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Monatsfavoriten Januar Skin Care


Also last month, I once again tested skin care products for the face, but of course it’s important to tailor the care to your own skin needs, which makes me all the more delighted that Clinique has given me a proper 3 Steps care package for my skin type First of all, I have tested a product from Pixi Beauty for the first time, and there was also a product for the final glow of the skin.



I tested the 3 Steps system care from Clinique in advance. It consists of three steps of cleaning, exfoliation and moisture. Incidentally, on the website of Clinique there is a small test of skin analysis, which quickly suggests the right care line. Personally, I have combination skin to oily skin. So I’m the skin type number 3 assigned. Incidentally, the products are allergy-tested and contain no perfume.







Therefore, my 3 Steps system care begins with the cleaning of Clinique. I give the Liquid Facial Soap in my hand and massage it on the makeup-free skin. Avoid the eye area. So dirt and oil is gently removed. Both during and after the application, the skin feels pleasant, it comes to a dryness or tension feeling.

















Step 2 is the clarifying Clarifying 3 Lotion by Clinique. Apply to a cotton pad and rub over any area of ​​the face, neck and décolletage. Avoid the eye and lip area. The skin feels pleasantly cleared after use, but also without tension.



















The final step 3 brings the moisture into play after thorough cleaning. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is intended for use on oily or partially oily skin. The oil-free moisturizing lotion does not grease and absorbs wonderfully. It is also the first lotion that I can easily apply under the make-up without it immediately shines.










The 3-phase system care from Clinique I find a great thing. In addition, there are the set’s for the respective skin type already for 29 francs and is good enough for a month.



In December, I got my first package from Pixi Beauty and I was really happy about it, as I’ve seen the products on Instagram many times with my English and Australian colleagues and now they can test themselves. It starts with the Double Cleanse and the Glow Mist by Pixi Beauty.







The Double Cleanse by Pixi Beauty + Caroline Hirons consists of two phases. A Solid Cleansing Oil, so a cleaning oil, and a Cleansing Cream, so a cleansing cream. Since I heard from some that they appeared to have problems with compatibility, I was careful at first in the application. First I apply the Cleansing Oil to a cotton pad and remove “the rough” of the make-up (which consists of a waterproof eyeliner and a lot of kohl). Then I clean the skin again with the cream. The result can be compared with a two-stage cleaning with first conventional oil-based make-up remover and the subsequent removal of the remains with micellar water, this is my “usual” approach. So the product convinced me, as it even removed my Estée Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner (waterproof) without any problems. I have not had a negative reaction to the product so far.















The Pixi Glow Mist is a facial spray. Enriched with 13 natural oils, propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts, it can be used both under and over the make-up. Under the make-up, it provides the skin with moisture, protects and nourishes. Above the make-up it serves for fixation. I like to use it over the make-up, if I want to achieve a glowy finish, the oils of course bring a certain glow with them. Super, of course, on a no-make-up day as a small refreshing care in between.



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  1. Tuesday January 9th, 2018 / 07:15 PM

    Hey, Clinique nutzen doch recht viele- ich hatte bisher nur Make up und fand das immer super.
    Liebe Grüße!

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