Review: Unicorns Heart Rainbow Highlighter

Unicorns and rainbows let us become little girls again, at least this is the case with me. Of course, I could not resist to this cute Unicorns Heart Highlighter by I heart Makup. Fortunately, I was able to secure one of the coveted specimens.


Unicorn Heart Highlighter I heart makeup

“A rainbow Highlighter Made by Unicorns”


The packaging is super pretty with the glittering lid, the Unicorn print and, of course, the heart shape. The rainbow is clearly visible also applied to the skin:


Unicorn Heart Highlighter I heart makeup


The Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter is therefore not only good on the dressing table, it is well pigmented in the pastel colors and glitters pretty well.


Incidentally included are 10g. I paid 6.50 CHF.

At the moment it is unfortunately not available anymore.


How do you like the Highlighter?