70   334
43   440
71   581
72   531
94   539
97   542
62   647
58   573
71   684
90   672
66   590
45   724
80   607
55   646
58   574
65   661
56   615
60   535
50   544
73   531
69   638
73   597
60   473
65   535
74   557
307   672
56   610
64   640
57   622
60   584
60   686
59   617
71   593
68   551
83   583
73   562
59   545
69   559
60   513
71   554





I diligently tested a lot of new products in the last few weeks  – note the summer tan on the above photo – now I would like to introduce you to the tested products in more detail.






For the first time ever, I’ve tested products from Origins of the Original Skin line – so much in advance – I’m thrilled with this brand.


Original Skin™ Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb


Before the make-up comes the care – the Original Skin Matte Moisturizer with Willowherb by Origins is a light gel cream and is therefore great for oily skin like mine. The cream moisturizes without greasing. Apply in the morning before make-up and 5 min. let absorb. It is also great on makeup-free days to dull the skin a bit.


ORIGINS Original Skin™ Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb


Now to my new daily companion, who at first seemed rather extraordinary, especially in its consistency. The Origins Original Skin Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer with Willowherb is an absolute must-have. The mousse primer is super easy to apply, merges with the skin, cools it and makes the pores disappear. The make-up also lasts the whole day. I’m really excited and will definitely buy it again.


Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly Original Skin


Now to the cleaning, the Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly Original Skin from Origins is a mild gel cleaner. It is great for removing Foundation and Co. and does not burn when he comes into his eyes. To do this, spread a few gel on the skin and “froth” up with water.




Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate


The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a very light – gelatinous yet creamy – serum with a wonderful floral scent. It contains the Ultimune Complex and high-quality plant extracts that strengthen the skin’s own defense system. The concentrate or serum thus protects skin types of all ages from dryness, UV radiation, pigmentation marks and premature skin aging. Since it is a very light serum I use it often in the morning after cleansing, before the care and the make-up. It is well-fed.



In addition, the fragrance wakes me up properly and the skin feels instantly neat.






As you know, I’ve become a huge fan of Sisley’s products, especially in the last few months – and for good reasons. Unlike other brands, Sisley’s products contain a higher level of active ingredients, and you’ll notice that. I was now allowed to test the Sisley L’Intégral Anti-Age Firm Concentrated Serum. This is a very rich one – so I save this intensive care for my evening routine. The skin feels very nourished after the application and radiates in the morning after.


isley L'Intégral Anti-Âge Firmen Concentrated Serum review


The serum has a very nourishing consistency and is very rich. The effect involves two points


“1. Reactivation of the firmness mechanisms of the skin In addition to the natural effects of aging, the lifestyle also affects the production of elastin, the skin’s firmness molecule. Oreganoextrakt, a new active ingredient from Sisley, boosts the skin’s firmness mechanisms and more elastic.


2. Restoring the resilience of the skin Strength loss is also caused by the decreasing elasticity of the skin. The Phyto-Complex Pro-Firm 7, a unique complex of 7 powerful botanical extracts, works in deeper skin layers to promote and restore the elasticity on all levels of the skin. ”


I will keep using the serum and keep you updated on the results.


Pixi Skintreats


pixi beauty skin care


From Pixi skintreats I have also tested two products. On the one hand the Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask and on the other hand the Glow Mud Cleanser.

Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask pixi skin treats review


The Glow-O2 Oxygen Mask by Pixi Skintreats is a so called Bubble Mask. Once applied to the face, the bubbles begin to unfold and transform the mask into a kind of foam. It contains an oxygen complex with vitamins, ginseng, caffeine and antioxidants as well as lactic acid which combats the effects of damaging environmental influences. The mask is easy to apply, simply apply the gel to the cleansed skin and let it work in, then rinse off. The mask nourishes and lets the skin shine again.


Glow Mud Cleanser pixi


I have been using the Glow Mud Cleanser for a few weeks and I really like it. It contains 5% glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and avocado. In particular glycolic acid fights enlarged pores, acne and acne scars. Therefore, a great cleanser for anyone with blemished skin. The skin is well cleaned but not dried out. I always use the Cleanser in the evening.




Clarins Hydratant Essentials Masque Yeux


I have countless face masks at home, but so far I had no eye mask, which is not intended for single use only. The Clarins Hydratant Essentials Masque Yeux closes this gap in my beauty cabinet. Especially the sensitive skin around the eyes needs – at least for me – intensive care and moisture. This mask is wonderful to use while e.g. another mask is applied with the eyes usually have to be spared. I now use the Clarins Hydratant Essentials Masque Yeux 1-2 times a week, letting it work for 10 min once and once a night. Very important, too, that I never reacted to the mask.




