18   90
47   701
42   774
60   1124
1298   1742
74   1182
66   1071
51   913
43   1061
59   1109
53   1074
66   1021
50   1036
68   962
47   1099
28   1099
56   1070
84   1032
50   1258
273   1376
79   1032
64   1091
72   992
62   1175
57   1083
51   1082
43   1042
47   960
62   996
51   899
40   964
62   1147
63   1057
75   1132
57   1036
68   1132
81   1059
95   1110
96   1196
79   1151

Some time ago, I was sent by the Onelineshop The Curated Skin products from J. One, I have tested this now and would not like to deprive you of my opinion.


J One

J. One – Hana Cream


J. One - Hana Cream


This rich moisturizing cream with its futuristic small balls – each one has enough cream for just one use – is the epitome of Korean cosmetics innovation. It receives the Nobel Prize-winning drug, fullerene, which helps to fight free radicals, to clear the skin and reduce wrinkles. The cream is very unusual but also very practical and hygienic with the little balls and it feels like pure luxury. Not only the appearance and the packaging were love at first sight, but also the ingredients. It is the perfect pick-me-up moisturizer with anti-aging and home-grown active ingredients (herbal oils and extracts, fullerenes – 172 times more effective than vitamin C! – peptides, biotin, proteins, folic acid, etc.). – The Curated Skin


So a cream I have not tried before or seen. The idea with the small portioning balls I find super great. However, it must be done very quickly and easily when applying the beads completely. The cream I have seen as rich but not greasy, this is always a plus for me. On the skin she felt nourishing and pleasant. I used them as night care. I liked the intense floral fragrance.


J. One – Jelly Pack



The first product of the famous K-drama actress, Ha Ji Won’s J.One cosmetic line. In the Asian beauty community, it has reached cult status within weeks. This gel mask is also called “corset mask” because it immediately and visibly tones the skin, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and reduces pores. – The Curated Skin


The consistency of this product is really very special, somehow sticky / gely. At the beginning therefore something special for the application. After application the skin is fresh.


J. One – Jelly Pack Luminous  Mask


J. One - Jelly Pack Luminous Mask


This mask is the dream of all the faults out there! In 20 minutes you can get a full SPA treatment. The high-quality sheet mask (step 1) packed with all the valuable ingredients alone offers you everything for a radiant skin. If you are already satisfied, you can save the second step (jelly pack) for the next time. – The Curated Skin


Yay still a sheetmask, yes I run every day with a mask around the apartment so I can test all for you. This one is made of black flow and behaves on the skin like any other sheet mask. I have had no negative reactions to the mask. The skin rehydrates afterwards.


Do you already know the products of the Korean brand J. One? If not, check out The Curated Skin, they have many exceptional beautyproducts.



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