Yves Rocher Blogparade “Beachparty-Look”

Hello my dears

Yves Rocher has called for Blog Parade,  I take this part and show you my makeup’s ” Beachparty-Look”. In my look is all about sand of the sea, what this means to me, you can see below 🙂


Bild Beacklook-min



I used these products by Yves Rocher for my look:

Alle Produkte-min

used Yves Rocher products

Cushion Foto-min

Foundation Cushion Pure Light Rosé 200


Lidschatten Intense Color Duo  Eyeshadow blue / gold


Mascara Longeur 360°

Lippenstift einzel-min

Lippenstift Grand Rouge Rose Poudré


Vernis Couleur Végétale nailpolish in color “Bleu Volubilis”

Make-up Look

In the following steps I have made up the beach party look :

  1. Apply cushion, if necessary put on a little bit of concealer, then loose powder to fix it.
  2. Put on golden eye shadow on the whole eye. Then make up the eyelid with blue and phase out something. Use the blue eyeshadow under the eye as eyeliner.
  3. Attach gold tattoos.
  4. Apply mascara.
  5. Put on the lipstick.
  6. Polish nails.
  7. Done 🙂



Auge geschlossen-min

Same color nail polish needed:



My Beachparty-Look

The motto of my personal beach party looks was sand in the sea. Why? The eye shadow colors blue and gold reflect in my look sand and sea . These colors has also been chosen for the rest of my look. Because of that I applied a discreet colored lipstick. Even the nails reflecting the sea in deep blue.

Golden tattoos make things especially perfect for the beach party .

The Beach Party is coming!


nahe bild-min






    • Friday September 9th, 2016 / 01:07 PM

      Yes they’re gorgeous.

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