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73   562

The new skin care line of Shiseido is called WASO and is intended for younger skin. So I had to try out the novelties of course. Today I would like to tell you more about my experiences.


WASO Shiseido Review


Shiseido is a Japanese brand and WASO means:

和 [wa] — gentleness, harmony

想 [so] — inspiration


Shiseido – WASO: Quick Gentle Cleanser


Shiseido - WASO: Quick Gentle Cleanser


Let’s start with the cleansing. The WASO Quick Gentle Cleanser by Shiseido is a liquid gel and can be applied directly to the skin without water. It foams without water during application. Then rinse and the make-up is gone. I also like the scent very much, it is very flowery and elegant. For the eyes, however, I continue to use eye-makeup remover. The active ingredient is honey, which is known to have valuable antibacterial properties.


Shiseido – WASO: Soft+Cushy Polisher


Shiseido - WASO: Soft+Cushy Polisher


After cleansing, gently remove dead skin cells with the Soft+Cushy Polisher. It is treated with the aid of vegetable-based cellulose granules in a creamy, tofu-like formulation. The peeling I applied to moist skin. Also the smell of this peeling is wonderful. Tofu was used as the ingredient, since this contains lecithin, which occurs in the human cell walls and keeps the skin supple and firm.


Shiseido – WASO: Fresh Jelly Lotion


Shiseido - WASO: Fresh Jelly Lotion


The Fresh Jelly Lotion of WASO is an exceptional beautyproduct. Because it is a form converter, on the skin the gel turns into a cream. The cream is very light and get’s quickly absorbed by the skin. It provides moisture without greasing. Included are ingredients of Kikurage- or white ice mushroom it is well-known in Japan for a long time as a food to get beautiful skin. Water sucks it up like a sponge.


Shiseido – WASO: Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream


Shiseido - WASO: Clear Mega-hydrating Cream


The WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream by Shiseido is a cream with gel texture. It is non-greasy and moisturizing. I personally love this cream and the other products already due to the great fragrance, if you like good scented cosmetics, you should take a closer look. The cream is great for me, as I tend to oily skin and therefore do not need oily creams. The power of the carrot is used here with its nutrients.


Shiseido – WASO: Color Smart Day Moisturizer Spf30


Shiseido - WASO: Color-smart Day Moisturizer SPF30


Now a product for those who like to leave the house without make-up and still have a beautiful and radiant skin. The WASO Color Smart Day Moisturizer Spf30 has sun protection factor 30 and is slightly tinted. The cream contains very small color spheres, which burst when applied and releases their color. Depending on the skin tone, however, this could be too dark, best to test it on the skin. At least an easy-to-go product for every day use. Here, too, the carrot was used as an ingredient.


WASO Shiseido


A new and young line this is WASO by Shiseido, there are also other products which are e.g. additionally matt the skin. On occasion I will be gladly to test them as well. The whole line captivates with an incomparably great smell and special consistencies. Especially the Quick Cleanser and the Jelly Lotion are something completely new to me.


Do you already know the new WASO line by Shiseido?





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Always on Mondays … Yes, exactly, then I show you my favorites of the month. Today on the topic of hair care. This time I tested a versatile maintenance oil, a washing conditioner and a heat protection cream.


Monatsfavoriten September Hair


Now let me introduce you the test products a bit closer.


KMS – Moist Repair Cleansing Conditioner


KMS Moist Repair


Particularly gentle to our hair is a cleansing conditioner it cleans the hair without foam. This makes the hair more gentle. The KMS Moist Repair Cleansing Conditioner is especially suitable for dyed hair. Instead of shampoo use 2-3 pump shots of the Cleansing Conditioner on the hand and distribute it into the hair. At the beginning it is a bit unfamiliar to use. Good rinsing is super important after application. You do not need a conditioner any more. Nevertheless, I used shampoo from time to time.