Caudalie S.O.S Feuchtigkeitsserum Review


The Caudalie S.O.S moisture serum from the Vinosource series is as the name suggests moisturizing. In addition, the texture is very light and fluid, it moves accordingly fast and well. It is non-comedogenic and suitable for all skin types.


Caudalie S.O.S Feuchtigkeitsserum Review


I use the Caudalie S.O.S moisturizing serum in cases of acute skin tension, e.g. after an intensive clarifying mask or in the absence of humidity.


ECooking / The curated skin


ecooking review


Some time ago I got from the online shop The curated skin a trial package of ECooking products. From this I picked out two products that sounded particularly interesting and tested them.


ECooking vitamin e serum


I first learned about vitamin E serum from my favorite sexubers from the States, they have a Skin Care Company and swear by it. The more excited I was on this test. Vitamin E is a great moisturizer and antioxidant. The serum is slightly thick, but can be applied well. I also used it especially during my summer vacation as it also helps against sunburn (luckily I did not) and moisturized the skin very intensely without any frills.


Cooking peel mask


The Peel Mask by ECooking is a chemical peeling mask with milk and fruit acid against wrinkles, fine lines and rough skin textures. Here I have to point out that this mask is very strong or aggressive. The duration of use should never be exceeded. During use the skin burns and after use it is temporarily reddened. This mask is in my opinion really not suitable for sensitive skin. The ingredients are very highly dosed, which of course also increases the effectiveness. After the application one notices a change of the skin, the pores appear finer. The mask helps to reduce large pores. Even after use, however, the skin still feels irritated and hot for some time. Therefore necessarily apply in the evening. After the first application I also used Healing Earth Skin Fine 2 by Luvos with water to calm the skin.


On occasion, I will be happy to test other products from ECooking, because the products are really reduced to the most important and they contain highly concentrated active ingredients.




Lancome masken review


I also tested two masks by Lancôme. On the one hand the Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Mask and the Advanced Génifique Yeux Hydrogel Melting Mask. The Undereye pads are generously soaked with serum and feel slightly cooling.


Advanced Génifique Yeux Hydrogel Melting Mask Tuchmask review


The Advanced Génifique Yeux Hydrogel Melting Mask by Lancôme is moisturizing and can be used in three different ways. In order to prepare the skin for make-up, it should work for 10 minutes to give the skin glow during the day 20 minutes and to intensively nourish the skin overnight at 30 minutes before going to bed. I left the mask on for 30 minutes before bedtime. Again, a lot of care is included and the mask is well soaked, so that there is still product left over, which can continue to work overnight.




Dermasence Tuchmaske


I was still diligent and have also tested the masks of Dermasel. Both masks contain Dead Sea salt, which is rich in mineral complexes.


The Cell Protect Mask contains sea fennel: The ingredients of this plant stimulate cell renewal and counteract the drying of the skin, by increasing the ceramide synthesis. Few plants are able to stimulate cell bioactivity to stimulate cell division and contribute to the formation of new skin cells. Sea fennel is also called “vitamin A from the sea”. So far, the sea fennel has been new to me – so I thought a little bit of background info does not hurt. The mask contains plenty of product and is easy to apply, it is also not too big and therefore sits pretty well. The skin looks and feels cushioned and well-groomed after use.


The Skin Contour Mask contains ice wine: From frozen grapes you can get the “tightening agent” polyphenol, an anti-aging ingredient. Again, I did not know the active ingredient yet. The mask is also soaked with care and easy to apply. The mask also smells wonderfully sweet. After the application, the skin is recovered.


I like these cloth care masks very much – for quick care and especially for easy care and intensive moisture.

Do you know the products? I hope I could help you a bit with my review. Otherwise, leave me your questions in the comments.




Sisley le photo rouge Lippenstift


Today I have some great make-up news for you. In the house of Sisley, there are new to discover the Phyto Rouge lipsticks in many beautiful colors and with unique design. At Benefit the top novelty is called Brow Contour Pro.


Sisley le photo rouge Lippenstift


The Photo Rouge lipstick from Sisley, has nourishing properties. This can be felt especially on slightly dry lips – here, too, it feels pleasant. It contains the so-called “Hydrobooster” complex of hyaluronic acid microspheres and Konjac glucomannans, which moisturizes the lips.


Sisley le photo rouge Lippenstift


The design of the lipsticks is typically Sisley in zebra design in combination with the golden packaging, it looks very elegant. The shape of the lipstick is also very unusual. It is reminiscent of a crystal. Thanks to the many “corners and edges” it can be applied precisely.


