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Make up beauty beautyblog


Today I would like to introduce you to my new make-up darlings. On the one hand the beautiful Joli Rouge Velvet lipsticks by Clarins. On the other hand, the Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint and Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo by Estée Lauder.


Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Lippenstift


The Jolie Rouge lipsticks by Clarins are now also available as Joli Rouge Velvet and thus with a matt finish. The Jolie Rouge Velvet lipsticks have a creamy and soft texture while applying. Applied to the lips, they feel comfortable and do not dry out the lips. The formula contains biological source extract and apricot oil to moisturize the lips. Available are three finishes Joli Rouge, Joli Rouge Brillant and Joli Rouge Velvet.


Swatches Joli Rouge Velvet Clarins Lippenstifte


Here you can see the swatches of my new Joli Rouge Velvet lipsticks by Clarins in the following colors:


  • Spicy Chilli 761V
  • Joli Rouge 742V
  • Sandy Pink 758V
  • Plum 744V
  • Pink Cranberry 760V


I like the finish very well. The color also lasts well and as you can see is super pigmented. I also like the smell of the lipstick a lot.


Estee Lauder Makeup


I have also tested some new products from Estée Lauder. The Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint and the Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo.



Both ends of the Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo have the same color tone in two different coverage sizes so they can be used as needed. Large areas to be corrected can be covered flawlessly with the brush applicator and its lighter texture. The strong covering second texture provides the skin with moisture and lasts 24 hours. This gadget I find super handy, especially for traveling I would like to take as few products as possible, so the idea of ​​two different coverage is really great. Both concealers can be applied easily and quickly. You can clearly see the difference in coverage.


Estee lauder color envy eyeshadow


I love the Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint by Estée Lauder. The color is beautifully full and opaque. The eye make-up is completed in minutes. It is important that the paint dries quickly and does not rub off. The gel texture is easy to apply.



Here you can see the swatches of the Pure Color Envy Shadow Paint in the colors 03 Brash Bronze and 01 Sweet Sin. Next to it you can see the swatches of the two concealers. First the Full Coverage and next to the Light Coverage page.


How do you like the products?




    • Priscilla
      Sunday March 11th, 2018 / 10:28 AM

      Ja vor allem die satte Farbe ist super

  1. Saturday March 10th, 2018 / 09:37 PM

    Auf dem ersten Foto- tolle knallige Farben- die andere finde ich schön dezent- beides sehr schick.
    Liebe Grüße!

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