Hide hair approaches in an easy way

Hello my dears

Yes , my hair is not ” original ” I dyed it . Every woman coloring her hair knows the problem , the approaches to grow too quickly after . And every month to run to the hairdresser hurts the wallet. That’s why I want to show you today a convenient and easy way for a while hesitating your next haircut addition .

Because approaches are extremely unpleasant , especially with dark colored hair , while with blond hair , it may even look cool . Are the approaches bright unfortunately affects the hair and less full.


Colorantes at home

Ansatz kaschieren 1-min

Schwarzkopf Diadem approach set

The Schwarzkopf Diadem approach set I use a very long time, because it is easy, very easy to use . Contains Color Creme and developer emulsion and a mixing bowl and gloves. The mixture reaches exactly the approach , it is applied to the attachment points and 10 minutes they should act , then rinse.

You need zero experience in dyeing to apply this . There are different colors available.

In Germany, the product costs EUR 4.99 , in Switzerland CHF 4.95 . So it is really worth it and the hairdresser can be delayed .

Syoss Color Refresher

This interim solution is to be applied more easily and more quickly , it is a color foam that can be applied in the shower and can be used depending on hair length several times . The effect is not so strong in one application , but it helps to make disappear around the neck .

In DM you get this product for EUR 2.75 , viewed in Switzerland for about CHF 10.00.

Hide with dry shampoo

Ansätze kaschieren 2 Batiste-min

Batiste dry shampoo

Dry shampoo was formerly not my friend , because always saw this white powder on the hair . This is now over with the dry shampoo by Batiste , this not only makes the hair like freshly washed , but ” colored ” and the approach slightly .

Even the dry shampoo is available in different colors . At DM in Germany for EUR 4.95 and in Switzerland , for example, in Douglas for CHF 9.90 .

I hope you find my tips and tricks helpful 🙂 As you hesitate , the visits to the hairdresser ?





  1. Tuesday September 6th, 2016 / 11:49 AM

    Ich habe ja zum Glück blonde Haare. Da ich einen Longbob hatte und nun warte, dass sie wieder lang werden, gehe ich erstmal gar nicht zum Friseur. Die Ansätze sehen wirklich nicht schlimm aus *Lucky me* 🙂


    • Tuesday September 6th, 2016 / 01:27 PM

      Ah wie toll 🙂 Liebe Grüsse

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