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73   555
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71   683
74   693
95   674
100   553
77   658
58   577
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73   562

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hair care blowdryer


The last few weeks I’ve tested new tools and products in terms of hair care and hairstyling. Including a hair dryer and a hair brush by Babyliss, a hair care product by René Furterer and a dry shampoo by Klorane.


hair care blowdryer Babyliss Digital Sensor 2100 W


Let’s start with the new Babyliss hairdryer the Digital Sensor 2100 W. The hair dryer has a built-in sensor which automatically adjusts the airflow for quick, gentle hair drying. The temperature remains constant at 70 ° C. This protects the hair from excessive heat. It is automatically adjusted according to the accessories used. The Digital Sensor 2100 W offers two different operating modes via Easy Control. On the one hand soft smoothness and on the other hand intensity + cold air. The Babyliss Digital Sensor 2100 W uses the Ionic technology.


hair care blowdryer


Included in delivery are three different attachments. These are two hairdressing nozzles once in 4 x 75 mm and one in 6 x 90 mm. Also included is a diffuser attachment. In addition a pretty bag for gentle storage.


hair care blowdryer


In use, the Babyliss Digital Sensor 2100 W Hair Dryer is super easy to handle. The accessories are easy  to change. The hair will be super nice and not frizzy after blow-drying. In addition, the hair dries super fast. The Silent’Air noise reduction technology also works without loud noise.


hair care hairbrush


Before and after blow-drying I’ll disguise my hair with the hairbrush from Babyliss. This big brush is wonderful and looks pretty. The lifespan of Babyliss hairbrushes is also a big plus. Because cheap brushes do usually not stay nice for long time.


hair care rene furterer forticea lotion


The lotion Forticea by René Furterer contains guarana and is said to give the hair the daily energy boost. The lotion is quick and easy to use and maintains the balance of the scalp. The hair is easy to style. Contains 100% natural active ingredients and no silicones. The lotion is sprayed on the washed towel-dried or dry hair. Then I’ll go hairstyle as usual.


hair care klorane trockenshampoo


The Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo is the first dry shampoo I’ve tested of this brand. Sometimes it just has to go fast and a little freshness for between the hair wash never hurts. I like the scent of the dry shampoo, it’s unobtrusive and fresh. Spray the dry shampoo from a distance of approx. 30 cm. Wait 2 minutes and brush the hair through. The hair is fresher after application, the sebum is well absorbed and the volume returns. For dark hair, however, I would recommend the version for brown hair.


How do you like the products?


beauty products rituals collistar


Easter is coming soon. But first it’s time for my favorite products of the month, it’s about beguiling scents and practical everyday helpers. Included this time are products from Rituals, Collistar and Louis Widmer.


rituals of dao spray


Let’s start with my favorite one from The Ritual of Dao collection by Rituals. The Calming Bed & Body Mist contains white lotus and Yi Yi Ren. It is a soothing scent spray for textiles, bedding and the body. Ever since I received it, I spray my pillow with it every evening, I love the scent.


ritual of Dao relaxing serum chinese mint


The Relaxing Serum of The Rituals of Dao also serves relaxation. It should serve especially the stress reduction and this also on the way. In terms of format, it fits perfectly in my handbag. It is a light serum and has a slightly cooling effect on the application, also due to the metal ball as an applicator. I find the application very pleasant, especially the wonderful fragrance that unfolds.


rituals rituals of sakura foaming


Here’s an all time favorite of mine the ritual of sakura shower foam by rituals. He just smells so wonderful. In addition, as I have emphasized several times on the blog, the shower foams of Rituals are very gentle to the skin and do not dries the skin out.


collistar bb cream


Even if the summer is not yet in sight, you can still look forward to warmer days anyway. Last summer I discovered them for myself, the BB Cream for the legs. From Collistar there is now a BB cream for the legs too. It’s called Magic BB Body Plus and not only offers a touch of color but also care for the legs. Ginger extract ensures a light leg feeling. The mini skirt season can come.


Louis widmer deodorant ohne aluminium


The deodorant cream without aluminum salts by Louis Widmer is on the market since March 1, 2018, I was allowed to try it in advance. The mild base ensures optimal compatibility even with very sensitive skin. The Anti perspirant natural complex, a combination of sage and horsetail, inhibits perspiration and normalizes sweat gland secretions. SymDeo B125 and Octopirox® reduce body odor and control the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the skin. In contrast to other deodorants free from aluminum salts this protects very well. I will certainly continue to use it and am looking forward to the coming summer time.