René Furterer – 5 Sens Oil for Hair & Body


Rene Furtner Hair öl


A must for well-groomed hair is to use hair oil, the Rene Furterer 5 Sens Oil is suitable for hair and body. I especially like the scent of this oil, it is super intensive and almost like a perfume. On the skin the oil is absorbs quickly, also the hair does not complain and get gentle care. In addition, it also acts as a hair perfume with the incomparable fragrance. I like to use it for dry tips or give a spray shot on my hands to tame flying hair.


L’Oréal Professionnel – Nutrifier Blow Dry Cream


L' Oreal Expert Nutrifier


Especially during the hair straightening and blow drying, heat protection is essential to avoid hair damage. The L’Oréal Professionnel Série Nutrifier Blow Dry Cream contains coconut oil and nourishes the hair during straightening and blow-drying at the same time. It is important to apply it evenly on the towel dry hair. Then style the hair as usual. This product also has a wonderful smell. It smells wonderfully flowery. The hair feels softer and smoother after the styling than without the product. Therefore, it has also made it in my favorite list.


Do you already know these products? Or what do you like to use?





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Today I would like to introduce you to my facial care highlights of this month. I personally tested all the products. I will also tell you my beautyroutine with the products.


Monatsfavoriten, Gesichtspflege, September 2017, Produkte, Beauty, Pflegeroutine, Beautyroutine


The test products of this month are by Estée Lauder, Dermasence, Medipharma Cosmetics and Annemarie Börlind. With these products I have created my beautyroutine.


Annemarie Börlind – effect peeling


Annemarie Börlind - Effektpeeling


The effect peeling by Annemarie Börlind is free of microplastics. Annemarie Börlind is a natural cosmetics brand. But, I wanted to introduce you to the peeling today, since it has become part of my face care routine. Apply it once or twice a week, it softens the skin gently and leaves a pleasant skin feeling. The skin does not stretch, it does not feel aggressive on the skin.


Dermasence – Mousse, Tonic, Cream Soft & AHA Lotion


Dermasence - Mousse, Tonic, AHA Lotion & Cream Soft


Dermasence is a medical skin care brand. Through color codes on the packaging you can see if the respective product fits to your own skin type. I tend to blemish skin, so I have tested these suitable products: Dermasence Mousse Cleansing Foam, Dermasence Tonic Facial Water, Dermasence Cream Soft SPF 30 and the Dermasence AHA Lotion. I was most curious about the Dermasence AHA lotion. In the evening after make-up removal, I used the Dermasence Mousse for facial cleansing, it cleanses the skin gently and is pH-regulating, so it does not dry out the skin. Then afterwards the Dermasence Tonic face water to remove further dirt residues. This soothes the skin and is also pH-regulating. In the evening, a serum and an eye cream are followed first. Then the AHA Body & Face Lotion by Dermasence, which tingles a little when applied to the skin. In the beginning the skin deteriorates before the skin starts to improve after 2 weeks. The Dermasence Cream Soft SPF 30 is suitable for greasy skin and offers a high sun protection factor.


Estée Lauder – Day Wear Matte & Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Gelée


Estée Lauder - Day Wear Matte & Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Gelée


The Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Global Anti-Aging Cell Power Eye Gelée is a light but nourishing eye cream, the application of it is easier than ever thanks to the pen shape and the cooling application head. I like to use it under my eyes. Especially since it does not irritate the eyes. The Day Wear Matte Cream I have been using for a long time, it is a gel cream which is super light on the skin. I also love her scent, it is very fresh and smells after cucumber and flowers. It is also suitable for under the make-up and is applied after the serum.


