Review: Relax with Weleda

As soon as it gets gray and cold outside, we often prefer to relax at home. Today I show you which Weleda products are made to relax at home. The fragrances of the essential oils ensure relaxation and with the new perfume, they accompany you in your every day life. Weleda is certified natural cosmetics.


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Weleda – lavender relaxing oil and bath


weleda-lavendel-entspannungsbad entspannungsöl


manufacturer description and application


First take a warm bath to pamper yourself with nourishing oils.


Then enjoy the delicate flowering air of the Weleda lavender relaxation bath in an enveloping, warm bath. Relax and let your exaggerated senses gently rest. The natural essential oils are the most valuable of the light and heat grown lavender. They give harmonizing impulses and help to regain their inner balance before going to sleep.


The balancing Weleda lavender relaxation bath is a milky emulsion without foaming surfactants, made on the basis of selected natural substances. The light, well-tolerated bath essence does not contain any synthetic emulsifiers, which can dehydrate or degrease the skin, no synthetic fragrances, coloring and preservatives and no mineral oil based resources. The Weleda lavender relaxation bath is a nourishing treat for body, soul and spirit . It envelops man with the soft light, in which the flowers of the lavender unfold. The refined aromatic lavender oil provides relaxing impulses. A bath balances after a restless day and relieves tension.
The Weleda lavender relaxation bath is particularly suitable for finding the inner balance before going to sleep: an evening bath makes it easier to fall asleep and promote an undisturbed night’s sleep.


The Weleda lavender relaxation bath soothes and relaxes. Arrive and find peace. The fragrant essential lavender oil balances and soothes after a hectic day. Like a moment in the middle of the lavender field.


The lavender relaxing oil exudes the fragrance and the warmth of the Provence, pleasantly relaxing on the body and mind and promoting a quiet sleep. The balanced composition of fine almond oil and light sesame oil with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids keeps the skin soft and supple.


Massage the oil into the still moist skin, it can be distributed so well and is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy film.


Suitable for vegans. (Source: Weleda)


my opinion


Who likes the smell of lavender, will love these products. I like to equip my balcony with lavender because the plants not only look pretty, they also expel uninvited guests (mosquitoes) and smell fantastic. The small bottle is enough for a wonderful bath like in a lavender field. Lavender is very soothing and relaxing, and the medicinal plant is known for its caring properties for skin and hair. So the lavender relaxation oil is just right for the care of stressed skin. I also have special lavender oil pens that help to relax in everyday life. The skin does not feel dry after the bath, I am satisfied with the oil, of course it is not comparable with a Bodylotion. A small skin care film remains on the skin.


Weleda – pomegranate care oil


Weleda - Granatapfel Pflegeöl


manufacturer description


With the pomegranate regeneration care oil the skin gains elasticity, is strengthened and has a noticeably smoother effect. Essential oils with the fruity and sweet notes of orange and davana envelop the body with a sensual-feminine scent and make us happy. (Source: Weleda)


my opinion


I like the smell of this oil very well, the note of orange smells wonderful. It reminds me of Christmas. It is also a good choice for a skin oil and leaves a pleasant skin feeling.


Weleda – Jardin de Vie Onagre


Weleda - Jardin de Vie Onagre


manufacturer description


It is called Jardin de Vie ONAGRE and is thus the fourth eau Naturelle Parfumée of Weleda. Last year appeared in the perfume series of the same name, Agrume, Grenade and Rose. The light and authentic smell of the mystic evening candle is reminiscent of a warm summer evening. The latest fragrance creation of the Weleda Fragrance Competence Center fits the personality of a self-confident woman, who enjoys her femininity and is self-determined her way. Jardin de Vie ONAGRE embodies her independence, elegance and joie de vivre.


The Weleda Duftexperten interpreted in their latest creation the flowery, green smell of opening night candle blossoms. Spicy cardamom (headnote) adds a lively freshness, the green-flowered magnolia leaf (heart note) adds an exotic sense to the new fragrance, while precious sandalwood (basic note) leaves behind a mysterious, pudgy fragrance and a soft, balsamic woody note.


The Importance of Ingredients:


  • Cardamom soothes and awakens at the same time, gives concentration and a sense of security.
  • Magnolia acts as a stimulant, communicates joy and confidence.
  • Sandalwood arouses sensuality and helps to find the balance and inner peace.

(Source: Weleda)


my opinion



Kennt ihr diese Produkte von Weleda schon? Wie entspannt ihr euch am liebsten?


Natural perfumes offer a completely different fragrance than traditional perfumes, one must like this. With this fragrance, I especially smell the cardamom and the sandalwood, this also fits beautifully to the coming season. It is rather a bit tighter. If you like it, you should take a closer look at my review of the Jardin de Vie Rose from this series of fragrances. The fragrance I will surely wear during the coming Advent season, I am also a small perfume junkie and love to choose the fragrance to match mood and clothing.


Do you know these Weleda products already? How do you relax at home?




*In friendly cooperation with Weleda