Review: Rituals – The ritual of anahata

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Today is the first of December and we have all been able to open our Advent calendar doors. The winter collection Rituals of Anahata offers once again a wonderful fragrance composition. Inspired by the ancient Chakra philosophy from India. The heart chakra is called Anahata, it houses compassion and friendliness. We should also be guided by these attributes.





As an avowed fan of the Rituals scrubs, I am also excited about this one of the Rituals of Anahata collection. It exfoliates the skin and nourishes it at the same time for a radiant skin even in winter.








Before exfoliation, you should always clean the skin well. The shower foam Ritual of Anahata smells intensively and is creamy on the skin.








After the exfoliation, the skin can be cared with the Body Cream Ritual of Anahata. The body cream is very rich and absorbs well. It leaves a wonderful scent behind.










My personal highlight are the scent sticks of Rituals of Anahata. I putted them in my living room and the living room smells wonderful. In particular, one notices the high quality of the fragrance, it does not smell artificially.







Do you know the Rituals of Anahata line already?