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My first trip in the new year took me to Colmar, in Alsace, France. Just 40 minutes from Basel and the Swiss border by train, a close destination for a leisurely weekend abroad. Especially at Christmas time, Colmar is a popular excursion destination, as the whole town is beautifully decorated and the Christmas market invites you to linger. Also in the new year there were still some Christmas decorations left over. The skating rink of the Christmas market and a mulled wine stall were still open.



Colmar is particularly well-known for Petite Venise in English small Venice, a canal which leads through the town and reminds of the canal lanes of Venice. However, with its colorful houses and fishing boats, it has its own charm. The colorful houses can be found not only in Petite Venise but in the whole city.



The architecture is worth seeing and enchanting anyway. In the city center there are two churches from the Middle Ages in the Gothic style. The Renaissance period meets one everywhere in the pretty town. La Petite Venise then with its colorful houses was the former fishing district of Colmar.



Culinary, there is much to discover in Colmar. On the streets you can not miss a French crepe under any circumstances. But also churros stands are obviously very popular here. Since I went to Colmar on the weekend of the Epiphany, there was a galette de rois. If you like dried fruits as much as I do you’ll be happy. In the town are several shops where you can buy any conceivable fruit, nut or candy. There is also a market hall in the fishing district. Furthermore, there is a market in front of the market hall.



The decorations throughout the city are really very elaborate and have been designed with great attention to detail. I’ll definitely go back to Colmar in the snowy Advent season.



Back to the culinary arts, in the town there are many pretty restaurants offering classic Alsatian cuisine. Do not miss out on a traditional tarte flambée with onions and bacon.



It was very worthwhile to travel to Colmar. Not a hectic big city but a cozy town, perfect to escape from everyday life and to slow down as well. Incidentally, we stayed at the Best Western Grand Hotel Bristol, this is right next to the train station and is therefore super convenient.


Have you ever been to Colmar?



My last weekend I spent in Paris, even with the weather we had luck for the most time. Even the sun was shining. As I was exploring Paris for the first time, I was not allowed to miss the main attractions. Today I want to show you the ones that I liked the most.





The Louvre is the best known art museum in Paris, here you can, for example, view the painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. There are many well-known paintings and sculptures to discover. Incidentally, the Louvre was once called the Palais Louvre and was one of the residences of the French king. If you do not want to go to the museum. It’s still worth a visit. The building complex is beautiful and bears witness to the architecture of earlier times.


Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile


Arc de Triomphe Paris


The Arc de Triomphe is also an imposing building that you should definitely visit during a stay in Paris. This is a monument, which was built from 1806 to 1836. It is located on Place Charles-de-Gaulle. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier commemorates the unidentified dead of the First World War.


 Pont Alexandre III



You should not miss this bridge, the many details and embellishments are really impressive. In addition, a short walk along the Seine can be combined with a visit to the bridge.


Palace of Versailles


Schloss Versailles


You should not miss the Palace of Versailles. With a train journey of about 1 hour, which costs you 7.30 euros, you will reach the Palace of Versailles quite easily. Admission is even free for anyone under the age of 25, after it costs 18 euros.



The interior of this royal house seeks its match. Rarely have I seen so many gold applications and chandeliers as in this castle. I am always fascinated by how detailed the craftsmen have worked in past times. The beautiful wall paneling or the intricately carved doors are simply breathtakingly beautiful. There are also huge ceiling paintings to discover in almost all rooms of the exhibition.


Spiegelsaal Versailles


Breathtaking is also the famous mirror gallery of the Palace of Versailles. It consists of 17 mirrored windows, countless chandeliers and fantastic ceiling paintings. Incidentally, it is recommended to take an audio guide with you at the entrance, which is also available in German. That’s how you learn a lot more about the castle.



The garden of Versailles is huge, countless fountains and artfully designed green areas invite you to linger.


Tour Eiffel / Eiffel Tower


Eiffelturm Paris Tag


He is the hallmark of Paris par excellence, the Eiffel Tower. And I can really recommend you to visit him. Once you’re there, get a ticket and head up the elevator for a breathtaking view. We had to wait about 1 hour on a Saturday night to go all the way up. The wait was worth it anyway. On the internet you’re also be able to buy special tickets, but I can not say anything about them, whether it is faster with them or not.



Since there were a lot of people during the day, we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower in the evening. The view was really special.


