Soda Stream Organic Syrup

In one of my last beauty posts, I have already betrayed some tips to avoid waste. Today comes a great product, which makes pet bottles and carrying heavy bottles unnecessary. Of course I am talking about Soda Stream, new they offer delicious organic syrups with which you can mix great alcohol-free drinks.


Soda Stream Bio Sirup


Soda Stream “Crystal”


Soda Stream Bio Sirup
For testing I received the Soda Stream Sprudler “Crystal”. The bubbler does not need electricity either. Included in the delivery are two pretty and massive glass carafes. There are also models with plastic bottles, but these look a lot more handsome, especially on the lunch table. The glass carafes can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Included is a SodaStream 60L carbonic acid cylinder.


The handling is very simple and the instruction manual super-understandable. Few buttonprints are enough and your cockroach water becomes delicious bubbly water. A clear advantage is that you can determine the proportion of carbonic acid yourself.


The organic syrups


Soda Stream Bio Sirup


The syrups are consisted of 100% pure organic ingredients and are easy to prepare: pour the organic syrup into the glass and top up with freshly bubbled water. The organic cultivation of the ingredients is taken care of according to international ecological guidelines on the careful handling of soil and drinking water. In addition, the organic syrups are offered in the glass bottle environmentally friendly.


Thomas Cantaro, Managing Director of SodaStream Switzerland, is convinced of the success of organic innovations: “Organically and regional are closely linked to our core concept of sustainability. An organic line is only the logical continuation of our current portfolio. From consumer and customer feedback, we know that the interest in our organic syrups is already very high.»


Price Bio-Syrup: 500 ml, CHF 9.90, now available at Coop


Soda Stream




Now we come to the most creative part, because with the Soda Stream Bio Syrups you can create great alcohol-free soft drinks. I like the syrups pure. But honestly, I am already looking forward to the first barbecue party with fresh bubbly and soda stream drinks. They will surely be very refreshing, especially since many of my surroundings do not like alcohol anyway. Nadja Zimmermann has already created four great recipes, of course there are no limits to creativity.


SodaStream organic syrup cassis drink 

by Nadja Zimmermann



  • Crushed Ice
  •  3 l SodaStream bubbly wat
  •  2 T2 teaspoons SodaStream Bio Sirup Cassis
  •  1 tbsp of lemon juice
  •  3 branches of coriander
  •  1 teaspoon of pink peppers


SodaStream Organic Syrup Elderflower Drink

by Nadja Zimmermann



  •  Crushed Ice
  •  3 dl SodaStream Ginger ale
  •  2 teaspoons SodaStream Organic Syrup Elderflower
  •  1 teaspoon of chopped ginger
  •  2 tsp of chopped kiwi
  •  2 branches of peppermint


SodaStream Organic Syrup Rhubarb Drink

by Nadja Zimmermann



  •  Crushed Ice
  •  3 dl SodaStream Lemon-Lime
  •  2 tbsp SodaStream Organic Syrup Rhubarb
  •  1-2 basil leaves
  •  3 cucumbers

SodaStream Organic Syrup Lime Drink

by Nadja Zimmermann



  •  Crushed Ice
  •  2 teaspoons SodaStream Bio Syrup Lime
  •  3 dl SodaStream bubbly water
  •  2 grapefruit pies
  •  1-2 thyme branches


So the delicious drinks then look.


Copyright: Dominik Baur

My conclusion


Even years ago, I knew Soda Stream, my uncle and my aunt were hardcore fans. For the wearisome bottles were omitted. I always liked to mix different syrups. Since a few years, I haven’t drink sweet drinks like Coke & Co., because they are just too sweet for me. With the syrups from Soda Stream, I can now also produce very mildly sweet drinks and this still in organic quality. In addition, the whole thing is also cheaper than buying sugared drinks in the supermarket.


Do you already know Soda Stream and the new Bio Sirups?







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    Liebe Priscilla

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    yummy die sehen ja richtig lecker aus 🙂

    LG Dana

    • Wednesday February 15th, 2017 / 05:11 PM

      Ja sind sie auch

  3. Heidi
    Wednesday February 15th, 2017 / 12:44 PM

    Interessant, ich kenn den Soda Stream noch aus meiner Kindheit, aber die Glaskaraffen sind ja mal richtig schick mittlerweile! Hatte auch schon überlegt mir wieder einen zuzulegen.
    Liebste Grüße,
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    • Wednesday February 15th, 2017 / 05:12 PM

      Finde die Glaskaraffen viel besser 😉

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    Wednesday February 15th, 2017 / 09:23 PM

    Toller Post Liebes, sieht richtig lecker aus und die Karaffen sind voll schön ?.

    Liebste Grüße


    • Wednesday February 15th, 2017 / 10:19 PM

      Ja und keine PET-Berge mehr zuhause ^^

  5. Monday March 12th, 2018 / 05:10 PM

    Hi Flowery,
    Good work! Looks so delicious. Thanks for sharing this. I get more ideas from it.

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