Make up beauty beautyblog


Today I would like to introduce you to my new make-up darlings. On the one hand the beautiful Joli Rouge Velvet lipsticks by Clarins. On the other hand, the Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint and Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo by Estée Lauder.


Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lippenstift


The Jolie Rouge lipsticks by Clarins are now also available as Joli Rouge Velvet and thus with a matt finish. The Jolie Rouge Velvet lipsticks have a creamy and soft texture while applying. Applied to the lips, they feel comfortable and do not dry out the lips. The formula contains biological source extract and apricot oil to moisturize the lips. Available are three finishes Joli Rouge, Joli Rouge Brillant and Joli Rouge Velvet.


Swatches Joli Rouge Velvet Clarins Lippenstifte


Here you can see the swatches of my new Joli Rouge Velvet lipsticks by Clarins in the following colors:


  • Spicy Chilli 761V
  • Joli Rouge 742V
  • Sandy Pink 758V
  • Plum 744V
  • Pink Cranberry 760V


I like the finish very well. The color also lasts well and as you can see is super pigmented. I also like the smell of the lipstick a lot.


Estee Lauder Makeup


I have also tested some new products from Estée Lauder. The Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint and the Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo.



Both ends of the Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo have the same color tone in two different coverage sizes so they can be used as needed. Large areas to be corrected can be covered flawlessly with the brush applicator and its lighter texture. The strong covering second texture provides the skin with moisture and lasts 24 hours. This gadget I find super handy, especially for traveling I would like to take as few products as possible, so the idea of ​​two different coverage is really great. Both concealers can be applied easily and quickly. You can clearly see the difference in coverage.


Estee lauder color envy eyeshadow


I love the Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint by Estée Lauder. The color is beautifully full and opaque. The eye make-up is completed in minutes. It is important that the paint dries quickly and does not rub off. The gel texture is easy to apply.



Here you can see the swatches of the Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint in the colors 03 Brash Bronze and 01 Sweet Sin. Next to it you can see the swatches of the two concealers. First the Full Coverage and next to the Light Coverage page.


How do you like the products?



contains PR-Samples


Fortunately, the icy days are over and we were even able to enjoy the first warm rays of sunshine these days. The skin suffers naturally in the cold winter months and is heavily strained. There is a soft and effective body lotion A and O. We should not forget our feet, which are stuck in warm winter boots all day. Today I would like to bring you a bit closer to my monthly favorites.


Pedix Alessandro


The Pedix Feet products by Alessandro offer everything for beautiful feet and even more. I tested the Heel Rescue Balm and the Self-Tanning Spray by Pedix Feet from Alessandro.


pedix feet rescue balm


The Alessandro Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm with Shea Butter & Allantoin provides great care for winter feet that are in shoes all day. The Heel Rescue Balm is very rich and cares intensively. I like to wear it before going to bed and wear thin cotton socks over it. Thus, the Heel Rescue Balm can optimally develop its nourishing effect during sleep.


pedix feet selftanning spray


We were already able to enjoy the first sunbeams of the hopefully soon beginning spring. Of course, it is not quite enough for a summery tan. To help with this process, I tested the Alessandro Pedix Feet Self-Tanning Spray. I like to use self-tanning spray, especially in spring but also in rainy summers. For most, it takes a few hours for the tan to develop and you do not have an immediate effect. The Alessandro Pedix Feet Self-Tanning Spray is different and offers an immediate effect. It is important to perform an exfoliation before the application and rough areas before creaming slightly, then the instant tan nothing stands in the way.


physiogel daily moisture therapy


Especially in winter with persistent cold and the dry heating air you get slightly dry and therefore sensitive skin. The skin then needs intensive care. From Physiogel I tested the Daily Moisture Therapy Intense Cream for very dry and sensitive skin. The cream contains no perfume and no colorings and preservatives. In addition, the cream is hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. It is even suitable for children and babies. For me, it is an intensive care in partial dry areas of the skin or when the skin is out of balance.


Do you already know the products?


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sisley skin care


The last few weeks I’ve tested great products for you again. This time facial products by Sisley and an eyelash serum from KISS. I tested a lotion, a serum and a mask from Sisley.


sisley purifying lotion skin care beauty


The Sisley Purifiante Équilibrante aux Résines Tropicales Lotion is a 3-in-1 moisturizer that cleanses and soothes the skin. It is especially intended for impure skin. Unlike many of those lotions and tonics I’ve tested before, Sisley’s Purifiante Équilibrante aux Résines Tropicales is much softer to the skin. The skin does not dry out and also the smell of the lotion is very pleasant. In addition, the lotion is very effective. As the lotion also has a mattifying effect, I apply it in the morning and in the evening, even before the make-up.


sisley serum intense


The Sérum Intensif by Sisley is rich in highly concentrated and clarifying active ingredients. Sisley is known for its high concentration of active ingredients anyway, so the products are also more effective than others. The Sérum Intensif by Sisley has three effects:

  • Intensively clarifying effect:
    The combination of extracts of benzoin, real meadowsweet and Java tea with intensively clarifying and balancing properties reduces visibly shiny skin.


