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Review: „Modern Icon“ Limited Edition by Artistry

Spring is coming soon, even if the weather is not the best all day, with the delicate colors of the new limited edition of Artistry “Modern Icon” you will definitely get in spring mood.     “Modern Icon, the limited spring collection by Artistry in 2017, brings fresh air to the day’s make-up, with soft pastel shades shimmering and radiant for a more trendy version of the classic spring colors.”  


Review: RITUALS – The Ritual of Cleopatra Make-up Collection

Rituals has launched a new make-up collection with pure, powdered gemstones called “The Ritual of Cleopatra”, I have tested some of the new products. Rituals presents a glamorous collection of face, lip and eye make-up. A tribute to the beauty rituals of the most powerful beauty icon of antiquity: Cleopatra. Amethyst, ruby ​​and sapphire enriched.


Physicians Formula – perfect for a natural look

The makeup trends are becoming more colorful and powerful, this doesn’t fit on every occasion and sometimes we prefer to look more natural. The products of Physicians Formula fit wonderfully for a subtle natural look, I would like to introduce some of them to you today. First of all, I would like to briefly explain the brand to you.    


MAC Technique App & Workshops

You don’t like new years resolutions? But maybe you want to use the new year to learn new stuff. At MAC there are various seminars that can help you to improve your make-up skills under professional guidance. The whole concept as well as some must-have products from MAC I would like to introduce you today.    


Review: Artistry Light it up Lipglosse

Lipgloss with additional features? Yes, the new Artistry lip glosses do not only look pretty, but also bring the mirror and light with them, for a simple application wherever you are.     Whether sweet or sexy, subtle or expressive, glam-girl or boystyle: the eight new luminous lipglosses from Amways premium cosmetic brand ARTISTRY offer the perfect tone for every styling desire. They also score with jojoba and avocado oil…


Glitter Make-up with Wet’n’Wild

Christmas and New Year’s Eve always bring a lot of glamour and glitter into the make-up world. Even at Wet’n’Wild, the products glitter and radiate just the bet. So I needed to try a glitter-look myself.    


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