Review: L’Oréal Professionelle – Serie Expert Inforcer

Depending on your hairtype you need a suitable care line, I was allowed to test the L’Oréal Professional Series Expert Inforcer for brittled hair. Perfect, because by blonding and dyeing in the craziest colors, the lengths of my hair are very attacked. The fact that I also have extremely fine hair does not make the whole thing any better. I was all the more excited about the results of this nursing line, which contains vitamin B6 and biotin.


Loreal Professionnel Serie Expert


The Loreal Series Expert Inforcer Shampoo is a strengthening mask against hair breakage caused by physical damage (styling tools such as hair dryer, brush, straightener, etc). Inforcer is the first substance-building hair care that stops hair break immediately. A formula enriched with vitamin B6 and biotin for an anti-hair break effect. The hair feels more resistant and stronger. The hair fibers become more resistant day by day.


– strengthening mask
– stops hair break immediately
– first substance-building hair care
– more resistant, stronger hair
– contains Vitamin B6 & Biotin


My secret tip



If you are struggling with brittle hair and have too little time to go through a great care program, this product will soon be your favorite. Just before the sleep go into the hair give and let over night.


Hair care routine


In order to achieve the best results, it is important to adopt a hair care routine. I would like to introduce you briefly to mine by using the new Inforcer series of L’Oréal Professionell.



1. It is especially important for shampooed and brittle hair that the shampoo has a nourishing effect. Use a hazelnut-sized portion of shampoo to clean your hair, rinse well and rinse thoroughly.


2. For each day, it is then sufficient to apply the infusion rinse after a few minutes and let it rinse well.


3. Once or twice a week, you can replace the rinse with a mask. Put these into the hand dried hair and let it act.




Sometimes it can be very tricky to comb the hair out. Just after the pool visit, for example, my fine hair tangled a lot. The Brush Proof helps you unraveling, just spray it on and comb.



Which hair care products do you like best at the moment?


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  1. Ren
    Monday October 9th, 2017 / 08:49 AM

    I have oily fine hair and some hair fall. I was excited about the inforcer shampoo and decided to give it a try. The shampoo smells really nice and is creamy. However it made my hair feel flat upon washing it out and my hair fell out more than normal. I had to re-rinse it twice to feel clean. Upon blow dry my hair did feel smooth but the very next day my head start feeling oily again. This shampoo may be helpfull for people with dry hair but definitely not for people with oily roots/hair. Will not buy this again.

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