is carried out before the application of the cream, should also prevent wrinkles and also to activate the treated areas. So swelling disappear much easier. The exact application can be found on the Sisley website in a video. I will continue to use the cream.


Glamglow – Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer


Glamglow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer


The Glamglow Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturizer Cream is special because it is not a typical cream. Rather, it is reminiscent of a solid Lipbalm from the jar. At first you get the feeling that the cream is a bit greasy, but once you apply it to the skin, it leaves a silky matte finish. I was really surprised. In addition, the cream has the typical glow of glamor. Who knows him knows what I mean. Otherwise, I like to describe the fragrance as cake or cookie dough.


Estée Lauder – Revitalizing Supreme + Crème Refinishing Facial Exfoliante Instanée Globale Anti-Age


Estée Lauder - Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Aging Instant Refinishing Facial


Also great for the winter I find the Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Refinishing Facial Crème Exfoliant Instanée Global Anti-Age a multifunctional product, because it peels and cares at the same time. The consistency is similar to a rich cream, until you start to massage it and feel the fine peeling sugar granules. Great, because the peeling is really very gentle and does not dry out stressed winter skin any more.


TONY MOLY – Panda’s Dream So Cool Eyestick


TONY MOLY Panda's Dream So Cool Eyestick


The sweet companion for the handbag is by TONY MOLY and is called Panda’s Dream So Cool Eyestick. Isn’t he cute? Designed like a big lip balm, it is super handy to take with you. Easy to apply, no matter where you have been. It contains bamboo extract with moisturizing and nourishing properties. A great care in between, I think, because in the evening I need something richer to pamper my eye area. For more refreshment, it can also be stored in the fridge.


Swiss Smile – Pearl Shine Dental Conditioner


Swiss Smile Pearl Shine Dental Conditioner Review


Have you ever used a tooth conditioner? Well, I did not until recently. The fine-pored tooth foam from Swiss Smile brightens teeth after use and protects pain-sensitive teeth with a novel and unique technology for 16 hours. The layer of peptides and hydroxyapatite lays down as a wafer-thin film nurturing over the teeth. In addition, it connects seamlessly with any damaged tooth surfaces and sensitive tooth necks and repairs them gently. It tastes of roses and rhubarb. Also, dirt is less likely to adhere to it, e.g. of coffee. I feel the application as pleasant. Since I have no pain sensitive teeth, I can not report anything about this. All in all, something completely new.


How do you like my selection? Do you know one of the products?









Tomorrow is already November 1st, incredible how fast the time flies. Now, of course, it’s getting colder and the skin needs care. I have tested some body care products.


Monatsfavoriten Körperpflege November


Incidentally, at the rituals event earlier this month, I chose my oil based on an Ayurvedic test. Later more.

Rituals – The Ritual of Ayurveda dry oil Vata

Rituals - The Ritual of Ayurveda Trockenöl Vata


Body care oils are a must-have, especially in the colder season. The Rituals Ritual of Ayurveda Dry Oil Vata is easy to spray on and distribute on the skin. The scent of the dry oil is just amazing and fits perfectly to the wintertime. With light notes of cinnamon it exudes winter anticipations. Also on the skin, the scent remains wonderfully intense. It is an oil but it absorbs very well and leaves only a slight shine.


Collistar – High-Definition Slimming Cream


Collistar - High-Definition Slimming Cream


Figure care products can not work miracles, but they can help us along with other measures. The Collistar High-Definition Slimming Cream has a nourishing consistency and absorbs quickly, it is important to thoroughly massage them from the bottom up to stimulate blood circulation. The ingredients have the following supporting effects:


  • Alga Spirulina: fights heavy fat deposits.
  • Ganoderma: Firmens the skin.
  • Caffeine: Stimulates and drains.
  • Escin: combats water retention and heaviness


The cream has a pleasant smell and nourishes the skin at the same time. What I can recommend you especially with water retention is nettle tea, I have been drinking it for years. In order to tighten the skin, it is also important to drink plenty of water, to eat healthily and to move regularly. I will continue using it and keeping you informed.