Sisley le photo rouge Lippenstift


The color pigmentation is intense. The consistency of the lipstick is very creamy, this clearly increases the wearing comfort. Contained is then a cocktail of oils, which further cultivate the lips. The Phyto Rouge lipstick by Sisley is available in 20 different shades. Above you can see the nuances of 11 and 20.


Benefit brow contour pro review


New at Benefit is the Contour Pro eyebrow pencil. So far, I only knew such a pencil from Clarins – in their summer collection there was a pencil with 2 kohl liner and 2 lip liner. Here are all four nuances intended to create the perfect eyebrows.


Benefit brow contour pro review


The pencil contoured, sets highlights – it can conjure dimension into the eyebrows. The multi-tasking eyebrow pencil features two eyebrow colors to replenish the eyebrows and a contouring color and highlighter.


The pencil has four tips:
1. Brighter brow color
2. Darker brow color
3. Contouring color
4. Brow bow highlighter



The Brow Contour Pro is available in five different colors. The pen is super handy, you can also carry it wonderfully in your handbag – without breaking it.


Benefit brow contour pro review


Here you can see the swatches of the Benefit Brow Contour Pro in the color Brown Light. By the way, on the packaging you will also find a 4-step manual for using the Brow Contour Pro. First fill in the part of the eyebrow to the corner with the lighter shade, then tighten the end with the darker shade. define and clear the corners.




Hairstyle hair beauty


Today it’s all about hair care and hair styling. During the last few weeks I have tried some products and tools for you.


haircare products


I tested a travel hair dryer and a hair straightener of T3 micro. A new hair care line by I am Professional and a dry shampoo for dark hair. One product of the new L’Oréal Stylista line. An organic hair shampoo by Yves Rocher and one by Rausch. And a natural cosmetics hair oil.


Yves Rocher Glanz-Shampoo-Konzentrat Yves Rocher Review


The Yves Rocher Shine Shampoo Concentrate is sufficient for 30 hair washes. For every hair wash only a little bit of shampoo concentrate is needed. The formula is readily biodegradable. The recyclable bottle then consists of recycled plastic. In addition, a tree will b planted with each purchased shampoo. The small bottle I took with me on vacation, it was more than enough for everyone. I particularly like the scent of the shampoo. The hair is not getting dried out. A great shampoo for on the go, which also protects the environment.


I Am Migros Haarpflege


Migros own brand I am Professional offers a few hair care products. The charcoal shampoo contains activated charcoal, it cleanses the hair and scalp noticeably thorough, the hair feels airy and carefree after washing. Also recommended is the new Activeplex serum – yes it reminds me of Olaplex. Since I always dye my hair and let it bleach, the hair needs some extra care. I use the serum about 2-3 times a week to care. The hair tips have recovered very well. Last but not least to the dry shampoo, if it has to go fast, a dry shampoo is very convenient. However, if you also have brown or dark hair, you probably know the problem with white dry shampoos. The I Am dry shampoo smells very good and makes the hair look fresher immediately without white haze.


T3 Hair styler


Most hotel hair dryers and travel hairdryers have too little power and sometimes can not even be plugged in in different countries. All the more I was happy about the travel hair dryer from T3 micro. However, unfortunately he can not be plugged into the swiss sockets – at least not at my home. But I also like the design very well with the rose gold and it has proven itself – both in Italy and in Croatia. The Featherweight Compact hair dryer by T3 has a dual tension and is as the name reveals super light.


Hair straightener


A few years ago I had straighten my hair daily, then I stopped it – even to spare the hair. Nowadays, however, the straighteners are much gentler than they were 10 years ago. The T3 straightener is also very elegant with rose gold. LED lights indicate the heat level. The single-pass Luxe 25 mm flat iron will then have a lot of power and usually smoothes my hair in one go. In addition, waves can be conjured.


L'Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum Review


The L’Oréal Stylista The Sleek Serum is the perfect product to straighten your hair with the T3 straightener. It is non-greasy and has an anti-frizz effect. It is gently spread in towel-dried hair before blow-drying and then dry-blown. Afterwards, straighten the hair with the straightener. To get the frizz-free finish, stroking the serum over the hair.


Rausch Shampoo Pure Frische Review


The new Pure Fresh Shampoos by Rausch contain all extracts of typical Swiss plants, as here in the version with gentian. The shampoo can be used very sparingly, even a small amount foams well. It is very refreshing and the fresh floral scent I like very much.