  • Pore-deep peeling effect:
    Salicylic acid with cleansing micro-peeling properties helps to reduce blemishes caused mainly by clogged pores.


  • Pore-deep peeling effect:
    Salicylic acid with cleansing micro-peeling properties helps to reduce blemishes caused mainly by clogged pores.


I also use the Sérum Intensif from Sisley twice a day and found an improvement in the skin. The Sérum Intensif also does not stress the skin and is not aggressive despite its high concentration. I will definitely continue to use it. The product is not comedogenic.


sisley purifying mask


The Masque Purifiant Profond aux Résines Tropicales by Sisley is also designed for oily and impure skin. It gently cleanses the skin while moisturizing it. After use, the skin does not stretch and does not feel dried out. The mask mattifies the skin. Therefore, a perfect treatment for in between. I also like to use them in the morning before I prepare for my shootings as it is so gentle on the skin.


everlash md by kiss Wimpernserum


So far, I’ve tested only one eyelash serum and that of Mary Kay, because in another after the first application, my eyes swell and it has landed in the garbage. But now I tested the Everlash MD eyelash serum by Kiss. I have tested it well for 5 weeks and see quite an effect, because I had used no serum for a few months. The eyelashes are now a bit fuller and longer than before. The serum does not only affect the growth but it primarily cares for the eyelashes and this makes a difference especially for those who use mascara every day and make-up again. I will continue to use the serum and am curious to see if it finally convinces me more than that of Mary Kay.


Do you know the products?


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loreal sugar scrubs


I recently received the new Sugar Scrubs from L’Oréal. Now I have tested it and would like to introduce you to the different peeling. I also received the clay mask of L’Oréal.


loreal sugar scrub nährendes Peeling


The Sugar Scrub Nourish & Soften not only smells super delicious, thanks to the cocoa butter it maintains the skin during and after the application. It is used 3 times a week on dry, dry skin. After application, the skin feels soft and well-groomed. With the help of sugar crystals, the Sugar Scrubs Nourishing Scrub by L’Oréal gently removes dead skin cells. Especially in winter or with dry skin, this scrub is suitable. And yes, who is also on the gentle chocolate fragrance like me, will have a lot of fun with it 🙂


Loreal Sugar Scrubs Klärendes Peeling


The most visually striking of the Sugar Scrubs is the Sugar Scrub Pore Minimizer by L’Oréal. In terms of consistency, this is a bit more gel than the other two. It smells very fresh and slightly fruity with a hint of cucumber. For the peeling effect here are not only sugar crystals contained, but also natural kiwi seeds. Of course, this also makes for a great effect. But now to the application, it will also apply 3 times a week to the cleansed face. During application, the exfoliation feels good and not sticky. After application, the skin feels soft. In particular, this scrub will help to eliminate blackheads and Co. as well as dull the skin. I will continue to use it diligently.


Loreal Sugar Scrubs Glow Peeling


The third Sugar Scrubs by L’Oréal is the Sugar Scrub Smooth & Glow. As a special ingredient it contains grapeseed oil. This exfoliation also frees the skin from dirt and dead skin cells. The Glow Scrub brings back the glow and should help to make the skin more refined and smoother. It smells slightly lemony and a little bit like cake ^^ I really like the scent a lot. The glow is already visible during the application. Grape seed oil also nourishes the skin. After use, my skin feels pleasant, not dried out, it does not stretch.


The Sugar Scrubs of L’Oréal are really very successful. My two favorites are the nourishing and clarifying scrub. Especially great is that the scrubs with the help of 3 fine sugar peel and not with microplastic beads. You can also exfoliate your lips with it : D


Loreal Tonerde Maske


Never before have I tested the Pure Clay Mask by L’Oreal. It is applied to the face after cleansing and then rinsed off again. Clay masks are great for oily and blemished skin. That’s why I often use such masks to clear the skin. It contains red algae extract, promotes cell renewal and refines the pores. So a great addition especially to the clarifying Sugar Scrub. Positive also here that the mask does not dry out the skin, it is so far not as aggressive as other products.