Rituals – The Ritual of Ayurveda


Rituals - The Ritual of Ayurveda


The shower foam of The Ritual of Ayurveda line has a fresh and flowery scent. Intensive as one is used to from rituals.


Ayurveda originated more than 5,000 years ago in India. This centuries-old philosophy is based on restoring inner harmony through the ancient practices of cleansing and caring for body and mind. At the rituals event, this philosophy has been brought a little closer to us, so there are different body-mind types, we have completed a questionnaire to find out which type suits us. If you want to know it is online at Rituals. Which type are you?


Collistar – Sublime Black Scrub-Mask Body


Collistar - Sublime Black Scrub-Mask Body


The Collistar Sublime Black Scrub-Mask Body is a peeling, which is also used as a mask. For this I apply it on the dry skin and let it act for 10 min, before I rinse it in the shower in circular movements. The peeling mask makes the skin wonderfully soft. The peeling mask detoxifies and clarifies thanks to the properties of black clay (hence the black color) and bamboo charcoal, which liberate the pores from toxins, impurities and dead skin cells, thus promoting the oxygenation of the skin tissue. It contains sugar crystals as peeling grains.


Do you already know one of the products?










On Mondays, of course, I’ll show you my favorites of the month of October. This time I discovered the brand ahuhu organic hair care by M. Asam. A hair conditioner by Klorane, which provides anti-aging for the hair.


Mood Bild Hair Monatsfavoriten Oktober-min


I hope I can introduce you today two novelties, you didn’t knew yet 🙂






The Hyaluron Hydro 24 booster by Ahuhu includes hyaluronic acid. It is a spray treatment, which can be applied both in damp and dry hair. Here is also see a clear advantage, because most of the spray treatments I tried, especially with fine hair, often complain the hair. Hair oil is also too rich and is only suitable for the dry tips. Here I use the Hydro 24 booster of Ahuhu, I use it in addition to a hair rinse, because I used to dye my hair often, it is very dry and attacked. The extraportion care makes the hair shiny and eliminates frizz. I am thrilled, the spray is now part of my daily hair care routine. The spray contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E as well as valuable extracts of sugar beet, ahuhu and bamboo. In addition, the care is free of silicone.


Klorane – olive hair conditioner


Klorane - Oliven Pflegespülung


Before I introduce you to the Klorane olive hair conditioner more specifically a question to you, is your conditioner always empty before the shampoo? When I received this conditioner, I was not sure that I can use it individually, but then my conditioner was empty before the shanpoo ^^ Now to the olive conditioner, it has a miraculous scent. It is suitable for fine, porous and lusterless hair. Therefore perfect for my hair. After application of the conditioner my hair can be easily unraveled and look well-maintained. They are not complaining. The conditioner does not contain any silicones or parabenes.


Do you already know one of the products?





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To show you my favorite products, I will present you my highlights of the week. Today we start with Lippies, Eyeshadow, Mascara and more for a charming eye-contact.


make up


Yves Rocher – Eyeshadowpalette Nude


yves rocher Lidschatten-Palette - Nude


At Yves Rocher you will find a new pretty eyeshadow palette in Nude tones. I personally use only light brown tones in everyday life. So I was very happy about it. The bright colors are super bright and around the eyes it makes them “inconspicuous” radiate. In the middle are tones which are slightly pink or even go into the red-orange. The brown tones are great for the folds of the eyelids. Because the pallet is very handy, it can also be carried with you in a handbag or travel bag.


yves rocher Lidschatten-Palette - Nude


Here I swatched the nuances. My favorites are the last five shades.


