Monthly favorites in “Face Care” of September

Today I would like to introduce you to my facial care highlights of this month. I personally tested all the products. I will also tell you my beautyroutine with the products.


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The test products of this month are by Estée Lauder, Dermasence, Medipharma Cosmetics and Annemarie Börlind. With these products I have created my beautyroutine.


Annemarie Börlind – effect peeling


Annemarie Börlind - Effektpeeling


The effect peeling by Annemarie Börlind is free of microplastics. Annemarie Börlind is a natural cosmetics brand. But, I wanted to introduce you to the peeling today, since it has become part of my face care routine. Apply it once or twice a week, it softens the skin gently and leaves a pleasant skin feeling. The skin does not stretch, it does not feel aggressive on the skin.


Dermasence – Mousse, Tonic, Cream Soft & AHA Lotion


Dermasence - Mousse, Tonic, AHA Lotion & Cream Soft


Dermasence is a medical skin care brand. Through color codes on the packaging you can see if the respective product fits to your own skin type. I tend to blemish skin, so I have tested these suitable products: Dermasence Mousse Cleansing Foam, Dermasence Tonic Facial Water, Dermasence Cream Soft SPF 30 and the Dermasence AHA Lotion. I was most curious about the Dermasence AHA lotion. In the evening after make-up removal, I used the Dermasence Mousse for facial cleansing, it cleanses the skin gently and is pH-regulating, so it does not dry out the skin. Then afterwards the Dermasence Tonic face water to remove further dirt residues. This soothes the skin and is also pH-regulating. In the evening, a serum and an eye cream are followed first. Then the AHA Body & Face Lotion by Dermasence, which tingles a little when applied to the skin. In the beginning the skin deteriorates before the skin starts to improve after 2 weeks. The Dermasence Cream Soft SPF 30 is suitable for greasy skin and offers a high sun protection factor.


Estée Lauder – Day Wear Matte & Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Gelée


Estée Lauder - Day Wear Matte & Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Gelée


The Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Gelée is a light but nourishing eye cream, the application of it is easier than ever thanks to the pen shape and the cooling application head. I like to use it under my eyes. Especially since it does not irritate the eyes. The Day Wear Matte Cream I have been using for a long time, it is a gel cream which is super light on the skin. I also love her scent, it is very fresh and smells after cucumber and flowers. It is also suitable for under the make-up and is applied after the serum.


 Estée Lauder Day Wear Matte Review


Medipharma – Hyaluron Active Concentrate & Eye Care


Medipharma - Hyaluron Wirkkonzentrat & Augenpflege


Now we come to the last two products of my monthly favorites in September, these are by Medipharma. The specialty of these products is that they contain medicinal hyaluron. I used the Hyaluron Concentrate of Medipharma like a serum. It provides good moisture and absorbs quickly, I personally unfortunately do not like the scent so much, but anyway a great product. It is used in the morning and in the evening before applying the care. The eye care of Medipharma is very light, but it should not be brought directly into the eyes. This is also the reason why I introduce two eye care products, the eye cream of Medipharma provides intense moisture, but I have applied it rather on the eyelids to the eyebrows and not under the eyes.


Do you already know or did you try some of the products?





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