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Skin care products with vitamin C are the new beauty trend now. I have tested the Fresh Pressed line with Vitamin C by Clinique.


Clinique Fresh Pressed


We love our daily dose of fresh fruits, smoothies, vegetables. Why? Because we know and appreciate how good fresh vitamins do to our body. Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants. However, the human body can neither form vitamin C itself nor does it have a special storage, that is, He needs daily to form messenger substances, build up connective tissue, produce collagen, protect himself, take up iron, and form hormones. Now there is vitamin C for the face.

Clinique – Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with pure  Vitamin C 10 %


Clinique - Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with pure Vitamin C 10 %


Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with pure Vitamin C 10% uses the power of vitamin C for radiant fresh, fine, even, elastic skin. Vitamin C protects the skin, makes it more resistant and vitalized. Apply two drops into day and night care or apply directly to the skin and care. It is best to use a package within 7 days, otherwise vitamin C loses power. – Clinique


Sounds logical or not? I was really excited about this test. The vitamin C can be well dosed by the packaging. I applied it directly to the skin and care. You can feel that salicylic acid too, it feels a bit “sour” on the skin, if you have sensitive skin, I would first mix it under the usual skin care.


Clinique – Freshed Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C


Clinique Fresh pressed


An ultra-fine cleaning powder with pure vitamin C for the morning freshness kink and glow. The skin immediately looks radiantly fresh, finer and more vital. Use only once a day. Stimulates natural, high-quality cell renewal and makes you more receptive for subsequent care. Place the powder in the damp slopes and froth with water. – Clinique


A cleaning powder I have never tested before, I find it very interesting. It is important to use enough water to produce the foam, then it works wonderfully to clean the skin. The cleansing is intensive and the skin is freed from the dirt of the night.


Now my conclusion, already after one week, my skin seemed fresher. In general, I like the concept and in particular the vitamin C booster can also be used with the usual care, this is a big plus for me.


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