Tested: Spray Tan

The summer did not really get going on this year in europe and extensive sunbathing is not always very healthy we until now. Therefore I dared to the spray tanning. How it works and the result, I would like to present you here.


spray tan


Short overview


Spray tan there with us for quite some time. Because tan without sunbathing is becoming increasingly popular. Too much sun and especially the solarium harm the skin, this will be no longer do. When Spraytan in the tanning booth you will be placed in a spray of self, which is then dried equal. Process there are different dependent on the products used by them. The tanning expert or tanning expert explains you the various options and offers in advance. They also give you a recommendation, which tan best suits you. Then you can decide for yourself, which do you chose.


Spray Tan Tanning 1-min
Tanning Shop

The preparation


Thus the result is optimal also have some points to be considered. The day before, you should exfoliate and perform a shaving / waxing (24 previously). You should also take a shower before the deadline only with water and free of any deodorant, makeup, perfume, lotion, etc. go to tanning. In addition, you should wear cotton widest possible dark clothing.


The tanning itself


As already mentioned the offer from the studio depends. Basically, there are instant bronzer where you can immediately see results and those in which it begins to turn brown later. The shower has told me what to do and dried after each spray tan. To protect the soles of the feet I’ve got some special pads to stick. The fingers and toes should I apply cream additionally with lotion. In addition, there was a shower cap for the head. All went smoothly according to an unfamiliar sensation when first spraying I got used to it quickly and then it was over.


Tan 2-min


This is the tan shower here a model of Versa Spa, there are also in Switzerland’s such models available.

tan 3-min


The instructions for future references.

Spray Tan Tanning 1-min

This lotion I should apply on hands and feet, this lotion is a Tanning blocker.

After Tanning


After tanning you should not take a showere about 6 hours. In addition, no care products should be applied as well as sports and sweating as possible be avoided. Subsequently to the durability to be extended by the application of lotion.

Here are my results:

I hope you can see the effect, it was difficult to get him on image. I’m concerned it could have been darker, because if I I’ll sunbathing namely, one hardly thinks, I’m getting very very brown.




Spraytan is a funny thing, but few people would want to do it well forever. It is also to say that, as with any self just already a not quite natural tanning occurs. But for special occasions and it is always useful. If you should have this in mind, I would advise you to make a test run and to check whether the result is as you would imagine it to you. To avoid any disappointment. Then much fun by using brown and white, remain or spray.


How do you feel about tan? Is it you do not care, you are true sun worshipers or consumed her tons of self-tanning?