THOMAS SABO – Eau de Karma Happiness

Many of us are already looking forward to the upcoming spring season. One more reason to do that, is the new scent of Thomas Sabo. Yes they create fragrances too 😉


THOMAS SABO - Eau de Karma Happiness



Yoga, and meditation are the essence of life. The new THOMAS SABO fragrance Eau de Karma Happiness makes this life setting experience. Like the first golden sunrays that break through the transparent horizon, the fresh and energizing fragrance provides balance, well-being and precious energy.
Eau de Karma Happiness convinces with a bubbling-energizing prelude of bergamot, grapefruit and tangerine, combined with an invigorating green tea. Feminine and elegant, precious rose essences, neroli and peach in the heart. The harmonious combination of amber, musk and cedar notes form the sensual conclusion of the composition.


In addition to the precious fragrance composition, the puristic flacon with sun-golden clasp contains a real faceted milk quartz – a reminiscence of the Karma Beads jewelry collection. Known as a harmonizing healing stone, the milk quartz is to pass on its positive properties via the fragrance to the wearer.


THOMAS SABO - Eau de Karma Happiness



The design of the bottle is really gorgeous. In particular, the detailed closure is a real eye-catcher. By the way, my decoration shows the ingredients of this perfume. THOMAS SABO’s Eau de Karma Happiness looks pretty in the bathroom. The scent is very fresh with a pleasant citrus fruit note. The green tea gives the necessary “ground”, the cedar and the rose smell very classy. The best idea is to take a look at the new scent creation, it’s available from April 2017.


Do you like the fragrances of Thomas Sabo?


THOMAS SABO - Eau de Karma Happiness