Contouring with Essence and Catrice Palette

Contouring, who has not yet even tried , has certainly already heard of it. Because contouring is on everyone’s lips. So, naturally, I could me  not miss to try this makeup trend .


Contouring 1-min

Determined to try the trend I ran to the store and got myself these two palettes :

  • essence shape your face contouring palette , 10 ready , set , peach
  • Catrice , prime and fine , professional contouring range , 010 ashy radiance

Motivated and ready for testing , I made my way home . For it was at an event where I wanted my Contouring Face same time test out ^^


Contouring 4-min

Really great is, that it has instructions for use on the back of both of the package. For just beginners like me, this is a great help. So really nothing can go wrong now.

The difference between the two products is next to the shades that it has integrated a Rouge in the essence range, however, in the range of Catrice not . Those who wish to use your favorite blush anyway, this shouldn’t hardly disturb .

Both palettes are available in several colors , but not as varied as in higher-priced providers.

Contouring 2-min

The instructions for this range is as follows:

  1. first wearing the darker powder on directly under the well bone , on the temples and on the sides of the nose , and shut it with a powder brush .
  2. Use the bright powder directly on the cheekbones , on the forehead and the chin and the nose on to highlight these regions face.
  3. For a naturally radiant finish the Rouge wear on the cheekbones , and shut it with a blush brush.

Just so I’ll have done it. It worked well, but it is somewhat difficult to catch the beginning , the amount of powder in particular for the dark and also nice to blind all . However, this is getting better with time and practice .

The Contouring range of essence gets her for the CHF 5-6 .

Contouring 3-min

By Catrice can likewise be found a guide on the back, but more in pictorial form. But the basics is still the same ; ) Here just simply without the Blush. The range is also for sale for about CHF 5-6 and they come in different shades. The darker tone was here a little darker than in essence.

The value is certainly true for both products and quality I find also good. So there is nothing in the way Contouring even try. I will now, however, not every day but certainly outlines occasionally.

Have you Contouring already tried ? Or since you also such a late bloomer like me?




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