Estée Lauder – Pure Color Envy Lash Multi-Effects Mascara


Estée Lauder - Pure Color Envy Lash Multi-Effects Mascara


The Pure Color Envy Lash Multi-Effect Mascara by Estée Lauder brings color to the lashes. Available in blue and violet. The mascara is easy to apply and has good durability. If the all-over color look is too much for you, you can create pretty effects by applying the color only to the tips of the eyelashes. Available as Limited Edition.


Estée Lauder – Pure Color Envy Crystal Lash Top Coat


Pure Color Envy Crystal Lash Top Coat Estee Lauder-min


For the upcoming festive period, it can be more glittery. The Pure Color Envy Crystal Lash Top Coat by Estée Lauder gives every make-up look a touch of glitter and glamour. Simply apply the Crystal Lash Top Coat over your favorite mascara and let it shine. It’s a really nice idea, just when you don’t like glitter eyeshadow this is a great and stylish alternative. The eyelash tush will not get smudged.


L’Oréal – Infaillible Eye Paint Primer


L'Oreal Infaillible Eye Paint Primer


For dramatic eye-make-ups, a good base is important. The L’Oreal Infaillible Eye Paint Primer is an integral part of my makeup collection. The colors look much more intense with the base and also keep better. Especially for unusual colors, this works miracolous.


 Estée Lauder – Lash Primer Plus


 Estée Lauder - Lash Primer Plus


The Estée Lauder Lash Primer Plus lends the lashes more volume and density. In addition, it makes the mascara more durable and intensifies e.g. the color of the Pure Color Envy Lash Multi-Effects Mascara’s. The Lash Primer is also great to refresh the mascara.


Sisley – <Phyto Sourcils design – 3-in-1




The Sisley Phyto Sourcils design – 3-in-1 is an eyebrow pencil that includes a highlighter along with a brush. The 3-in-1 system with the wedge-shaped design allows the eyebrows to draw precisely with the brush still arranged and highlighted.


Maybelline – Maybelline Mascara Colossal Big Shot Volume Express


Maybelline - Mascara Colossal Big Shot Volume Express


My new favorite mascara is the Maybelline Mascara Colossal Big Shot Volume Express‘s price performance is unbeatable. Until I discovered this mascara I used the Better Than Sex Mascara, which costs the triple and is really not better. I will surely buy this mascara again.


Wet’n’Wild – MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick


Wet'n'Wild - MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick


The new Wet’n’Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks have a great pigmentation. And give a nice finish.


Wet'n'Wild - MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick


Also here is the value for money is simply great. The Lippies are comfortable to wear, do not stick and hold well. Here you can see the following nuances:











Do you already know the products? Are favorites of you?





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Today I show you my monthly favorites in the category “skin care”, I tested once again great products of well-known brands and a pretty new brand for me.


Monatsfavoriten Oktober 2010-min


I tested new products by Sisley, Estée Lauder, Yves Rocher and The Body Shop. Two products containing active ingredients of roses.


The Body Shop – Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Powder Wash


The Body Shop - Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Powder Wash


The Body Shop  Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Powder Wash contains Chinese rice and gins extract as well as biological community trade sesame seed oil from Nicaragua. Mix it with water and it’s ready to peel the skin. You can adjust the peeling effect with the mixing ratio of powder and water. In addition, you can use this product for example: to travel easily in your hand luggage, since no liquid. After application, the skin is more pure and gentle. The Peeling Powder Wash is 100% vegan.


The Body Shop – British Rose Toner


The Body Shop - British Rose Toner


For that I love a product also the scent is very important to me. The British rose toner of The Body Shop already points here in full line. I like the natural rose scent very much. The toner is produced without alcohol and contains genuine rose petals as well as biological Community Trade Aloe Vera from Mexico. Alcohol unfortunately can dry out the skin, so I am always happy about products that can do without it. I give the toner after cleaning the skin on a cotton pad to clear the skin.


