Producttest: Trisa Visage with Sonic Cleansing System

I was very happy about the possibility to test this new and innovative product from Trisa AG. Of course I wouldn’t hide my impressions from you.

Trisa 1-min

Description of the product

Healthy , pure and velvety facial skin is every woman’s desire, regardless of age. A beautiful complexion radiates freshness and vitality. However, countless factors such as stress, lack of sleep and pollution strain the skin and leave it languish. It is therefore understandable that the modern woman a careful facial attaches great importance. Dirt , dust and sebum to be thoroughly removed.

Only a pores cleansed skin can absorb moisture and active ingredients of face creams optimal. For this reason, the use of electric facial cleansing brushes enjoys increasing popularity. The need for a perfect facial cleansing met TRISA with the new Visage Sonic Cleansing System . Gentle sound movements combined with 30’000 are fine cleaning sutures dissolve dirt and makeup residue thoroughly than in a manual cleansing. Tests conducted at an independent dermatological institute that TRISA Visage skin up to four times more effectively cleans *.

The use of this unique sonic facial brush is simple and the results are impressive : First, a suitable cleaning agent is on the moistened brush head applied . Pleasant vibrating movement massage and clean the facial skin. Finally, the face is washed with water.

The replaceable brush head ” Pure Cleansing ” for normal and combination skin is a true masterpiece . About 30,000 silky fine cleansing threads rid the skin gently impurities and provide a pleasant cleaning sensation .

One battery charge is sufficient to face three months ( 2 x 1 minute per day ) to clean. So the TRISA Visage is also ideally suited for convenient facial cleansing while traveling or on the go . The charging system is handy in use and space saving. The facial brush is waterproof to 100 percent and can also be used safely in the shower .

This effective facial cleansing should be accessible to every woman . Until now, electric face brush were relatively expensive. TRISA , this new Swiss high device as well as the replacement brushes at an extremely attractive price.


Trisa 2-min

Included are the brush and protection for it, handset and charger and instructions.

Trisa 3-min

Composed the Trisa Visage presents like that.

Trisa 4-min

The brush head is triangular in shape and equipped with fine non-abrasive bristles.

trisA 5-min

Overall, Trisa Visage presented as extremely compact and simple maintained.

The test

As already described above, the application is simple, the brush head to moisten, apply desired cleansing and clean face  First, the well region is to massage in a circular motion with little pressure, then clean the T – zone by up and down movements. After each application of the brush head should be thoroughly rinsed. Then let air dry in storage base and protect then with head quiver against dirt.

The application is easy even for beginners by the hand. It is important to apply a cream according to the skin type after cleaning, because the skin will dry out by the cleaning, so as if woman cleans the face with his hands.

The skin is cleaned really deep into the pores in my opinion, I did not how else sometimes feel that the dirt was not removed by the cleansing. The vibration of the brush tickling initially almost anything, but you get used to it and it is not unpleasant.


The Trisa Visage Facial Brush is unlike other facial brushes simply maintained , this brings numerous advantages . It is not necessary to buy more (expensive) Papers for the facial brush . The brush can be well integrated in the morning and evening routine , since it means no additional expense. This Personally I like particularly well , because most are beauty products at my home just stand because I either ” no ” time had also perform this and that , or because me the whole is too unwieldy and complicated to use.

In addition, the brush is very favorable , the whole brush is for CHF 40.00 available in the retail trade . The biggest selling point for me , however , that it is not encouraged to use special care products for application . It is thus possible to stay with the personal favorite cleaning product .

I have already taken the Trisa Visage in my care routine and am satisfied with the result .

Do you use already an electronic facial brush or do ye set an ?






  1. Valérie Christen
    Monday December 26th, 2016 / 12:05 PM

    Ich habe eine zu Weihnachten bekommen und bin schon sehr gespannt:D die Augen kann man damit aber nicht abschminken oder?

    • Monday December 26th, 2016 / 10:24 PM

      Oh toll 🙂 Nein, zuerst abschminken und danach kannst du damit die Hautreinigung mit deinem gewohnten Reinigungsprodukt effizienter machen 🙂

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