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A beautiful manicure is an absolute must for every woman, Trisa has created a new device with which it succeeds even faster. I was able to test the Trisa Nail Beauty.


Trisa Nail Beauty


Healthy and beautiful fingernails signals vitality and contribute to a well-groomed appearance. The hands are however heavily stressed in everyday life. Outer influences, such as detergents, can affect the nails. Splinters or brittle fingernails are the result. In addition to a balanced diet, careful care also contributes to healthy and naturally shining nails.


The product


Trisa Nail Beauty


The new TRISA Nail Beauty Sonic System is easy to use and allows professional care at home and on the go. The electric nail care set includes three attachments for filing – smoothing – polishing. Pleasant, gentle sound vibrations support the individual care steps and lead to an optimal result.


First the nail is shortened with the dark blue attachment and brought into the desired shape. The filigree design allows a precise positioning of the files. During the development of the TRISA Nail Beauty Sonic System care was taken that the user can perform the same movements as a manual file. In order to avoid splinters on the nail, it is important to only work in one direction, towards the center of the nail.



The nail edge is gently smoothed and refined in a second care step with the help of the light blue file attachment. Finally, the white top polishes the nail surface on high gloss and provides a well-groomed appearance. Any grooves on the nail surface are smoothed. This also facilitates the uniform application of nail polish.


The three file attachments are easily interchangeable thanks to the practical exchange system. Each tower has an integrated “hoof”. This helps to gently repel the nail skin. Experts recommend never cutting the nail skin as this can easily lead to injuries with subsequent inflammation.



Up to 18’000 gently vibrating movements per minute contribute to a pleasant and gentle nail care – for perfectly shaped and natural shining nails. – Trisa



A unique product that I have not seen before. Especially for the polishing I find this device very suitable. This result can only be achieved by hand with increased effort.


Its narrow design makes it easy to work with it and it can be held wonderfully. The nails do not split during use and the application do not feel unpleasant.


Do you know Trisa Nail Beauty already?







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