 Estée Lauder Day Wear Matte Review


Medipharma – Hyaluron Active Concentrate & Eye Care


Medipharma - Hyaluron Wirkkonzentrat & Augenpflege


Now we come to the last two products of my monthly favorites in September, these are by Medipharma. The specialty of these products is that they contain medicinal hyaluron. I used the Hyaluron Concentrate of Medipharma like a serum. It provides good moisture and absorbs quickly, I personally unfortunately do not like the scent so much, but anyway a great product. It is used in the morning and in the evening before applying the care. The eye care of Medipharma is very light, but it should not be brought directly into the eyes. This is also the reason why I introduce two eye care products, the eye cream of Medipharma provides intense moisture, but I have applied it rather on the eyelids to the eyebrows and not under the eyes.


Do you already know or did you try some of the products?





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The Clinique Pep-Start line is colorful and cheerful, now there are again great new products of this line. The new products called Bubble Mask, Pout Restoring Night Mask and Pout Perfecting Balm. I have already tested them for you.


cliniqeue pep start Bubble Mask, Pout Restoring Night Mask und Pout Perfecting Balm


Clinique – Pep-Start Bubble Mask


cliniqeue pep start Bubble Mask, Pout Restoring Night Mask und Pout Perfecting Balm


I heard and readed before about bubble masks, once again a beautyproduct, which came from Asia to us. Now available by Clinique. So what do you expect from a Bubble Mask? I really did not have an exact idea of ​​it. The mask must be applied to the cleaned face. In the tube it is a gel texture, on the skin the mask then starts to tingling and whisking to bubbles. After a few seconds, a foam, looks  compared to shaving foam, simply with a much finer structure. The mask must be applied for 2 minutes, then rinsed off. A super soft skin remains behind. Really great: D


Clinique – Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask


cliniqeue pep start Bubble Mask, Pout Restoring Night Mask und Pout Perfecting Balm


Rough lips do not only interfere with the application of your favorite lipstick, to prevent it from getting to it or to keep rough lips gently again, there is now the Pout Restoring Night Mask by Clinique. Apply the mask on the lips before going to bed and wake up with soft lips in the morning. I use it every night and I am very satisfied.


Clinique – Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm


cliniqeue pep start Bubble Mask, Pout Restoring Night Mask und Pout Perfecting Balm


And during the day? For the lip care a day I have tried the Clinique Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balms. They care the lips with linoleic acid, shea butter and vitamin E. They are not perfumed as usual at Clinique. There is the lip care colorless, or in the colors Cherry, Guava and Tangerine. Guava lends a gentle lip pink and Cherry gives some more color to the lips.


My favorite of the new Pep start products from Clinique is the Bubble Mask. I had previously tried nothing similar to this. And the skin is really super soft after application.


Do you already know the products?





It’s Monday and as always on Mondays I introduce you my favorite products of the month. Today it is all about body care products, which I have tested and would like to show you further. There is a shower gel, a body peeling and a body cream.


Monatsfavoriten Körperpflege September.jpg


Body care should not be neglected, so I dedicate the topic to my own contribution and this every month. Today I will present to you all wonderfully fruity-flowery products, which I personally like very much. They are still rather light summer care products.


Charlotte Meenzten – enjoy sugar peeling


Monatsfavoriten Körperpflege September, M. Adam, Bodymilch, Körperpeeling, Charlotte Meentzen, Jeanne Piaubert, Beautyblogger, Beauty


The sugar body peeling by Charlotte Meentzen convinces with peeling grains made of sugar, so the product does not uses microplastics,. It is best to apply it under the shower on the damp skin in circular movements. The consistency is otherwise rather gely. It works well on the moistened skin. The peeling effect is good, as it is gel texture, as I said, it don’t remains an oily film behind.


M. Asam – butter milk orange shower gel


Monatsfavoriten Körperpflege September, M. Adam, Bodymilch, Körperpeeling, Charlotte Meentzen, Jeanne Piaubert, Beautyblogger, Beauty


The first M. Asam product I have ever tested is the butter milk orange shower gel. Already on numerous blogs I have read positive things about the M. Asam products and especially about the fragrances of them. So I was really very anxious to finally test it myself. The shower gel has a pleasant consistency even in the foamed state. The fragrance composition reminds me of potpourri and smells very good, slightly fruity-sweet but still a bit like a perfume.


