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As some for sure have already noticed on Instagram or Facebook, this Thursday 05/19/2016was opened the first Sephora counter  in Geneva at Manor in Switzerland. Gladly I would let the whole spectacle reminisce again for you. In addition, you can see in the pictures, why it is worthwhile to stop by Sephora-Counter Geneva next time:)

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-20 um 22.38.07

Expectantly and with great interest watched the customers during the last days of the countdown in Manor flagship store in Geneva. Well ended yesterday, on 19 May 2016 the Première curtain on a spectacular opening event on Bertrand Jungo CEO Manor, and Stephan Borchert, CEO of Sephora Europe Middle East, opened the first Sephora counter in Switzerland. They were able to present for the first time at Manor in Geneva, the reengineered modern boutique concept worldwide. The rush for the first Sephora shop-in-shop in Switzerland was huge: up to 21 pm, customers were faced with the Sephora Corner Manor Geneva snake. A total of more than 1,000 invited guests and customers attended the spectacle. The crowd went wild as at 17:30, the first customers were allowed to inspect the shop. I had to be able to already previously see the happiness behind the curtain.

Sephora 3-min


In 100 square meters Store 22 brands are presented, of which 12 – are available only at Sephora – for example, Marc Jacobs. Simultaneously with the opening of Sephora counter the entire product range with approximately 1,200 beauty products was launched on manor.ch. Thus, the iconic and exclusive beauty products are available for all beauty enthusiasts now available online in Switzerland.

Sephora ich-min


Now I do not want you longer in suspense and share my exclusive pictures of the Sephora counter with you 🙂 Today I show you half the photos morning there then the other half as well as information on the Sephora Nouveautés which it exclusively are on sale at Manor.

sephora make up 18-min


sephora make up 15-min


sephora make up 14-min


sephora make up 10-min


sephora make up 7-min


Sephora Make up 5-min


Sephora make up 3-min


Sephora make up 19-min


Sephora make up 9-min


Stay tuned for tomorrow;)





  1. Muddelchen
    Saturday May 21st, 2016 / 05:09 AM

    Oh wie toll! Was würde ich mich freuen, wenn in Köln auch ein Sephora wäre. Vor ganz vielen Jahren gab es tatsächlich mal einen, als es noch keine Beautyblogs gab und überhaupt nur aus der Bevölkerung das Interesse für gerade dekorative Kosmetik kam. Und ich glaube, dass den meisten die Preise zu hoch waren. Aber ich würde 10 Luftsprünge machen, gerade auch wegen Marken wie Too Faced, Tarte, etc. Liebe Grüße

    • flowery
      Saturday May 21st, 2016 / 08:24 AM

      Ja, nur ist Genf 3 Stunden von meinem Wohnort entfernt, cool ist das es auch einen Onlineshop gibt bei Manor. Zudem sind weitere Counter geplant. Liebe Grüsse flowery

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