Grand and Petit Palais



Two equally beautiful buildings can be found in the Grand and Petit Palais directly on the Seine. The Grand Palais, like the Eiffel Tower, was built for the 1900 World’s Fair. The Petit Palais is right next to it. Just as the already mentioned above Pont Alexandre III.


Maison Ladurée


laduree paris


The Maison Ladurée is especially known for its macarons. One of them is on the Champs Elysée. The hype is real, people are lining up to grab some of the famous macarons at the store. However, there are other outlets such as also in the Palace of Versailles. Since the Macarons of Ladurée are also available in Zurich, I decided not to hire them. But especially during the week is worth a visit to the afternoon coffee.


Gallery Lafayette



A shopping experience par excellence is what the Gallery Lafayette offers. The building is simply breathtaking. You feel more in an opera than in a shop. Also in terms of brands this is the top address in Paris. You could probably shop for an annual income. The offer is so huge that you quickly lose the overview of the brands. But it has not only high-priced brands. Now at Christmas time, in the middle of the gallery, there is a huge Christmas tree of balloons and about every 15 minutes the music starts and the Christmas tree starts to turn, while other balloons and decorations go up and down.


I hope I could give you some inspiration for your Paris visit. Have you ever been to Paris?


Last weekend I spent together with my bff in Baden-Baden in Germany. A relaxing weekend in wellness resort, then Baden-Baden can look back on a 2000-year history as a spa town. We checked in at the Hotel Dorint Maison Messmer a gorgeous 5-star hotel, which I like to introduce you today a little more detailed.



The hotel Dorint Maison Messmer has its own style, which we liked very much. The decor is a dignified mix of modern and classic styles. The stuff was extremely friendly and accommodating during our entire stay. Great is also the late checkout possibility, on sunday the breakfast buffet was open until 12.00 o’clock and we checked out shortly before 12 o’clock. The location is great, it is located directly across of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden.



In the gallery I have collected some impressions of our comfort room in the hotel Dorint Maison Messmer. The rooms are very spacious, in good condition and very clean. On arrival we were also provided a welcome fruit plate and a sweet surprise. As you know, I love flowers, the more I was happy about the flowers in the bathroom and living room. The rooms are designed with attention to detail.



The bed was also comfortable, as I think an important criterion in the choice of a hotel. All the more we were pleased about the late checkout 😉



Of course, the wellness area should not be missing during our recovery weekend. At the Hotel Dorint Maison Messmer you will find a spacious and well maintained spa area with pool, whirlpool, relaxation area, sauna and steam room. In addition, various treatments such as massages or beauty treatments can be booked.



Of course we did not miss the most important meal of the day, the breakfast. In addition to a versatile buffet with bread, bread rolls, croissants, cold and hot dishes, fresh fruit, etc. on request, other food was freshly prepared such as egg dishes or waffles. Also for coffee lovers is taken care of, the latte macchiato was delicious. Of course we did not miss fresh crepes and waffles.



At the end of our stay we were allowed to have a look at one of the spacious suites of the hotel Dorint Maison Messmer. In addition to the living room, dining room, bedrooms there is also a kitchen and a piano. Some impressions.



My conclusion: a really nice hotel with a great service, you will always be treated friendly and courteous. The rooms and the whole hotel are very stylish. The breakfast buffet is very versatile and there are still great extras. The spa area invites you to linger. On my next stay in Baden-Baden, I will definitely come back.



Have you ever been to Baden-Baden?


tIt often attracts us to wide away countries, whether imposing mountain landscapes, sunny beaches or the desert. But especially for a short break of the everyday life it’s worth it to find nearby holiday destinations. I was on the road in the countryside of my hometown and today I would like to show you my personal highlights.



Often we do not even know about our nearby recreational zones, after 30 minutes I arrived on the countryside. As a city girl, a completely different world. The people seem to be quieter and also the wide landscape invites you to relax, walk, hike or for a bathe in the lake. Well, I have the privilege to live in a really charming city, the forest and also the lake I reach within 5 minutes on foot. But to be away from home, to spend the night elsewhere simply brings more relaxation. Just because the laundry does not come into the field of view or we don’t have to edit the mails of the week, all this stuff has remained at home.



The Entlebuch is a good example for such a nearby recreational area to escape the city hustle and bustle. Deceleration is clearly the key here. A beautiful area to hike and discover the nature. The Kneipp facility Flühli is worth a visit too.