Do you already know the Sugar Scrubs of L’Oréal?


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Rausch Ikoo Brush


This month I have again tested hair care products for you. On the one hand the Ikoo Brush and on the other hand for a long time once again products of Rausch. The cute beauty pouch I got from Rausch is made by Codello.


Ikoo Brush close


The bristles of the Ikoo brush the so-called “Chessboard Function”, the arrangement is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was developed with renowned TCM physicians. Four long and four short bristles arranged next to each other ensure that the hair is nondelivered, even with thick and curly hair. It is made of natural materials such as acrylic and precious resin without animal adhesives. Therefore, it is very easy to clean and is also suitable for vegans.


Ikoo Brush close


Unlike the Tangle Teezer, the Ikoo Brush is more angular and “bigger”. As a result, more strands of hair can unravel at the same time and it holds well in the hand. The cleaning is super easy and I find the Ikoo Brush thereby a lot more hygienic than bristle brushes, in which each dust, hair and skin particles accumulate quickly and are difficult to remove. The Ikoo Brush can be found in different colors and designs at najoba.de.


Rausch Volumen Shampoo und Spülung


I did not know the Malven Volume Care series from Rausch before. It is suitable for fine hair and therefore perfect for my hair. The intoxicating Mallow Volume Shampoo has a wonderful scent of herbs. Contains extracts of mallow, lime blossom and quinoa seeds. The shampoo does not dry out your hair and does not complain. It is even tear-free and therefore suitable for children. Even though intoxication shampoos are more expensive than others, it is worthwhile, because the shampoos and also the intoxicating mauve volume shampoo are very productive. You only need a small amount for a hair wash, so a bottle holds 30 – 45 applications. The Malven Volume Conditioner has a slightly softer fragrance that smells more floral and creamy. Included here are extracts of mallow, lime sprouts, millet and rose root. The rose smells also in the hair. I leave the rinse for one to two minutes and then rinse it off.



Contains PR-Samples


I did not have many of them before, nowadays I have countless of different masks. That’s why I want to introduce you some of my favorites and novelties today. On the one hand, the versatile sheet masks and Co. from Sephora. The Bubble Mask must not be missing as well. My absolute favorite mask from Glamglow and the new Powerrangers masks.


sheet masks sephora


At Sephora you really find countless masks. Here you see my darlings. On the one hand the Charcoal Nose Strip to make blackheads the go-to. Also great is the Lotus Eye Mask of Sephora, if you have slept too little it will cause a lot. The Pomegranate face mask is great with a tired and pale complexion. But my absolute favorites are the avocado hand mask and the Almond foot mask, easier care is really not. Especially now, the foot mask is almost cuddly under the fluffy blanket on the sofa.



The bubble mask is admittedly also associated with a certain fun factor. On the one hand, it feels funny when the bubbles turn to foam. On the other hand, you look as if you have smeared the shaving cream of dad in the face. Nonetheless, the skin feels soft after use and it’s also good for more oxygen in your skin.



My favorite mask from Glamglow is the Supermud Clearing Treatment, I have already introduced it in more detail. That’s why I’m coming straight to the new Powerranger masks from Glamglow. One shimmers in gold and the other shines in green. Both tubes contain the Gravity Mud Firming Treatment in these limited colors and are inspired by villains of the hit movie “Power Rangers”, because Rita Repulsa, the archenemy of the Power Rangers, and her accomplice Goldar want to take over the entire galaxy. A cool idea something different. The Firming Treatment tightens and nourishes the skin. It is a peel-off mask. The scent of the green mask also reminds me somehow of melon gummy bears ^ ^


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Monatsfavoriten Januar Skin Care


Also last month, I once again tested skin care products for the face, but of course it’s important to tailor the care to your own skin needs, which makes me all the more delighted that Clinique has given me a proper 3 Steps care package for my skin type First of all, I have tested a product from Pixi Beauty for the first time, and there was also a product for the final glow of the skin.



I tested the 3 Steps system care from Clinique in advance. It consists of three steps of cleaning, exfoliation and moisture. Incidentally, on the website of Clinique there is a small test of skin analysis, which quickly suggests the right care line. Personally, I have combination skin to oily skin. So I’m the skin type number 3 assigned. Incidentally, the products are allergy-tested and contain no perfume.







Therefore, my 3 Steps system care begins with the cleaning of Clinique. I give the Liquid Facial Soap in my hand and massage it on the makeup-free skin. Avoid the eye area. So dirt and oil is gently removed. Both during and after the application, the skin feels pleasant, it comes to a dryness or tension feeling.

