Jeanne Piaubert – Body Breakfast


Monatsfavoriten Körperpflege September, M. Adam, Bodymilch, Körperpeeling, Charlotte Meentzen, Jeanne Piaubert, Beautyblogger, Beauty


Body Breakfast is a light Bodylotion by Jeanne Piaubert. Also it was the first product I tried of this brand. Especially in the summer I like light lotions, which getting absorbed quickly and leave no unpleasant film. This bodylotion can keep up with this, it can be applied easily and is immediately absorbed. There are no greasy or sticky residues on the skin. A wonderful fresh floral fragrance.


Do you already know the products?



Our skin is not only the most extensive organ of our body, it is also the most multifunctional. Approximately 2 billion skin cells protect us from UV rays, pathogens, heat and cold and dehydration. This is why it is also important to take care of our skin, not just for cosmetic reasons. Particularly noteworthy is an effective protection against harmful UV rays. These UV rays also produce unsightly pigment spots. How you can protect yourself against it and how you can treat already mitigate pigment spots, I’ll tell you in this blogpost.


Eucerin Even Brighter


What are pigment spots? How can you protect yourself?


As pigment spots, are named skin discolorations, which are caused by an increased melanin production, such as e.g. freckles and age spots. Melanin is the pigment in the human body that gives the skin, hair and eyes their color. UV radiation, but also genetic disposition, hormonal influences, aging processes as well as injuries or inflammations of the skin, cause this overproduction of melanin. Hyperpigmentation by UV rays can best be prefixed by the correct sun protection. Important is the correct application of the sun cream, it should be carefully painted.


Eucerin Sun Fluid


The Eucerin Sun Fluid Anti-Age SPF 50 protects you against sands and sun-induced skin damage and reduces visible signs of aging due to excessive sun exposure. Hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture. The Sun Fluid is not comedogenic and does not grease, so it is suitable for everyday use. It penetrates the skin quickly and has a slightly dull finish.


Visibly soften pigment spots


Eucerin Even Brighter


Since I am about 18 years old I have freckles on my hand back and this really only on the back of the hands. Even some had been astonished at this. Summer sprouts, age spots and co. Occur in places that are often exposed to the sun. Particularly often with the face, arms or back of the hand like me. The active ingredient B-resorcinol contained in the new Even brighter day and night care of Eucerin, reduces the production of melanin and causes already formed pigment spots to fade. Glycyrrhetinic acid, a natural active ingredient from the sweet corn root, also supports the repair of UV-induced cell damage. Dexpanthenol stimulates the skin’s regenerative process overnight. In the morning the skin is fresh and refreshed.


Care routine for pigment spots


Eucerin Even Brighter


That was a lot of information, so I would like to briefly summarize what you can do against the development of pigment spots due to hyperpigmentation. It is important not to neglect the sun protection all year round. The sun does not only appear in the summer, but also the sun prophylaxis should not be forgotten all year round. Effective and high sun protection is provided by the Sun Fluid from Eucerin. The Even Brighter line consists of a Day Care which protects the skin from the development and reinforcement of pigment spots. Pigment spots are triggered by the UV radiation during the day and are produced during the night. The Eucerin Even Brighter Night Care system works precisely against this process by stimulating the regeneration process of the skin.





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Hello, my dear, today I start with the brandnew series “monthly favorites”, since I get a lot of products and can not test them all, I’ll introduce you in my new series, where I choose some products I’ve tested. The series will be released weekly on Mondays, starting next Monday.


Haarpflege Favoriten


Hair care depends on the type of hair, I have rather fine hair and therefore some products complain them quite quickly. So if you have thicker hair, the products maybe react different on your hair.