Biokosma Haaröl Review


Finally, I tried a repair hair oil from another Swiss beauty brand. Bioskosma is a natural cosmetics brand. The new hair oil with organic horsetail and organic crescent root nourishes my dry tips. I wear it in the evening before bedtime 1-2 a week and it works overnight as a cure. After washing the hair, no oil residues remain.


Do you already know the products?




makeup review maccosmetics urban decay


Hi, in the last few weeks, some great products have arrived. So this time, I’d like to introduce you to the novelties and favs of Maccosmetics. In addition, I was allowed to test the new Urban Decay Born to run range and I’ve swatched all the shades for you.


Make up Maccosmetics Review mua


Here you can see the Iridescent Powder Loose in Silver Dusk, one of the new Dazzleshadow Liquid, two Plenty of Pout Plumping Lipsticks, a Lipglass and the Prolongwear Foundation from Maccosmetics.


maccosmetics dazzleshadow


Brand new at MAC are the Dazzleshadow Liquid Eyeshadows. They are available in a number of radiant finishes, I was allowed to test the color Not Afraid to Sparkle. The finish is glittering, it shines beautifully and plays with the light. After application, the whole skin glitters intensely. Allow to dry briefly and here we go. It glitters most beautifully in the daylight, but also in the evening during the party it reflects the light amazingly.


MAC Cosmetics Review


Now I’ll show you a few new lip products. The Lipglass from Maccosmetics need to be included in any well-stocked make-up collection. Here you see the Plenty of Pout Plumping limited edition Lipglass in the color Signs of Spring, I like to wear it in everyday life – even in the office it is absolutely suitable. In addition, he provides a glossy effect as a topper on the lipsticks. It also contains an invigorating ginger root complex with a cooling effect that voluminates the lips, while oils moisturizes and smoothes them.


MAC Cosmetics Review


The first Swatch shows the Lipglass in Signs of Spring. At Swatch # 2 you can see the Plenty of Pout Plumping Lipstick in the color So Swell 210 and directly below the color Smooth Going 201. As usual from Maccosmetics, both shades provide a super pigmentation. On the lips, the lipstick feels very comfortable and nourishing. The lipsticks also contain the cooling ginger extract and make the lips seem voluminous. In addition, the unmistakable scent is great. Especially the color Smooth Going seems to have pleased you on Instagram as well 🙂


MAC Cosmetics Review iridescent powder


For a little extra glow I use the Iridescent Loose Powder from Maccosmetics in the color Silver Dusk. It is suitable as a discreet highlighter on face, décolleté and body. You can also mix a small amount into your foundation or moisturizer for a gentle glow.


MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review


The Maccosmetic Pro Longwear Foundation is not without reason one of my favorite foundations, it holds and holds and holds on the skin. Especially also with oily skin, I can really recommend it to you. The opacity is medium for me and still looks very natural. It is perfect for every day.


MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review


The slightly creamy texture can be applied very easily, evenly and blended easily. The feel is very comfortable and not weighty. No wonder so many nuances are already sold out again in the online shop – so hurry up.


P.S. – This is the color NC40, it fits perfectly with my tanned summer complexion.


Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Review


Now we come to the new Urban Decay Born to run range – so much in advance: The colors are just beautiful and super intense. Again, a great range of Urban Decay, which forms the basis for many make-up looks. Already on Instagram I showed you some looks – now here there are the swatches of all colors.


Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Swatches


In the first row you will find the following colors: Breakaway – Stranded – Blaze – Weekender – Still Shot – Riff und Good as Gone.


Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Swatches


In the second row are: Hell Ride – Baja – Accelerate – Guilt Trip – Ignite – Smog – Wanderlust.


Urban Decay Born to Run Palette Swatches


And in the third row you can find: Wildheart – Punk – Double Fire – Jet – Drift – Radio und Big Sky. I am especially in love with the last three nuances here. My favorite color of the whole range is Big Sky, I mean how beautiful is this glittering aquamarine please.


A beautiful range that I can really put to your heart.


Urban Decay Born to Run Palette


Do you already know some of the products?

