Review: Whamisa – Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are becoming more and more popular, because they can soften the skin and effectively free the skin of make-up. I was allowed to test the Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil from the natural cosmetics brand Whamisa.


Whamisa Cleansing Oil




The WHAMISA cleansing oil gently cleanses the skin from make-up. The formula does not include mineral oil. Vegetable oils from hazelnut kernels, olives, avocado and jojoba protect the skin. Fermented lico rice root, argan oil and chrysanthemum extracts maintain the same irritation. The moisture content is gently regulated during cleaning. Therefore the oil is also suitable for sensitive skin. It gives a healthy and fresh complexion.


The basis is not distilled water but pure botanical extracts. These pass through a natural fermentation, which prevents the destruction of the valuable active ingredients. For our skin, this means a maximum of vital substances which, thanks to the good absorption capacity, can have a particularly rapid effect and are very well tolerated. Suitable for all skin types, especially for normal and sensitive skin.


Whamisa Cleansing Oil 




1-2 pump the pump onto the dry hands and gently massage into the face. Then remove the oil with lukewarm water or with a cotton pad.


The beauty secret of fermentation


If a raw material is fermented which, from a cosmetic point of view, has three benefits for the skin, it can be converted so that it has ten additional values at the end and additionally

Easier to penetrate the skin. This does not work by means of nano technology or artificial breaking up of the molecular structures, but by purely natural processes:


Fermentation is generally understood to mean the enzymatic conversion of organic substances. It is caused by the addition of certain bacteria or other cell cultures. The natural microorganisms are capable of forming nutrients which can not be produced chemically or only with difficulty. Valuable secondary crops, which are used to protect plants against environmental influences and other stresses, are concentrated into small molecules. This makes them particularly bioavailable. In addition, allergy-inducing proteins are converted into non-allergenic substances. Thus, the ingredients used, such as nuts, even lose their allergenic potential.


For our skin, this means a maximum of vital substances which, thanks to the good absorption capacity, can have a particularly rapid effect and are very well tolerated.




Anyone who thinks that the skin is oily after application is wrong. After rinsing, the skin is super soft, cleaned and has no oily film at all. The application is very pleasant, the oil can be distributed well. Especially for dry skin, a cleansing oil is a great alternative because it is not so aggressive and the skin does not dry out. I am absolutely enthusiastic about this product.


Do you know the Korean trend brand Whamisa already? Or do you already use a Cleansing Oil?









  1. Sunday March 12th, 2017 / 11:19 PM

    I love this brand, their mists are amazing, olive leaf mist is my favourite product right now. Their sheet masks are interesting and I’m planning to try their eye cream and one of their creams too because they were recommended to me by a friend. Who knows, maybe I’ll try this oil too 🙂

    • Monday March 13th, 2017 / 01:04 AM

      I already tested a sheet mask too, and it was good. And now I love this oil.

  2. Monday March 13th, 2017 / 01:26 AM

    Ich benutze ein Cleansing Oil: das von Balea. Als ich von Whamisa las, habe ich mich erst gefreut, aber leider ist es nicht reizfrei und kommt deshalb für mich nicht in Frage. Echt schade! Ich hätte gern mal ein NK-Produkt.

    • Monday March 13th, 2017 / 09:16 AM

      Vielleicht ändert es sich ja mal irgendwann noch.

  3. Monday March 13th, 2017 / 08:18 PM

    Ich kenne die Marke noch nicht, aber solche Cleansing Oils finde ich sehr spannend. Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich mal eins von TBS und fand das richtig gut.
    Viele Grüße

    • Monday March 13th, 2017 / 10:49 PM

      Ja ich finde cleansing oils auch super interessant

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