John Frieda Frizz Ease


For the daily care I used the John Frieda series Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner. In the run-up I had already heard a lot of good things about it and I was always happy with some other John Frieda products. Already after the first hair wash I had the feeling that my hair is smoother and also more has a beautifully shone. This was also confirmed in further application. The hair is super soft and shiny. The hair was not complained of it, but you need to thoroughly rinsed out the conditioner. Therefore, clearly a thumbs up for Frizz Ease by John Frieda.


The Body Shop Hair


I was also very excited about the new products of The Body Shop, for the first time I tested hair care products of this brand. A novelty is the Fuji Green Tea Hair Scrub, which is a peeling for the hair and the scalp. As well as the Banana hair mask, each of you has certainly already seen a hair mask DIY beauty recipe, which contains bananas, so I was also super excited to try this. The peeling foams wonderfully during the application and does not remain on the hair, it can be rinsed well. Also the deep cleansing shampoo with its refreshing scent of tea foams easily and cleans the hair well. My highlight is the banana mask, because not even if you give yourself a “real” banana in the hair it will smell so intensely. The texture is creamy soft and easy to apply and spread.


Now to the routine, daily I wash my hair with the products of John Frieda. Once a week, I use the hair peeling, the deep cleansing shampoo and the banana mask.


Do you know one of the products?




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Nowadays, there are numerous choice of make-up remover products and micellar waters as an alternative. I have tried three different products for you.


Mizellenwasser und Make up Entferner Test


I tested the Gentle Micellar Cleansing Water 3 in 1 by Marbert, the Pure Beauty Micellar Water by Alverde and the Aqua Minerals 2 Phase Make-up remover by Charlotte Meentzen. Unfortunately, not all could convince me.


Marbert – Gentle Micellar Cleansing Water 3 in 1


Gentle Micellar Cleansing Water 3 in 1 von Marbert


The Gentle Micellar Cleansing Water 3 in 1 by Marbert is alcohol and perfume free. Es brennt daher nicht in den Augen. It does not burn in the eyes. It is suitable for all skin types. Although there is no perfume in it, it has a slight scent. With a cotton pad the make-up can be reliably removed. The eye make-up also does not cause problems with this micellar water. So I can really recommend it. It also feels comfortable on the skin and does not leave any unpleasant film behind.


Alverde – Pure Beauty Micellar Water


Alverde - Pure Beauty Mizellenreinigungswasser


The Alverde Pure Beauty Micellar cleansing water has an intense scent. The Foundation can be removed, but not really without residue. For the eyes, I think it is completely unsuitable, because it really burned my eyes. And I do not have particularly sensitive eyes. A look at the ingredients shows the misfits, the third ingredient is alcohol. Also some essential oils are included. In addition, water-resistant eye make-up can not be removed properly. Therefore unfortunately a flop product.


Charlotte Meentzen – Aqua Minerals 2 Phase Make-up Remover


Charlotte Meentzen - Aqua Minerals 2 Phasen Make-up Entferner 


The Aqua Minerals 2-phase make-up remover by Charlotte Meentzen consists of an oil phase and a neutral liquid. Before use, it must be shaken well in order to mix the two phases properly. Before micellar water was popular in the beauty shelves, two-phase products were my No. 1. Even today, I often use a 2-phase make-up for my eye make-up and afterwards the micellar water. The Aqua Minerals 2-phase make-up remover is very gentle to the eyes and also removes water-resistant makeup within seconds. For the rest of the face, however, I prefer micellar water, which does not leave an oily film. But I also use this product every day and I can recommend it with my best conscience.


Do you already know one of the products?



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The sun is back and the rainy wheater is taking a break. So that it is time again to wear our sandals, flip flops and co. In open shoes, of course, our feet should also make a good figure. That is why today it is all about summerly pampered feet.


pedicure fussed


Our feet carry us through everyday life, but they are often neglected. The attention in the daily care lies more on the face or the hands. But beautiful shoes also need to be weared on include beautiful and well-groomed feet. I have selected some essentials for you.


pedicure essentials


It is best to start taking care of the feet with a relaxing foot bath, I recommend you for example the Weleda Entspannungsbad mit Lavendel.