Sisley – Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream


Sisley - Baume-en-eau é la rose noire


Special at Sisley is the fact that the products are containing a high proportion of active substances. This makes them particularly effective. The Sisley Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream combines active ingredients from the Black Rose, Maize- and Alpine Rose, combined with extracts of the lantern flower, the trichelum and hibiscus as well as nourishing oils. The Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream smells wonderful. The cream is easy to apply and is pleasant to the skin, so not greasy or sticky, but it has a nice creamy texture. Apply morning and evening on the cleansed skin. The skin is intensively moisturized and thereby smoothed. Definitely my new favorite cream.


Esteé Lauder – Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrat Matrix


Esteé Lauder - Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix


I still used the Advanced Night Repair Serum by Estée Lauder every day. Now there is a new eye care the Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrat Matrix. The eye care contains a mix of viscoelastic, i. firmer and thicker polymers and innovative 360º matrix technology. Now this sounds pretty complex. The goal is to cushion the micro-movements of the eyes, because the researchers of Estée Lauder have found that quite a few small movements of the eye cause the eye wrinkles to a large extent. This is where the Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix is ​​designed to counteract. The care is applied by the help of a drop-shaped applicator. To put three points under the eye and massage. Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrat Matrix by Estée Lauder has a light texture to apply and absorbs quickly. I use it in the morning and in the evening.


Yves Rocher – Elixir Jeunesse Express Detox Mask


Yves Rocher - Elixir Jeunesse Express Detox Maske


The Elixir Jeunesse Express Detox mask by Yves Rocher also smells wonderful, if you already know the Elixir de Jeunesse, the mask smells just so, wonderfully fresh. The texture is a mixture of cream and gel. On the skin, the mask provides moisture. After the exposure time of 5 – 10 minutes remove the mask with a cosmetic towel. It does not have to be washed away. Because the mask is refreshing, it is just the right thing after a long and strenuous work day. The formulation contains no mineral oil, no silicones, dyes or parabene. I use the mask once a week.


These were my favorites in the month of October. Do you already know some of the products?








Madness how fast time passes, October has begun and soon it will be Halloween again. The best opportunity to show you the coolest and sweetest Halloween products in my monthly favorites.


halloween body care


At Halloween there are two main colors: Exactly orange and black. That’s why a not so creepy favorite product could sneak into my Halloween favorites as well.


Creepy bathing experience with Lush


lush Bewitched

The sweet kitten has is a must-have and smells of blackberries. The bubble bath can be crumbled under the bath water. For every Halloween witch the matching relaxation ritual. But honestly it is not easy to destroy the cute cat, at least not for me.







lush pumpkinThe classic one among Halloween bombshell is called Pumpkin and the name is program. It transforms the water in an explosive manner into deep orange. Simply let the warm bathing water run in and take the pumpkin with you to the bath. I like the pumpkin and I enjoy it every year again.






lush Ectoplasm

It is getting really creepy now in the bathtub with ectoplasm and ghostpower. This Jelly Bomb is a bathing bomb, on the other hand, releases jelly, which cares for the skin. The smell of this bomb is very fresh.


Fragrant care moments with The Body Shop


pumpkin vanilla the body shop

The Body Shop has hit my taste absolutely with the limited edition Vanilla Pumpkin. The body butter is grooms the skin well and it smells delicious like adessert. After the relaxation bath I apply it to the stressed skin. The body butter is very intensive. This includes vanilla extract from Madagascar. Let the body butter get in well.





For more Halloween feeling on the road I was able to test the hand cream Vanilla Pumpkin. Also she smells super delicious after pumpkin, vanilla from Madagascar and a trace of tonka bean, hazelnut and maple syrup. The small tube is perfect to carry in my handbag.





The pumpkin-colored shower gel by Sephora


Sephora Mango Duschgel

Not quite so creepy is the Mango shower gel by Sephora, but I had to just show it, because it smells incredibly good. It does not dry out the skin and spread with the mango scent an amazing after-summer feeling.


Therefore it belongs to my favorite of the month in the Halloween special despite a little grunting feeling 🙂







Do you already know the products? Do you like Halloween special editions?








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