Floral Dress and Summer Vibes

Before I get myself into cuddly autumn outfits, there is once again a summer dress. The color of this dress is already a signpost into autumn.


Flower Summer Dress Outfit


Even on lukewarm autumn days you can still wear a summer dress, with a light cardigan and some tights, for example. Blouses and T-Shirts I also wear in autumn in combination with a cardigan. So our favorite fashionpieces accompany us in the colorful season as well.



This pretty dress I bought at Zalando, it is from the brand New Look. I like this brand very much because they lead a line for small women like me on the one hand, but also generally because they offer really great and current trend pieces at affordable prices.


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The shoes I owned a few seasons ago, they are by La Redoute and in my opinion very timelessly elegant. That’s why I always wear them again.



I like floral prints very well, but not all of them. Some are simply not mine. Do you know this? In any case, I am already looking forward to the coming autumn colors, the red of this dress already has certain similarities with the color of autumn trees.



This summer was for me personally very eventful, I have traveled around for the blog and discovered and learned a lot. My site has got a new design and a new name. This is also the reason why I slowed all down a bit in the last few weeks, I had to go back a gear. It is neither necessary nor possible to be present everywhere. I’d rather concentrate on the things I really care about. In the future it will also be very important for me to define the priorities clearly. I think these phases of change we all know.



Do you like to wear floral dresses? Or do you don’t like these prints at all?