A voyage of discovery along the Rhine: a luxury river cruise with Thurgau Travel

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Welcome to my detailed report on an unforgettable river cruise along the Rhine on Thurgau Travel’s MS Edelweiss. This trip was not only a journey of discovery through picturesque landscapes such as the romantic Rhine, but also a unique journey through the regions and vibrant cities we passed along the way. Let me take you with me on this unforgettable river journey.


Thurgau Travel



The MS Edelweiss is the most popular river ship offered by Thurgau Travel, a renowned Swiss family business known for its high-quality river cruises and its commitment to first-class travel experiences. The ship offers comfort and first-class service, the crew is a wonderful team and as a guest you notice this immediately. When I stepped on board the MS Edelweiss, I immediately felt welcome and at home. There are various options for organising the trip, as there are numerous excursions on offer, which can be put together individually according to your own needs, and there is also an excursion package that you can book in advance. Thurgau Travel offers numerous river cruises on the Rhine, e.g. a family river cruise with a nanny, pleasure cruises or a fairytale castles and palaces cruise. Of course, Thurgau Travel also offers river cruises on other rivers such as the Danube, the Amazon, the Mekong or the Duoro as well as many other destinations.


From Strasbourg to Cologne



The actual river journey began in Basel. Our journey started in the enchanting city of Strasbourg. A warm welcome awaited us on board the MS Edelweiss and a delicious dinner in the on-board restaurant. The menu selection was impressive, from regional specialities to international dishes, there was something for everyone. After a relaxing evening, we went to our comfortable cabins for a restful night. Early in the morning, we passed the famous Romantic Rhine and the Lorelei.



So while I was out on an early morning Rhine river cruise, I experienced the romantic atmosphere along the river in all its splendour. The gentle glide through the water and the surrounding picturesque vineyards and charming villages were enchanted by the golden light of the rising sun. One of the highlights of this section of the journey was undoubtedly the majestic Lorelei rock formation perched high above the water.



The legend of the Lorelei tells of a seductive nymph who sits on the rock and turns captains’ heads with her singing, causing them to steer their ships against the rocks. It is also said that an unhappy love story led to her tragic end when she threw herself off the cliff.


Cologne: Culture, History, and Vibrancy by the Rhine



The next morning, we woke up to a hearty breakfast and passed the picturesque Loreley route on our way to Cologne. In Cologne, we had the choice between a tour of the historic city centre or a brewery tour, where we experienced Cologne’s brewing culture. Because Cologne is more than just the cathedral. With its narrow alleyways and historic buildings, the Old Town invites you to stroll and discover. Life pulsates here in the numerous pubs, breweries and restaurants, where you can experience the Cologne way of life at first hand. The people of Cologne are known for their openness, their warmth and their love for their home town.



Back on board, the pleasure continued with a delicious dinner. My decision was not an easy one due to the varied menu selection. The wonderful crew already knew my favourite drink on the second evening. In the restaurant, you can review the day’s events over a delicious meal and soak up the luxurious atmosphere.



The best thing about a river cruise is going to bed in the evening and arriving at the next destination the next morning feeling rested and relaxed. Slow travel without the stress, as there is no need for constant checking in and out at the various destinations and the constant search for a restaurant.


Rotterdam: Modern Marvels Amidst Maritime Heritage



The next day we arrived in Schoonhoven, from where, after a delicious brunch, I set off on an exciting tour of the vibrant metropolis of Rotterdam, which is renowned for its architectural innovation. The city proudly bears the title “Manhattan on the Meuse” thanks to its many impressive buildings.



The market hall in Rotterdam impresses with its innovative architecture and a wealth of culinary delights under a spectacular ceiling painting, while the yellow cube houses are a striking landmark of the city and captivate visitors with their unusual cube design.



Finally, I went up the Euromast, the highest observation tower in the Netherlands at a height of 185 metres. As I took the lift to the viewing platform at a height of 112 metres and then the rotating lift to the top, I was treated to a breathtaking panorama of the city of Rotterdam and its surroundings. Incidentally, the tower was built in 1960 and not only serves as a vantage point, but also as a television and radio tower.



Back on board, another delicious dinner was already waiting. However, it is particularly nice to let your gaze wander out of the window into the distance as the ship approaches its next port of destination. Of course, a fine drink at the bar with a view of the Amsterdam skyline in the evening is also a must.


Amsterdam and Keukenhof Garden



The third day of our trip took us to Amsterdam, one of the highlights of our river cruise. After a hearty breakfast, we made our way to Keukenhof, one of the most visited places in Europe in spring. It covers an area of around 32 hectares and is particularly famous for its breathtaking tulip fields, which are in full bloom every spring. With over 7 million flower bulbs, including tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and many more, Keukenhof offers an impressive variety of flowers and colours.



In the evening, we experienced the romantic side of Amsterdam on a relaxing canal cruise through the picturesque waterways. As we glided leisurely along the historic canals, a completely new perspective of the city opened up to us. The banks, lined with elegant historic buildings and quaint cafés, conjured up a fairytale atmosphere. The gentle lapping of the water beneath the boat accompanied us as we listened to the tour guide’s fascinating stories and anecdotes about the city’s rich history.



The canal cruise was undoubtedly the perfect end to an eventful day in Amsterdam and left an unforgettable impression of the beauty and charm of this unique city.


Duisburg and Düsseldorf



The generous and varied breakfast buffet provides a special kind of refreshment every morning. Early risers also have the option of enjoying a smaller buffet early in the morning.



After arriving in Duisburg, we travelled by coach to Düsseldorf for an individual stroll through the city. There we were greeted by the lively atmosphere and charm of the city on the Rhine. With its modern architecture and elegant shopping streets. We explored the famous Königsallee with its exclusive shops and enjoyed the picturesque promenades along the banks of the Rhine. A walk through the old town took us to historic sights and lively squares that reflect the city’s rich history. Afterwards, we warmed up in the heated pool and enjoyed the view.



Then it was time to embark again and enjoy the last part of the journey on board to the full. I enjoyed doing this in my comfortable cabin with a good book and a view of the river.


The ship: MS Edelweiss



The MS Edelweiss was not only our home on this trip, but also a place of relaxation and enjoyment. The spacious cabins, the elegant on-board restaurant and the cosy lounge invited us to linger. The friendly and attentive staff always made sure that we wanted for nothing, and the excellent cuisine spoilt us anew every day. From regional specialities to international dishes – every palate was catered for.



The MS Edelweiss allowed us to enjoy the beauty of the Rhine directly from the ship. The modern ship offers luxurious holidays with comfortable cabins and elegant interior design. With two restaurants, a stylishly furnished panorama saloon and a Lido bar with a panoramic terrace, the MS Edelweiss offered everything you need for a pleasant stay on board. There is also a heated pool and a putting green on the upper deck. The MS Edelweiss has been in service since 2013, is 110 metres long and offers space for 180 passengers.


Conclusion: An unforgettable journey with culinary highlights on board


My trip on the MS Edelweiss from Thurgau Travel was an unforgettable experience that I can recommend to every travel enthusiast. From the spectacular scenery along the Rhine to the culinary delights on board, this trip exceeded all my expectations. The river cruise is also extremely comfortable, as you can settle in once on board and then relax while travelling. I hope my report has inspired you to experience a river cruise with Thurgau Travel yourself.


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