Review MAC Cosmetics Urban Decay Born to run palette swatches-2
Review MAC Cosmetics Urban Decay Born to run palette swatches-2
Review MAC Cosmetics Urban Decay Born to run palette swatches-2

    With the new beauty drops you can customize your existing favorite products with other ingredients and effects, which are fitting your skin needs. I tested five different beauty drops from Pixi Beauty and KIKO Milano for you.   pixi beauty Kiko Milano beauty drops how to use   I tested the pixi skintreat Overnight Glow Serum and the Jasmine Oil Blend Drops. By contrast, there are the KIKO Smart Drops, I was allowed to test the Glowing Booster, the Energizing Booster and the Detox Booster.   pixi skintreats   Let’s start with the most popular of all five beauty drops, the pixi skintreat Overnight Glow Serum. However, these drops are not getting mixed into your products, in the evening before the moisturizer massage directly 2 – 3 drops into your skin. They contains glycolic acid (10%) and smoothes the skin texture. The contained vitamin A is also an effective antioxidant as well as vitamins C and E are. It is important to use the Glow Serum regularly to make the effects visible. Since it contains glycolic acid, it is also essential to apply a sunscreen in the sun. Anyway, I will continue to use it and I have already noticed positive effects.   pixi jasmine oil   The pixi skintreats Jasmine Oil Blend Oil can both be applied directly to the skin again or it can be mixed 2-3 drops in your own moisturizer. The drops can be applied both in the morning and in the evening. Since I find the scent of jasmine so relaxing, I like to use it in the evening and mix it into my moisturizer. For very dry skin, warm 2-3 drops in your hands and apply directly to the skin.   Kiko milano smart drops beauty   The new Smart Drops from KIKO Milano can be applied directly to the face and offer a great price performance ratio. And for all of you who might not even know it, KIKO also has Skincare. However, I like to use the drops and mix them with my moisturizer, add a dab of moisturizer to the back of my hand and mix with the desired drops.   Kiko milano smart drops beauty glow   The Glowing Booster Smart Drops by KIKO Milano are containing cranberry seed oil and it provides the skin with moisture, to giving a fresh glow. In addition, the drops smell fruity and pleasant to use.   KIKO Milano Smart Drops   According to the website, KIKO Milano’s Detox Smart Drops are already bestsellers and containing kiwi and cucumber extracts. The drops smell fresh and are absorbed well when applied directly to the skin. After application, the skin feels refreshed. In addition, the drops can also be applied well in between.   Kiko Milano Smart Drops Charge   The KIKO Milano Smart Drops Energizing Boosters are my favorite drops, I like to use them in the morning after cleansing with my moisturizer and let them work while I enjoy my morning coffee. Ginger water awakens the skin, has a refreshing effect and wakes you up. The skin is supplied with moisture.   Do you know beauty drops and do you like to use these additional helpers?

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loving tan review


Is it worth the hype? You may have seen Loving Tan already on Instagram, a year ago I decided to order a product from Australia and I loved it so much. So, of course, I was very happy to work together with Loving Tan for this review. Loving Tan sent me some great products for testing.


loving tan review


Here you can see which products and tools I was allowed to test: The Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark, the Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer Luminious Cream in Ultra Dark, the Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt, the Loving Tan Tan Removing &  Skin Polishing Glove and the Loving Tan Easy to Reach Tool. Now I’m happy to tell you more about the products and show you the results of the tan.


loving tan review


Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer Luminious Cream in Ultra Dark gives the tan the perfect finish and fits perfect to the tanning mousse to make the tan look even more natural. Here I applied the cream without previous tan on my right leg and even then a gentle tan is visible. In addition, the cream is easy to apply, feels nourishing on the skin and leaves a great glow – perfect for the summer.


loving tan review


The Deluxe Applicator Mitt is perfect to evenly apply the tanning mousse. It is made of strong soft fabric and is processed to last a long time and to serve as a tanning aid. The soft surface makes applying the tanning mousse super pleasant.


loving tan review


Before you apply the Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse, it is important to prepare the skin. This is a thorough exfoliation inevitable, you can also use the Loving Tan Tan Removing & Skin Polishing Glove. Then you should apply on rough areas such as elbows, knees and also on the feet and hands a little body lotion and let it move. Then place the Deluxe Bronze Mousse on the Applicator Mitt and apply quickly from the bottom to the top. If you are still unsure about how to apply, you can find detailed video tutorials on the Loving Tan website.


Here again the before picture. As you can see, coating once was enough to create a mega tan.


loving tan review

The tan of Loving Tan also look – in contrast to other products – very natural and not too orange. By the way, with a make-up sponge, the tanning mousse can also be used on the face without any problem. But before that, you should also apply a little bit of moisturizer first.


loving tan review


If you do not have anyone to help you cream your back, Loving Tan’sm Easy to Reach Tool von Loving Tan is the answer. You can just give the tanning mousse on the sponges and distribute it on bulky body parts easily and evenly.


loving tan review


The Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse dries quickly and lasts a week. If you need to renew the tan you can just take Loving Tan Tan Removing &  Skin Polishing Glove in hand under the shower so can remove the tan easily and can then be renewed.


loving tan review


Now for the color, I recommend you to take a shade darker than you thought, because then the results are immediately visible. Of course, your preferences also play a big role. I ordered the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in the color dark one year ago, but I like the result of Ultra Dark even more because it’s more intense.


