Review: Stelicious by Stephanie brushes

Today I want to tell you about some special brushes, the lovely Stephanie has send me a few to test them. And she completely convinced me so.


Pinsel 3-min

The following 3 brush you see here:

Blush Contour Brush
Eyeshadow Brush
Lens Brush
The brushes are all in elegant white and gold, brush hair to fit in black-white gradient.


Pinsel 2-min


The handle is comfortable to hold and fits comfortably in your hand.


Pinsel 3 oben-min


The brush hair is very dense and the same super soft. The application is therefore pleasant.

The Blush Brush has to apply the optimal size to Rouge and feels this super on.

The flat eyeshadow brush takes the color pigments well and distributes it evenly also, which is of course especially in darker or flashier colors is an absolute must. He has many brush hairs which are close together.

The shutter-brush is really great and help make transitions to clean, with its fine and dense hairs.


Pinsel 1-min


The prices are also very fair, the assortment includes of course many more brushes, but also other products. If you have desire, you can arrange something Stephanie Browse, delivery is possible in the CH and Germany.

Stelicious by Stephanie

Thanks again for the brush. As you know I stay always objectively even with sponsored product and I will write an honest review.


Where do you buy your brushes?