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Review: Beach Blonde by John Frieda

Hi Lovely Today I sign up again with a little beauty review, this time I have tested , matching to the upcoming summer, the products line Beach Blonde by John Frieda, which should help you out to get  the perfect beach look.


Review: essence juice it! lip smoothie and detangle brush

Hi Lovelies As most of you already know, I have been excited of the essence Limited Edition juice it! before the products appears on the shelves (https://www.thechicadvocate.com/2016/04/essence-trend-edition-juice-it/). Very big was my excitement as I sighted the long-awaited products in the cosmetics stores. I’v buyed the Lip Smoothie in cherry shape and the Detangle Brush in watermelon design. Now I don’t want you to withhold my impressions.  


The Sephora-Nouveautés – exklusively at Manor and Sephora-Counter opening part 2

Beloved Beauties Today as I have promised, it’s going on with the exclusive pictures of the Sephora counter opening at Manor Geneva. Moreover I show you today the Sephora-Nouveautés and other related products, which are available exclusively at Manor. In Sephora counter of course there are many more products, you find them also at the Manor Online Shop.


Opening first Sephora-Counter in Switzerland at Manor – PART 1

As some for sure have already noticed on Instagram or Facebook, this Thursday 05/19/2016was opened the first Sephora counter  in Geneva at Manor in Switzerland. Gladly I would let the whole spectacle reminisce again for you. In addition, you can see in the pictures, why it is worthwhile to stop by Sephora-Counter Geneva next time:)


Review: RAUSCH Ginseng COFFEIN-LINIE shampoo and conditioner

Hi sweeties Do you already know the winner of the cosmetic house Rausch for the Prix de Beauté 2016? No? Then it’s time to get know it. I was able to test both products: the shampoo and hair conditioner (price winner). It goes below to the following 2 items: Noise Ginseng Caffeine Shampoo (green) Noise ginseng caffeine flush (white)


Yves Rocher Blogparade “Beachparty-Look”

Hello my dears Yves Rocher has called for Blog Parade,  I take this part and show you my makeup’s ” Beachparty-Look”. In my look is all about sand of the sea, what this means to me, you can see below 🙂       I used these products by Yves Rocher for my look:


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