After the foot bath, the skin is optimally prepared for a peeling. You do not need a special foot peeling. I like to use the verwöhnende Creme-Öl-Peeling von Kneipp. The feet are already super-soft after the application. After peeling, wash the product away well.





Now it’s time to gently remove the cornea. With the well-known pumice stones, this is by no means an easy task. On the other hand, “foot files” are not particularly gentle to our feet.



The ES-WE22 foot care device by Panasonic helps you to a more professional pedicure at home. The elliptically shaped file follows ergonomically the natural contours of the heel and bales, while at the same time removing gently and effectively hardened areas. The fast rotating file with micro-ceramic coating prevents too much of the protective cornea being removed. And this is also very important, otherwise your feet are not nice and well maintained at the end, but the skin gets micro-injuries, in which also bacteria and co-feel. With the foot care device, you can also care the heavily hardened areas quickly and safely.



Then bring the nails into shape and the last step to cultivated summer feet is the care. Depending on whether you need to wearing the shoes afterwards or not, I recommend to apply rich or lighter care. If you have enough time, take a richly caring footbutter, I am currently using the Pedic Foot Butter Raspberry & Peppermint from the Migros. This footbutter smells incredibly delicious and reminds me of fresh raspberry yoghurt. For the easy care between I use the I am natural foot cream.





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Recently, I was invited to visit the new Jo Malone pop-up store at the Glattzentrum in Zurich. There I was treated with a hand massage. Today I would like to introduce you two fragrances, which I have selected as a lotion or as a candle.



The fragrances of Jo Malone I have already presented to you before, they can be combined wonderfully with each other to a unique fragrance. (Read more) With simple elegance and intensely pure fragrances, not only the perfumes, but also personal care products and fragrance candles do not only look very decorative, they offer an intense fragrance.



“A single aromatic candle with the notes of ripe fruit, white flowers and elegant woods invigorates the atmosphere.”


The fragrance Pomegranate Noir smells very aromatic and at the same time sparkling with a gentle citrus note.



“A refined composition of different fruit nectars and spicy accents arouses childhood memories of picking ripe blackberries.”


My absolute favorite fragrance of Jo Malone for this summer is Blackberry & Bay, I can not have  enough of this fragrance. The fragrance is fruity but intense and with a “green” freshness that unfolds on the skin. Just great.



If you would like to have a look at the fragrances and products of Jo Malone, I recommend you to visit the pop-up store at Globus Glattzentrum. I am sure you will find your scent with competent advices.


Do you know Jo Malone already? Which one is your favorite fragrance?








Some time ago I was able to participate at the Beauty Lunch at Jelmoli, where Dr. Barbara Sturm personally presented her skin care line. Now I have tested the products and would like to share my experiences with you. She has developed this skin care line since she was not satisfied with the available products on the market.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetic


The Molecular Cosmetic line by Dr. Barbara Sturm is regularly raved in the media, because even celebrities should belong to her customers. The highly effective and yet uncomplicated care regime hydrates, protects and regenerates the skin on cell level. With unique and scientifically innovative active ingredients in combination with natural plant extracts, e.g. Of the Purslane plant (Purslane activates the fountain enzyme telomerase in our cells and acts strongly antioxidative and inflammation-inhibiting). The products of Dr. Barbara Sturm are free from synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and parabene as well as suitable for all types of skin.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetic


Cleanser: Nourishing ingredients such as Purslane / Portulak, Aloe Vera, Panthenol and mild surfactants, liberate your skin particularly gently but effectively from excess fat or other residues without compromising the natural moisture balance of the skin and open the pores so that the skin Subsequent skin care cream.


