Review: Simple – eye make-up remover pads (UK)

Dear Lovelies

Today i will present you even a special review, why? As highly organized personality I have not let it take me to forgot my makeup remover at home. So hardly arrived, it was time to get a new makeup remover. I have, then finally decided as a lover of Waterproof mascara and eyeliner, for eye make-up remover pads of Simple. They have convinced me at first application, so that I had to write a review about them immediately ^^


simple eye make up remover pads 2-min



Manufacturer’s description


Simple goodness! For natural healthy looking skin… Our Eye Make-up Remover Pads are a perfect blend of multi-vitamins and gentle cleansers to remove even waterproof mascara. Our pads won’t sting or irritate your delicate Eies. Perfect for even sensitiv skin. Zero alcohol, no oil and no artificial perfume or colour at all as also no harsh chemicals. Dermatologically tested and approved. Simple skincare contains no animal derived ingredients. UK’s No. 1.



Remove the pads of the package and remove makeup gently. As initially mentioned, I’m thrilled. Rarely could convince myself as fast as this product does. It does not burn, the skin is not greasy and the make-up can be removed without much intervention quickly and easily. Both my waterproof mascara, as well as my waterproof eyeliner was completely removed with just one pad.

The pad itself has an embossment and is soaked in Remover liquid. It can be easily removed and is compared to other products grippy and “thick”.


simple eye make up pads 1-min



Yes what is there more to write about. The 1.95 pound spend into remover pads, that I have paid off because of a forgotten makeup. I will probably take more of them to home, because I am not permanently in the UK. That is my only downer, the brand simple we can’t buy in switzerland so far.

Do you know the brand simple? What do you use for removing make-up?