Glitter Make-up with Wet’n’Wild

Christmas and New Year’s Eve always bring a lot of glamour and glitter into the make-up world. Even at Wet’n’Wild, the products glitter and radiate just the bet. So I needed to try a glitter-look myself.



the look



Most of the time, I wear the same make-up look in my everyday life, but for the festivities it has to be more of all. That’s why I was really looking forward to the new Wet’n’Wild’s fantastic glittery shadows. The look itself is simple.


  1. After the priming and eyebrows, apply the Wet’n’Wild Contouring Palette in Dulce De Leche according to the instructions on the back (practically isn’t it?).
  2. Apply the glitter eyeshadow Bleached to the inner eyelid, you can also use as a primer a bright eyeshadow before. Then apply the glitter eyeshadow Spike to the remaining eyelid.
  3. Now let’s do the eyeliner, you get super simply with the Wet’n’Wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner, let it briefly dry.
  4. A great invention is also the Wet’n’Wild Mascara System. First, prime the lashes with the mascara, then lengthen the eyelashes with the lash fiber fibers and fix the whole thing again with mascara.
  5. With the Wet’n’Wild ultimatebrow Highlighter especially under the brows still highlights.
  6. When the eyes are already shining, the lips have a pretty shine, with some color. The Wet’n’Wild Megaslick Lip Gloss in Red Sensation does not only look great but also feels so.




You need more glitter? No problem because on the nails there is still some space for glitter.



Simply use the Wet’n’Wild Wildshine glitter nail polish as a top coat on your favorite nail polish and the glitter look is perfect.


The products I’ve used again in the overview:



By the way, the products of Wet’n’Wild are not tested on animals, they are thus cruelty free, another argument for this cool brand from the USA.


Do you like Wet’n’Wild products?