When ordering a mousse from Loving Tan you will get a message for free with the code “thechicadvocate”.


REVIEW Loving Tan Selftanner
REVIEW Loving Tan Selftanner
REVIEW Loving Tan Selftanner


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makeup review


Do you like rose gold? Then you will love this make-up news – not only in packaging – even with the products themselves, rose gold is the color of the hour. I was allowed to try pallets from Maybelline and L’Oréal as well as some products of the Orgasm 2018 Limited Edition from NARSisst.


NARs limited edition orgasm 2018


These two pieces are part of the limited edition Orgasm 2018 collection by NARSisst. The Afterglow Lip Balm of the NARSisst Orgasm 2018 collection is not only beautiful in terms of packaging, it gives the lips a hint of peachy pink with a slight shimmer and feels nourishing on the lips. The Illuminating Loose Powder of the NARSisst Orgasm 2018 collection gives intense shimmer in rose gold, a small amount is enough to conjure up beautiful effects.


Maybelline Total Temptation Lidschatten + Highlighter Palette


Also very pretty is the Maybelline Total Temptation Eyeshadow + Highlighter Palette, especially the design I like a lot. The palette is splitted into two looks: The left side is designed to create a natural look with peach notes; with the right side you can create an expressive look in mauve. The eyeshadow nuances are arranged on the outside and the two highlighters in the middle. The eye shadows are easy to apply in the swatches you can see the respective intensity of each color:



The nuances are partially provided with shimmer and partly matte. A sweet palette that is of course still suitable for further looks and has already a matching highlighter included.


loreal glow palette


The L’Oréal La Vie en Glow Palette is the variation in warm tones of the Glow Collection by L’Oréal – if you are interested in the other products, take a look at my  earlier review. This powder palette contains four nuances, which can be applied individually or together as a highlighter.


La Vie en Glow review swatches


On the swatches you can see how intensively the colors are pigmented. Therefore, they are also suitable for you, if you like the highlighter like a little more intense.


City Kits Palette Maybelline


The Maybelline City Kits range also offers a fresh, rose gold design, with beautiful shades ranging from pink to brown and copper. The City Kits range includes eight eyeshadow tones, a soft blush and a shimmering highlighter that blend together perfectly. On the back are practical application notes. The eye shadows are easy to apply, in the swatches you can see the intensity of the individual nuances:


Review Maybelline The city kits palette


Do you already know the products?







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Sonnenschutz test Review Sonnencreme


The summer is currently in a sunny mood including daily sunshine: much needed because of that is an accurate sun protection. Meanwhile, there are sunscreen in various forms to give you an overview of the best new products. I have tested myself through some product novelties and introduce you to my favorites today.


Shiseido Clear Stick UV Protector


The Shiseido Clear Stick UV protector is one of my absolute favorites this summer, all make-up lovers like me certainly know the problem, either you take a make-up with included UV protection or the sunscreen must be incorporated otherwise. Super easy is this now with the Clear Stick by Shiseido, he can easily be applied under the make-up and immediately acts like a primer. Make-up above it and you’re done. The citrus scent is also very pleasant. The Shiseido Clear Stick UV Protector is then non-comedogenic, water-repellent and does not stick. You can also apply it over the make-up, but I find it better underneath. Often we forget the sun protection of our lips, straight on the beach but also red lips look seductive. The Shiseido UV Lip Color Splash protects the lips with SPF 30 from the harmful UVA rays and at the same time you receive red kiss lips. Another advantage over a lip balm – it does not melt.


clarins Sun Care Cream


Also from Clarins there are this summer new sunscreen products available. I have tested the Crème Solaire Sécurité, the Crème Solaire Anti-Rides Visage and the Baume Après Soleil Régénérant Réhydratant Intense. So the whole range that you need. Clarins Solaire Sécurité by Clarins has sun protection factor 30, it has a creamy formula and is suitable for the body. I particularly like the summery floral scent. For the face and décolleté I use from this range the Crème Solaire Anti-Rides Visage, which also contains sun protection factor 30. It also counteracts wrinkles and skin aging. Both products must be reapplied after bathing in order to maintain the sunscreen. Even after sunbathing or at the beach, the skin needs extra care. The Baume Après Soleil Régénérant Réhydratant Intense provides the skin with the necessary moisture on the body and face, regenerates and extends the tan. The après care also has the same scent, therefore a complete line for the other sunny days.


