Summer Feelings with Yankee Candle Coastal Living

To a pleasant room climate belongs also the appropriate room fragrance, Yankee Candles offers again a wonderful summer collection, which arouses wanderlust. Coastal Living sprayed a little sea air at home.


 Yankee Candle Coastal Living

“The flood of passion, she storms in vain
To the invincible solid land. ”
She throws poetic pearls to the beach,
And that is already gain of life.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yankee Candle – Driftwood


Yankee Candle - Driftwood
A fragrance like from your favorite finds from the beach, sand and sun weathered driftwood. – Yankee Candle


A very pleasant and balanced fragrance you get with Yankee Candle Driftwood, a gentle sweet, light woody note gives the room a cozy warmth.


Yankee Candle – Garden by the Sea


Yankee Candle - Garden by the Sea


A delicate flowering after beach grass and other maritime flowers. – Yankee Candle


You know I love floral fragrances, so Garden by the Sea and Driftwood belong to my favorites of this collection.


Yankee Candle – Coastal Living



A fascinating combination of salt and sweet – coastal flowers sway in a warm sea breeze. – Yankee Candle


A breath of sea air offers you Coastal Living, with its salty and sweet fragrance notes.


Yankee Candle – Sea Air


Yankee Candle Sea Air
The refreshing air on the shore of the lake, filled with the smell of sea salt, Alpine violet and rose. – Yankee Candle


This scent also arouses wanderlust and brings me back to the Côte d’Azure in summer.


A summer collection, which arouses the longing for sun, beach and sea.