The visit to the Kneippanlage Flühli can be combined with a small hike. Sports, wellness and relaxation in one. What do we need more? And also the view is wonderful.


hiking columbia


Here is the proof photo of my little hiking tour. Of course, my great and super comfortable hiking boots from Columbia have been with me. The right shoes are essential for the pleasure of hiking, because with bad shoes, one has no stop and secondly in the evening at the latest by complaining feet.




For the overnight on the countryside there is a great and afofordable alternative to the hotel. Bed & Breakfast on the farm is a wonderful offer, as in the case of the Schafbuur, often you will have the possibility to enjoy farm products. These are, of course, not to be exceeded in terms of freshness. Culinary is therefore also best served, a welcome change to the Asia-Take-Away around the corner;)



At home you immediately feel at Bauer Fritz in Rickenbach, the apartments are nicely furnished and also here you have the opportunity to eat farm-made products. But you would miss the pool in the hotel? Well this excuse doesn’t work unfortunately, because as a holiday guest you can splash here:



Would you like to discover a hearty little city? Then I can recommend you Sempach. A really beautiful little village on Lake Sempach. With historic buildings and a very own charm it is really worth a visit.



You plan a romantic weekend with your treasure? Then come here an insider tip. Have you ever stayed in a tree house? No? It’s time.



In the unique root tree house in Sempach, couples can escape the everyday life in a special away. The root tree house is very high quality equipped and insanely cute too. The breakfast can then picked up by using a basket.



I hope I could bring you closer to the beautiful canton of Lucerne, located in the heart of Switzerland. And if you go there, you should not miss the beautiful city of Lucerne.



I absolutely enjoyed my trip 🙂



Livigno is located in the Italian Alps, I was able to enjoy holidays there and would like to bring you closer to the diversity of this lovely spot.




Within a few hours you can reach the beautiful Livigno by car from Zurich. In winter Livigno is a popular ski resort, in summer the ideal place for a having break of our everyday life and do some outdoor sport.




On the first day of my trip, the Sentiero Gourmet took place, a pleasure trail, where while 5 km in the beautiful alpine scenery and elaborately staged service places there were all sorts of deliciousness to enjoy. It started with antipasti, afterwards the Primi, Piatto Mezzo, Secondi were served and to the sweet end the dessert.



The Sentiero Gourmet took place for the second time this year. A really great idea to enjoy a dinner differently. The small hikes between the aisles are a welcome break.



For sporty guests, Livigno has a lot to offer, besides the bike and hiking trails, there is a rope park for the daring, a golf training court and sport on the lake is possible.



On the second day of my trip, I did not miss to play golf. But it’s not as simple as it may look. In any case, I had my fun while practicing.



The Museum of Livigno and Trepalle offers a variety of sporting activities. It shows how the former mountain village population lived. Until 1960 this old house was still inhabited. A really impressive museum, which shows the living conditions at earlier time. After visiting the museum I went to the Aquagranda, a water and wellness park for the whole family with slides and other attractions. Especially the wellness area has done it to me.



The hotel Camana Veglia was my residence during the entire trip. The four-star hotel combines tradition with modernity and so you will find all sorts of details that can not be forgotten that Livigno is located in the Alps.



Rustic but with lots of charm and a homey atmosphere through lots of wood and cute details. Each room is differently designed. I was allowed to stay in the romantic room.



The many lovely details make this hotel very special and you feel as a guest already on arrival day at home. Also the village with the beautiful wooden houses spreads pure Alpine feeling.



As already mentioned, Livigno is a popular holiday destination for sporty people, especially in summer for bikers. So I did not let it take me and tooked a bike to tour around the mountains.


Livigno Bike


In the beautiful mountain scenery an absolute must, there are different bike trails, which offer both professionals as well as families or sporty peoples a possibility to be active.



This is worth it just because of the wonderful view. If you prefer walking or hiking, you can also use the gondola lift and then walk down to the village, or, of course, vice versa.


Livigno lake


Also a walk to the lake is definitely worth it. If the sea level is high enough there is also the possibility to do some sports on the lake, like Pedalo or stand up paddle. Otherwise, the lake is also great as a photo motif;) No, I’m not photoshopped into the picture, even if it may look almost like.