Avène Cleanance Solaire


At Avène, you can find sunscreen for hypersensitive, sensitized skin, which is 100% mineral and does not require any chemical filters, fragrances or parabens. I was allowed to test the hypoallergenic mineral sun fluid with SPF 50, it is slightly creamy and leaves a wonderful glow on the skin, perfect for the day at the beach. My tip: It is also suitable for daily use to get a natural glow in everyday life. If you are prone to oily skin, Avène Cleanance Solaire SPF 50 may be the better choice as the pumpkin seed extract in it regulates sebum production and is ideal for oily skin. It has a slightly matting effect and has a pleasant fragrance like a perfume. The formulation is noticeably less greasy, but the matting effect is not enough for me to keep the skin shiny.


I am Sun Protect Leave in Spray Migros


For years already, I use a sunscreen spray for the hair and scalp. All the more I was happy about the new I Am Sun Protect Leave-In Spray by Migros. It contains UVA and UVB filters, which preserve the natural moisture and prevent fading. In addition, the care provides optimal protection against seawater and chlorine. Shake the spray well before sunbathing and spray into dry or damp hair. It is important to shake the spray well first, so that the phases can mix. An absolute buy tip with a great price-performance ratio.


Aderma Creme très haute protection


The sun protection products of Aderma I could already test last year. The cream très haute protection with sun protection factor 50 is particularly suitable for normal to dry skin and intended for the face, neck and décolleté. It is a plant-based sunscreen that contains the active substance rhealba®, a seed oil that protects the skin and strengthens the skin barrier. The cream has a light and liquid consistency and can be applied well, it is perfumed.


Ultrasun Body Tan Activator SPF 30


One of my favorite products this summer is the Ultrasun Body Tan Activator SPF 30. This is a tan-activating sunscreen gel, in my opinion the gel is in the consistency between a gel and a cream, a creamy gel. It is easy to apply and is also suitable for sensitive skin. Now it takes me a long time until I accept a tan. The Ultrasun Body Tan Activator contains a tanning activating substance that stimulates melanin production and activates the natural tanning process. I noticed an effect when tanning and am happy with it. Nevertheless, it contains an SPF 30 and therefore protects optimally.


Sun Look Sport Sun Spray SF50


For all athletes among you my boyfriend has tested the Sun Look Sport Sun Spray SF50. It is easy to spray on and spread on the skin. In addition, the spray is very convenient to take with you and can not leak. The SPF 50 is especially important when exercising. Actually, my boyfriend can not go longer without it to the skating rink. The extra-durable formula also keeps sweat out, but sunspray should be applied again for a longer stay in the sun. Especially the easy application without the typical creaming is to be evaluated positively.
Garnier ambre solaire sensitive expert anti age review
The Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Expert + Anti-Age SPF 50 is a sunscreen for use on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. It is perfume-free, waterproof, non-greasy and has a light texture. The cream is absorbed well and does not greasy. Priced a good option.
Weleda Edelweiss Sonnencreme Gesicht

This year I also tested a sunscreen product of the Natural Cosmetics Division. The Edelweiss sunscreen for the face of Weleda with SPF 30 is waived here on chemical sunscreen. The sunscreen has a refreshing lemon fragrance, which I personally find very appealing. It can be applied very well thanks to the relatively fluid texture and absorbs quickly enough. The sunscreen is also vegan.


Daylong Face 50+
By Daylong there is a newly tinted BB fluid with sun protection factor 50. This I prefer to use instead of make-up to still have some color in the face. The fluid absorbs well and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin without sticking. The color adapts easily to the skin tone and looks very natural. In addition, the formulation is not comedogenic.
Louis widmer 50 + All day
The Liposomal Sun Milk All Day by Louis Widmer also has a sun protection factor of 59 and is waterproof. It is particularly suitable for extremely sun-sensitive skin. The consistency corresponds to a sunscreen and is therefore more liquid than a cream, it can be applied well. The sunscreen is dermatologically tested and contains UVA and UVB protection filters. An allrounder product for the whole day. The sunscreen is slightly perfumed.


Which sunscreen products are you currently using?





guerlain makeup review


I do not want to deprive you of the beautiful terracotta collection by Guerlain any longer. Summer is in full in swing and these make-up novelties are absolute must-haves. Incidentally, the well-known terracotta powder has been available at Guerlain since 1984.