Step 2 is the clarifying Clarifying 3 Lotion by Clinique. Apply to a cotton pad and rub over any area of ​​the face, neck and décolletage. Avoid the eye and lip area. The skin feels pleasantly cleared after use, but also without tension.



















The final step 3 brings the moisture into play after thorough cleaning. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is intended for use on oily or partially oily skin. The oil-free moisturizing lotion does not grease and absorbs wonderfully. It is also the first lotion that I can easily apply under the make-up without it immediately shines.










The 3-phase system care from Clinique I find a great thing. In addition, there are the set’s for the respective skin type already for 29 francs and is good enough for a month.



In December, I got my first package from Pixi Beauty and I was really happy about it, as I’ve seen the products on Instagram many times with my English and Australian colleagues and now they can test themselves. It starts with the Double Cleanse and the Glow Mist by Pixi Beauty.







The Double Cleanse by Pixi Beauty + Caroline Hirons consists of two phases. A Solid Cleansing Oil, so a cleaning oil, and a Cleansing Cream, so a cleansing cream. Since I heard from some that they appeared to have problems with compatibility, I was careful at first in the application. First I apply the Cleansing Oil to a cotton pad and remove “the rough” of the make-up (which consists of a waterproof eyeliner and a lot of kohl). Then I clean the skin again with the cream. The result can be compared with a two-stage cleaning with first conventional oil-based make-up remover and the subsequent removal of the remains with micellar water, this is my “usual” approach. So the product convinced me, as it even removed my Estée Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner (waterproof) without any problems. I have not had a negative reaction to the product so far.















The Pixi Glow Mist is a facial spray. Enriched with 13 natural oils, propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts, it can be used both under and over the make-up. Under the make-up, it provides the skin with moisture, protects and nourishes. Above the make-up it serves for fixation. I like to use it over the make-up, if I want to achieve a glowy finish, the oils of course bring a certain glow with them. Super, of course, on a no-make-up day as a small refreshing care in between.



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You also have enough of the bad weather of the past days? The weather is absolutely crazy right now. Dour rain and storms are not really nice weather conditions. That’s why I’ve brought some summer into my booth with my beauty products. My monthly favorites “Body Care” will definitely bring a you into holiday feeling.


treaclemoon my coconut island


What could be nicer than a relaxing and warming shower or bath after a busy day? Exactly nothing. That’s why treaclemoon my coconut island brings some holiday feeling with the delicious smell of coconut. The fragrance is amazing and not intrusive at all. My coconut island is of course also suitable for a tropical start to the day in the morning and brings good mood. The shower gels of Treaclemoon I find always super great, especially because of their scents. But they do not dry out stressed winter skin either.



The brand Baija can be found at Marionnaud. The Moana Body Cream contains natural oils of plants from the Amazon basin, jojoba wax, coconut oil and shea butter. With the scent of the teal flower, the body cream infatuates the senses and makes me forget the rainy weather. The skin also smells wonderful after the application.


Do you know the products?


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Mood Bild Dezember Haar


The last post of this year in my monthly favorites. For some months I presented you here always my favorite test products from different categories. I am pleased that the format is so well received and I will continue to do so in 2018. But now to my monthly favorites in December. Hair oil is an absolute must in winter, as the hair is even more stressed by the mechanical charms of caps, headbands and scarves. In addition, the increased hair blow. Normally in summer I air dry my hair to protect it, but this does not work at 0 ° C outside.


Mythic Oil Loreal Haaröl


From Mythic Oil, I have already tested some products and has always been satisfied, the original L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil. I like to give it into the hair in order to tame flying hair or to let dry tips shine. I also like to use it before going to bed and then give a little more oil in the hair to let it work over night. The oil does not complain the hair, this problem I have, for example with coconut oil, so I do not use it anymore, because I can only get it out of my hair with a lot of shampoo. I do not have this problem here.


Tangle Teezer


I am doing hair-friendly combing with the Tangle Teezer recently. Often heard and read about it, I was very happy when this pretty silver model was in my Christmas package by Parfumcity.ch. The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler in Starlet Silver is really great for untangling wet hair, especially if you get buttons as easy as I do. Because of my fine hair that happens really fast. I do not think that comb combing is very tingling and it also takes ages. On the other hand, with the Tangle Teezer I can simply go over my hair.



This model has a lid which can be mounted to protect the bristles. Yet another advantage, the Tangle Teezer comes without animal bristles.


Do you already know the products? Do you also like to use them?


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