Review: Foreo LUNA Mini 2 – Face Brush

Face brushes are indeed still a current trend. As part of the Sephora Store Opening I have a Foreo Luna received 2 cleaning brush and this now tested some time. My impressions I would like to share with you.

The LUNA Mini cleaning brush is a product of the Swedish Beauty Labels Foreo. It is suitable for all skin types.


Foreo LUNA mini


A vibration brush with three cleaning zones, small, light and easy to carry, the ideal traveling companion.

  • The fine knobs on the front panel provide a gentle cleaning of sensitive to normal skin.
  • The thicker nubs on top come in cleaning difficult-to-reach areas of skin for use.
  • The thick stems on the other hand, are especially suitable for cleaning the oilier skin.


In just one minute, morning and evening, the skin is perfectly clean. The three colors LUNA Mini (Magenta, Cyan Blue and Purple) adapts to your individual cleaning needs.


Foreo LUNA mini

The delivery you see above, it was about the Foreo Mini, a charging cable and user guide.

How to use

First moisten the face and apply a cleaning product. Then, the surface of the cleaning device moisten with water. LUNA Mini switch and the center button – adjust the intensity of the vibration – depending on facial area and feeling of comfort. Pulses stop every 15 seconds. This signals, as well as the blinking signal, the switch to the next face area. After 1 minute, the pulsations stop 3 times in succession. This signals, as well as the continuous light that your cleaning routine is finished. Turn off the appliance, rinse face and cleaning brush thoroughly.

Foreo 2 LUNA mini

The test

As mentioned above, I have the Foreo Mini subjected to a personal long-term test and they (almost) used daily during the past few weeks, with my usual face cleansing product. The application is super easy and the device loads up quickly.

Initially that’s vibrate a little getting used to, otherwise the feeling on the skin is pleasant. The cleaning itself, I personally feel the cleaning with foreo smoother than with conventional face brush, I’v tried also the facial brush of Trisa a few time ago: 

Through the various knobs sizes, the areas of the face can be cleaned optimally and the rounded shape facilitates the use very.

Foreo 2 mini

Foreo 2 mini


Another advantage I see is that it is silicone jets, which can be easily cleaned. In the traditional brush, the brush heads from time need to be changed at the time.

To the effect: I certainly feel that my skin is cleansed deep by applying the Foreo LUNA Mini. However, they alone accomplishes no miracles, but it is a good tool for face cleaning, which increases the effectiveness of cleaning.

The Foreo LUNA Mini is available at Sephora Manor and for CHF 179.50.

Do you use facial cleansing brushes? Do you knew the products of Foreo already?



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