Terracotta sous les palmiers is the name of the limited edition of the well known tanning powder and blush by Guerlain. Beautifully looks the design with the palm leaves, the entire packaging is thoughtful and high quality. A big mirror is also included. Like all Guerlain make-up products, the terracotta sous les palmiers powder smells wonderful. The powder gives natural tan, glow and the blush gives the tint freshness.


guerlain terracotta sun cushion makeup review


The Guerlain Terracotta Sun Cushion is dedicated to the Healthy Glow Makeup trend. It can be well dosed by the Cushion. The Sun Cushion can be applied to the entire face or used only as a correction, it instantly conjures up a natural glowing tan and protects at the same time from the sun with SPF 20. The application succeeds easily and the Guerlain Terracotta Sun Cushion can be taken anywear in the purse to refresh your complexion at the actual hot temperatures.


guerlain Terracotta Summer Highlight Bronzing Powder makeup review


Guerlain’s Terracotta Summer Highlight Powder, with its classic design and seductive fragrance, is also one of my summer highlights and the pervasive of the classic Terracotta Bronzer Powder. The powder contains gold particles and thus perfectly captures the light to support and radiate the natural tan. The powder looks just beautiful on the skin and visually a stylish classic.


guerlain kiss kiss makeup review


In addition to the beautiful summer products of the Terracotta collection, there are also beautiful new lip colors to discover. The KissKiss lipsticks by Guerlain are classics themselves. For the summer, two intense, bright and very trendy shades are new available. The intensive and dark red-brown in the color 569 West Wood fits perfectly to the tanned summer complexion. The lipstick is easy to apply thanks to its creamy consistency and the intense color adheres for a very long time. Add to that the wonderfully gentle scent of vanilla and violets.


guerlain makeup review


Here again the gorgeous makeup news: Guerlain Terracotta sous les palmiers Powder, Guerlain Kiss Kiss Westwood Lipstick, Guerlain Terracotta Sun Cushion and Guerlain Terracotta Summer Highlight Powder. It’s really hard for me to choose a favorite, the Guerlain Terracotta sous les palmiers powder certainly fits into any make-up collection.


guerlain makeup review


Here you can see the Swatches of the Kiss Kiss Lipstick in color 569, the Terracotta Summer Highlight Powder and the Terracotta Sun Cushion.


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Estée Lauder is one of my favorite brands, especially the great limited edition always surprise me positively. So does the current bronzer from the Bronze Goddess summer collection 2018 by Estée Lauder. But even the pretty new Pure Color Love Liquid Lip not only great in my handbag.


Estee Lauder Lipgloss


The Pure Color Love Liquid Lip Lip Glosses by Estée Lauder are available in 23 colors and in different finishes: Matte, Sparkle and Shine. The Pure Color Love Liquid Lip is packed with a super fruit cocktail of pomegranate, mango and acai power oils that nourish the lips. Therefore, especially the finishes sparkle and shine are also applicable to dry lips. The slightly sweet scent is also very pleasant.


Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Liquid Lip


However, the most convincing thing about it is the color power, the colors are super opaque and radiate. The lip glosses are also great as a topper over the lipstick. For the natural glossy look with a hint of glitter I recommend you Limo Lights.



Now for the beautiful bronzer of the Bronze Goddess collection. The bronzer has the characteristic scent of the Bronze Goddess collection. Even the bronzer I had to swatch for you briefly, is he not beautiful? Perfect for the summer in a rich golden color, which shimmers wonderfully on tanned skin.


How do you like the novelties? Have you already tried them?


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Today I would like to introduce you to a classic skin care product that I have been testing for several weeks now. The Sisley Émulsion Écologique limited edition is something very special, because its formula has not been changed since its introduction in 1980 and there is a reason for that. Sometimes a change is not indicated. An all-round product for the whole year that can be easily combined with other skin care products.


The  is a universal, modern skin care for use at any age, even men can use it. It contains extracts of centella, asiatica, ginseng, rosemary, hops and horsetail. It has a pleasant smell of herbs, which is another reason why it is gender-neutral. I use the Émulsion Écologiqueof Sisley as day care. The Émulsion Écologique is dull, fresh and intensively moisturizes. After use, even stressed and dry skin feels relaxed without irritating the skin. The texture is not greasy, which is especially important to me. The Émulsion Écologique is wonderfully suited as a basic care – also in combination with other care products. My friend also tried it after shaving and was thrilled of the effect, especially since he has sensitive skin and reacts quickly to harsh ingredients.


The pretty bottle of this limited edition was illustrated by the artist Elzbieta Radziwill with flowers, leaves and butterflies. With gold and red the bottle of the Émulsion Écologique of Sisley looks very noble and looks so pretty in my bathroom cabinet.


Do you already know the Émulsion Écologique by Sisley?









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