Facial Scrub: It activates essential skin functions, vitamin A and the power active substance Purslane / Portulak simultaneously promote the development process of the epidermis and stimulate cell renewal, so that fine lines are alleviated and the skin look is improved.


Face Cream Women: This cream does not soothe your skin – it feels amazingly light and still works effectively into deepest skin layers. The highly regenerative Purslane (Portulak) and valuable antioxidants give the skin comprehensive protection against cell aging, and strengthen the sensitive cell membrane before the attack of free radicals by increasing the activity of the fountain enzyme telomerase.


Eye Cream: While the basis of this eye care formula maintains the delicate aspect around the eyes optimally and strengthens with Purslane and helmet herb, the special complex of rosebush, sugar beet and yeast has a soothing and decongestant effect. Omega lipids protect the skin’s moisture and provide youthful freshness. As with all her products, natural active ingredients meet medical molecular active substances, protect against premature skin aging and support the skin’s regeneration.


These products are all very gentle to the skin. Neither after the cleansing foam nor after the facial scrub the skin feels dry, irritated or dry. This is particularly important for sensitive skin. The face cream is not at all greasy or feels too rich, but rather corresponds to the consistency of commercial bodymilk. Also the eye cream is unusual “liquid” and therefore very light in the application and carrying feeling. Both creams provide moisture without complaining the skin.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetic


Anti Aging Primer: In collaboration with Hollywood make-up artist Monika Blunder, Dr. Barbara storm the new anti-aging primer. This is a beauty hybrid of the new generation, which on the one hand primes the skin perfectly for subsequent make-up and at the same time offers a highly effective anti-aging care.


Monika Blunder, who counts Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jessica Alba as her clients, has long been looking for the perfect primer. “A make-up primer is an important tool in my job. Foundation and powder can be applied more evenly and hold better. I have to make sure that my clients’ skin and make-up look spotless in every situation – in the flash of lightning on the red carpet as well as in the photo studio. However, I have found that the majority of the primers on the market contain silicones and other ingredients that can block the pores and cause unwanted skin reactions.


In the case of greasy skin, the primer is at the same time daily care, otherwise the skin is over-treated. I like the concept that the primer does not only provide make-up but also offers effective care. Most primers do not. It can be applied well, preferably with a make-up brush or sponge, and feels pleasant on the skin. The skin still gets “air” to breathe. The make-up itself is thus better than without. I prefer to use the primer, however, on make-up-free days to give the skin a natural glow.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetic


Anti-Aging Body Cream: Especially in the summer the skin is stressed by many external influences by the sun, wind and sea and therefore needs special care. The anti-aging body cream tightens, rejuvenates, nourishes and strengthens the skin.


The Anti-Aging Body Cream is an absolute novelty and only since today. The Body Cream with its light fragrance immediately absorbs without leaving a film on the skin. Immediately after application, the skin gets a little glow and feels hydrated. If you have the opportunity, try it yourself.


Skin Food: Inspired by the effectiveness of her nurturing line, she is now launching a dietary supplement with Skin Food that supports the health and beauty of the skin from within, ie on a biological level. Helps to prolong cell life of the skin and results in a fresher and younger appearance.


True beauty comes from within? What we take to us has a direct influence on our skin, because your skin is not due to you, for example, if you have eaten a lot of chocolate, the skin will react to it. At least I know this problem, but this also means the reverse. Adequate water supply, healthy vegetable and fruit will treat the skin well. In the skin food capsules, on the other hand, they’re special active ingredients, which counteract cell damage by free radicals and stimulate the body’s production of hyaluronic acid, which is irreplaceable for the maintenance of plasticity, strength and young appearance.


If you are looking for a highly concentrated, clean skin care line, you need to have a closer look to the products of Dr. Barbara Sturm. They are available in Switzerland exclusively at Jelmoli.


Do you know the Molecular Cosmetic by Dr. Barbara Sturm already?







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