Review: Vichy Slow Âge

Anti Aging is a term, which dominated the skin care since years. Vichy however breaks with this tradition and established the new term Slow Âge. Because in our fast world it is time to get shorter and stop living so fast.


Vichy Slow Age 1



Manufacturer’s description


care, which neutralizes the creeping aging of their formation in order to slow down the aging process in its entirety.


Day after day, the skin is strengthened, streamlined and moisturized. Radiant with health and youthfulness.


The 1st day fortifying care against skin aging signs in their formation.



Vichy Slow Age 1


My first impressions


Anti Aging products I use personally do not, but I still feel a bit too young. Therefore me the name Slow Âge like it very much. Since I have no wrinkles, I can not judge whether it helps it. But I’ve now tried the cream about 2 weeks and have to say the first impression is positive. The best I like the way the wonderful scent of this cream, so beautiful flowery and feminine. You also absorbs well and leaves a pleasant skin feel.


My first impression is really positive, tomorrow on the 1. of September you can buy Vichy Slow Âge in Switzerland.


Have you heard of Vichy Slow Âge? Do you use anti-aging products?







  1. Lola
    Thursday September 1st, 2016 / 08:55 AM

    great review!

  2. Thursday September 1st, 2016 / 09:31 AM

    Vichy mag ich gerne, aber dieses Produkt kenne ich noch nicht.
    Viele Grüße

    • Thursday September 1st, 2016 / 09:32 AM

      Ja es kommt erst heute auf den Markt.

  3. Wenche
    Friday November 18th, 2016 / 10:34 AM

    Well,bought it yesterday before reading the ingredients…And No,if I had read it I would not have bought it!Yes,it smells nice,yes it’s feel so nice on the skin,yes to all those feelings,but it’s full of poison and chemicals.Google each ingredient and you see.It says sensitive skin,yes,no parabens but it’s even worse ingredients than parabens in this products.So no,won’t continue use it!

    • Friday November 18th, 2016 / 04:47 PM

      Than you better chose natural cosmetics, these ingredients are normal for conventional products.

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