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Last night, the Swiss Music Awards took place for the 10th time at the Hallenstadion in Zurich. Today I would like to share with you my impressions of the event.


SWISS MUSIC AWARDS 2017 © by Tobi Schmid / SMA17


Already as we arrived, some fans have been waiting for the stars in front of the hallenstadion to welcome their stars later on the red carpet. Also we have been before the show on the red carpet. The red carpet I showed you live in my Instastories.



I was the 1st time live at the Swiss Music Awards.


The winners


SWISS MUSIC AWARDS 2017 © by Tobi Schmid / SMA17


Here you can see some of the winners of the Swiss Music Awards 2017. In the “Best Hit” category, the TV audience voted the best song in the country by live voting: the winner is Dabu Fantastic with “Angelina”. For the second time in the history of the SMA, the songwriters of the “Best Hit” were also honored in the name of Suisa. Over a concrete block were happy: “DJ Arts” Christians, Dabu Bucher and Gianluca Giger. The Siegersong interpretation by the “Best Live Act” Pike made a surprise following the award of the “Best Hit”

For more than 25 years of music history, DJ BoBo has been honored with the “Outstanding Achievement Award”. After Yello, Polohofer, Andreas Vollenweider, Züri West, Krokus and Peter Reber the seventh bearer of this honorary prize. The Artist Award, in which Swiss artists nominate the winner directly, was staged by Mummenschanz. The hand-performance of Mummenschanz showed the number 7 and thus Seven was awarded a prize for the first time at the SMA. A great honor for the exceptional artist, who was able to celebrate great success in the past year abroad.


Schlueggers Heimweh in the categories Best Group and Best Breaking Act, Trauffer in the categories Best Male Solo Act and Best Album. Awarded the “Best Female Solo Act” was Beatrice Egli. Already in the run-up to the SMA the Best Act Romandy in Lausanne was awarded, the winner Mark Kelly was also at the SMA in Zurich.
Mani Matter was honored with a Tribute Award to the SMA 2017 posthumously.




In addition to the prize-giving ceremony, there was a colorful mix of live acts, which had relaxed the event. Swiss Showacts Damian Lynn, Hecht, Lo & Leduc, Pegasus and Züri West as well as the international stars Alvaro Soler, winner of the Best Breaking Act International, Mark Forster and James Blunt.


Now to the conclusion still the snapshots of the red carpet, which you find up to this evening something more detailed on Instastories.



I’m already looking forward to the Swiss Music Awards 2018.



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