Let’s talk about a very popular leisure activity, shopping. Because Livigno is a true shopping paradise, why? Livigno is duty-free area, which means you can shop there cheap as at the airport. In the village, there are numerous perfumeries, opticians, clothes and shoe shops. On 15 July, the Notte Bianca was held here too, where it was possible to shop until midnight and also music, food and much entertainment were offered in the village.



Now I am already at the end of my travel report, I hope I could bring you the beauty and variety of Livigno in the Italian Alps a little bit closer. It is not always necessary to go to the beach, the mountains offer at least as much action and recreation.



Recently I was invited by Weleda to get to know their wonderful plant garden and the calendula fields. What I could discover, I would like to tell you today.



On the first day I reached our residence the castle Staufeneck in the evening in Salach near Stuttgart. After an aperitif on the terrace we went to the in-house restaurant, where we were pampered with in-house specialties, who has followed my instastories, surely still remember the fake tomato.



Because we needed to appear early the next morning on the Calendulafields to harvest, it was time to go to sleep. In the morning, this wonderful view from my hotel room awaited me.



After breakfast, we set off for the Calendulafields in all its beauty. We harvested calendula flowers together.




The calendula flower is used both in natural cosmetics as well as in conventional cosmetics as well as in medical products. It is particularly used in skin and wound care. Because the calendula supports the skin in its functions and surrounds it with a protective covering. It is aimed at preservation and regeneration, says Michael Straub.


After some time on the Calendulafeld we were allowed to enjoy a little strengthening.



Afterwards, the Weleda plant expert Michael Straub led us through Weleda’s medicinal garden. The medicinal plants cultivated there are mainly used for the production of weleda products. A shadow tunnel was created for the medicinal plant Hirschzungenfarn to create optimal growth conditions as they are in a forest. Also the ducks feel themselves at home like many insects probably in the biological environment. The root box was also impressive, because the whole size of a plant unfolds under the earth. In the greenhouse, on the other hand, the passion flowers feel. In biologically dynamic cultivation there are about 250 plant species in the medicinal plant, about 140 plants are used for weleda products, the rest are used to preserve the natural balance.



With our harvested calendula blossoms, we were able to enjoy a wonderful foot care bath. Before we could enjoy the delicious lunch in the adventure center.



In the afternoon, Weleda expert Torsten Arncken gave an interesting and instructive lecture on anthroposophical plant surveys. This is about the fact that the precise and pure sensory perception is so intensively connected with the plant that the relationship between it and the human being and its specific effect can be read and understood. The methodical approach starts with the plant, the growth, the aroma, the taste and the connection with the surroundings, says Torsten Arncken. We were also able to closely observe the calendula from the seed to the grown plant.



Afterwards, we learn from the first hand of Christian Birringer, the head of tinkering processing, how to make tincture. From fresh and dried plants or from individual plant parts, so-called tinctures or oil extracts are produced. The required ingredients are extracted from the plants with a mixture of bioethanol and distilled water, the dried plants are extracted with vegetable oils.



Care products by Weleda with calendula are e.g. The Calendula Care Oil, the Calendula Face Cream, the Calendula Soap, as well as the Calendula Baby Assortment. I was finally able to create my own soap, which of course contains dried calendula blossoms.


I hope I could introduce you to the Calendula as a medicinal plant and also give you an insight into the Weleda experience garden. Many thanks to Weleda for the exciting days.






In the current stormy weather I thought, I’ll show you the pictures from Bella Italia. More specifically from Milano. Together with Cosentino I attended the Milan Designweek and of course, I did not let me take a stroll through the city.


Mailand Milano duomo


Anyone who loves architecture should really pay a visit to Milan. The buildings are at the same time imposing in their size as well as very detailed decorated. It is nearly not possible to think about how much work is behind these art buildings.


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Last weekend I was able to check in at the hotel N’vY and also for attending a great event. Today I would like to share with you my impressions of hotel and beauty party and pop-up store de créateurs de bijoux.


Hotel N'vY Geneva

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Three weeks ago, I was in Cologne, primarily on the occasion of the Beautypress Info Day at Flora Cologne. But I afterwards I did some sightseeing and of course I went shopping too.


köln travel

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Last week, my family and I went to Disneyland Paris for three days. In my travel report I would like to tell you a bit of this short holiday and share my experiences. I also have a few tips for you, if you would like to dive into the world of Disney too.


Disneyland Paris

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At the end of January I visited Lausanne, today I would like to show you some pretty spots of the capital of the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.



Come with me on a small discovery tour through the city 🙂


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